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Siwertell News is Siwertell's customer magazine, which is published twice a year


  • Coal supply: why buy water?



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    Alumina demonstration Lets keep in touchSay goodbye to crushing, dust, spills, and additional fines in alumina unloading. Take advantage of a FREE demonstration at your facility and let us show you what advanced alumina handling really looks like. Ask us and well be happy to tell you more.


    Demand for mobile unloaders is no surprise

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    Per KarlssonPresident, Siwertell

    Since our Spring issue of Siwertell News we have had a very busy period including our biennial representative meeting with its excellent networking opportunities (page 24). This issue contains several articles from our service organisation that showcase its competence and flexibility. Personally, I think the news item relating to the five-year Siwertell service contract with Masinloc Power Partners in the Philippines (page 27) is extremely interesting. It is a great example of how we can bring additional benefits to our customers even when their machines have been in operation for a long time.

    There is a growing demand for quiet operation and the sound test carried out at Dong Energys high-efficiency power station in Denmark demonstrates the low noise levels of its Siwertell multi-fuel unloader (page 13).

    The mobile unloaders article (page 8) highlights the versatility and importance of this type of product and the

    benefits that mobile unloaders can provide for our customers. I hope those of you in the coal business will be interested in our analysis of coal purchasing policy and the factors to consider to get the full picture (page 18).

    And lastly, please remember that our offer of a full-scale alumina unloading test, at no cost to you, still stands.

    Meanwhile I wish you all a pleasant read and success in your business.

    Meeting market needs

    Multi-fuel handling: the perfect solution for coal-firing plants Demand for mobile unloaders is no surprise Quiet equipment makes a good neighbour Tailor-made ship loaders demonstrate their capabilities worldwide Coal supply: why buy water? An analysis of coal types Global get-together builds better business Latest news Dismantling a ship unloader in Egypt: it is now ready for resale, relocation and reassembly Overhaul of installation in Turkey: expert attention minimises downtime Training: the key to safe, smooth operations

    Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders are based on unique screw conveyor technology, in combination with belt conveyors and aeroslides, and provide a totally enclosed dry bulk handling operation. Virtually any dry bulk cargo can be handled. The Siwertell portfolio includes ship unloaders, mobile ship unloaders, ship loaders, horizontal and vertical screw conveyors as well as complete dry bulk terminal solutions. All Siwertell solutions are designed to ensure sustainable and efficient cargo operations. Siwertell is part of Cargotec Corporation.

    Siwertell News is Siwertells customer magazine Publisher: Siwertell, part of Cargotec, P.O. Box 566 Gunnarstorp, SE-26725 Bjuv, Sweden Editors: Emily Braekhus Cueva, Malin Pekberg (, Layout and production: Emily Braekhus Cueva Cover: Siwertell Printed by: Tryckaren Engelholm The opinions expressed by the authors or individuals interviewed do not necessarily represent the views of Siwertell.

  • Ship unloading


    High efficiency Siwertell ship unloaders with their low environmental impact are perfect for dual-fuel power plants; when you add in Siwertell belt conveyors, the efficiency of a plants entire conveying line can be further

    enhanced. Global demand for biomass continues to rise. This is predominately driven by the needs of power plants seeking to improve their environmental credentials, often by co-firing burning coal and biomass which can reduce the carbon footprint. Biomass is typically about half the density of coal with only two-thirds of its caloric value. Therefore, a much greater volume is required to deliver the same energy output, explains Bengt Svensson, Senior Contract Manager for Siwertell. This in turn requires optimised transport solutions supported by effective, efficient port infrastructures. Our leading position in this field is, in part, due to the fact that Siwertell screw-type unloaders can handle all types of coal and biomass without the need for any adjustment between cargoes, continues Mr Svensson. This makes them ideal for co-firing power stations.

    is the perfect solution for co-firing plants

    This success is reinforced by our relatively recent introduction of fully-enclosed belt conveyors to our range of conveying options, he says. We worked hard to develop a belt conveyor with the same market-leading qualities as our screw-type unloaders in terms of reliability, efficiency and cleanliness. Our belt conveyors are extremely efficient and offer significant operational cost savings when applied to multi-fuel power generation intakes. High efficiency from ship to storage A good example of a high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly Siwertell multi-fuel handling system can be found on Jurong Island in Singapore. The clean, fully redundant system already has two years of successful operations to its credit. In 2010, Siwertell was approached by TP Utilities, a subsidiary of Tuas Power, to deliver a multi-fuel receiving system for its Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC) on the island. Central to the complex, which is managed by TP Utilities, is a biomass clean coal (BMCC) cogeneration plant.



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  • Big Wheel keeps on turningThe plant houses three circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boilers that are capable of firing coal and biomass. Each boiler produces up to 450 tonnes of steam per hour. Tuas Power says that all equipment and systems within TMUC are configured to optimise efficiency. This results in a total system efficiency of around 70 percent. For its part, Siwertell was responsible for the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of two screw-type ST 640 M unloaders, three bucket elevators and 13 covered belt conveyors for conveying the fuel from the unloaders to three coal storage silos and the biomass flat storage. We were also responsible for the supporting steel structures, the HMI and the PLC control system, notes Mr Svensson, who was responsible for the TP Utilities project. To ensure extremely clean, dust free operations, we designed the system with all transfer points fully-enclosed and equipped with dust collectors. Commenting on the development of the Siwertell solution, Mr Svensson says that local people were resistant to the proposed power plant because they were very worried that it would look like a typical, dirty, coal-fired power plant. Our client was very concerned about the risk of coal dust emissions, so we paid a lot of attention to this. Siwertells enclosed screw-type unloaders were the natural

    solution for the unloading processes. For the belt conveyors, we designed a complete enclosure including a bottom plate. He says belt conveyors are a relatively new addition to Siwertells product portfolio and offer particular benefits when ordered as part of a complete ship-to-storage system. The advantages of our renowned Siwertell ship unloaders are well known and accepted. However, it makes a great deal of sense to turn to Siwertell for the entire unloading/conveying system. Combining our screw-type unloaders with our fully-enclosed belt conveyors provides a very efficient and economical overall fuel supply solution. The customer

    can be sure that all the equipment is well matched and fully compatible. Furthermore, having Siwertell as the single supplier for the complete fuel-handling system, the client knows exactly who is responsible for the systems performance, adds Mr Svensson.

    I believe the Siwertell installation has completely fulfilled its environmental requirements. Dust emission is close to zero and the area around the conveying system is very clean. A reputable manufacturer with a good track record Siwertell is well known in the port of Singapore for environmentally-friendly bulk handling. It has supplied local businesses with a limestone unloader and several cement unloaders equipped with belt conveying systems. TP Utilities chose unloaders and conveyors from Siwertell because it is a reputable manufacturer with a good track record, says Neo Poh Hua, Electrical Maintenance Manager for TP Utilities. Our requirements were for a highly reliable coal handling rate of 1,000t/h without fugitive coal/biomass emissions during unloading and transfer operations. Singapore has strict environmental regulations and there is a regulatory requirement to minimise any fugitive dust from industrial operations. We needed a dust-free unloading operation with reliable equipment and good after sales support, he says. The amount of fuel required for the plant means that the islands jetties are frequently occupied by bulk carriers delivering coal and biomass. The double

    We needed a dust-free unloading operation with reliable equipment and good aftersales support


  • conveyor system with two unloaders provides TP Utilities with full fuel supply redundancy all the way from the loaded vessels to the storage facilities. Mr Neo explains that this redundancy is an important factor because a secure fuel supply is critical for the continuous operation of CFB boilers. It is also