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    On the Cover

    Dear Allie [08In this special Dear Allie edition of Simply Allie, Allie answers readers letters concerning Baby/Parent Love Triangle, Baby/Blankie seperation anxiety, Smelly Grandpas, and Baby/Parent Communication,

    See how shes growing like weed [04

    Baby fat isnt for babies anymore! [15

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    Allies Review of Monsters Inc

    Deep thoughts: by Allie Weaver Is Ice Cream worth the headache?

    Thanks to this film I no longer have to be afraid of the monsters in my closet

    Whats the Story?

    The assortment of monsters in MONSTERS, INC, as it turns out, are more frightened of kids than the kids are of monsters, but monsters need to gather kids screams to fuel their world. The children are getting so hard to scare that the monsters world is suffering from rolling blackouts. Top Scarer John Sully Sullivan and rival Randall Boggs work as hard as they can to break the scream-collection record. But when Randall inadvertently lets a human child into the monster world, the monsters find out what being scared is really like.

    Is It Any Good?This movie is without a doubt absolutely charming. It should be put in the dictionary to illustrate

    the word adorable. This movie has the same delicious mixture of heart, humor, and technical magic that made A Bugs Life and the three Toy Story movies into instant classics. Like Jim Henson, who decided to make his Sesame Street characters monsters so that us kids would never be afraid of monsters again, the creators of this film have created monsters that even the most fearful child will find it completely unscary. In fact, we kids may just decide that multiple heads, removable eyes, and hair made from snakes is kind of cute.

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    Micky Mouse Clubhouse characters

    Deep Thoughts: by Allie Weaver the 5 second rule: 5 seconds ok /10 no way

    Minny Mouse


    5 Donald Duck




    Micky Mouse

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    8 SimplyAllie October 2010

    Reader #1

    Dear Allie,I have come to a crossroads in my life where I am torn between two loves. The first is the love I have for my Mommie. She is always there when I need her and providing me with the essentials for survival. Whether its a bad dream or its feeding time she is always there with a reassuring smile on her face. And then there is my Daddie. He makes me laugh when I am sad and he knows the spot on my belly that makes me giggle. I have fallen asleep on many accasions with the simple embrace of his arms. I know Mommie loves Daddie and Daddie loves Mommy and I know that they love me and I love them. My question to you is Is this love triangle healthy?

    Sincerely,Lovable Lucy.

    Dear Lovable Lucy,The love you feel for both of your parents is unconditional and everlasting. This so called love triangle is the only truly healthy love triangle that you should ever be a part of. There is no need to feel guilty for loving Mommie and Daddie equally. As you grow older you will fall in love with other people but you will never stop loving Mommie and Daddie. Throughout your journey in life dont forget to live, laugh, and never stop loving.


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    October 2010 SimplyAllie 9

    Reader #2

    Dear Allie, Why did Mommy take my Blankie away? I have had my Blankie for my entire life. It has been with me through thick and thin. Now that its gone I am having trouble sleeping and I am spending most of my time thinking about my Blankie. Since this traumatic event has transpired I have found myself cuddling with a number of items ranging from pot holders to Daddies dirty sock. Please Help!

    Sincerely, Lost without you Linus.

    Dear Lost without you Linus,I have also had this very same traumatic experience. My first thought was that Mommie hates me. Over the next several weeks I found myself having cold sweats, uncontrollable shaking, and a vast emptiness in my life. On several occasions I questioned my Mommies decision to do this to me and her response was always Waa waaa waa waaa waa waaa. I hope that one day we will both know the true reason our Blankies was taken from us, until then Stay Golden Ponyboy.


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    Reader #3

    Dear Allie,On several occasions I encountered a strange gentleman in my life. He seems to appear mostly on weekends, birthdays, and holidays. I am not sure who he is but he looks like an older, wrinkled, and bald version of my Daddie. When I am around him I dont feel an urgency of danger. He is only around for a few hours and then he is gone again. I have learned that he is known simply as GrandPa. I have also learned that my friend Jamie has a GrandPa of her own. After meeting both so called GrandPas, I have a question. My question for you is - Do all GrandPas smell funny?

    Sincerely,Nosey Nancy.

    Dear Nosey Nancy,Yes they do!


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    Reader #4

    Dear Allie, I am troubled with the fact that my parents dont understand me. On several occasions Daddie has changed my diaper but all I wanted was to be burped. Do you have any advice for me on how to communicate better with my parents?

    Sincerely,Misunderstood Missy.

    Dear Misunderstood Missy,Through my extensive research and experience I can only come to one conclusion. Parents just cannot understand baby talk. I have on many occasions tried to express my feelings to my Mommie and/or Daddie that I wanted to be held, but what I got was a bottle shoved in my face. Do not worry, over the next several months, you will become fluent in art of communication with your parental authorities. I have learned that parents just dont understand. I hope that they can have us figured out by the time we are teenagers.


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    Allies latest fashions for babys

    Do these diapers

    make my butt look


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    Review- 1

    GERBER PEACHES: From the moment Mommie opens a fresh jar of Gerbers finest my senses are teased with a bouquet of fresh peaches. My mouth begins to water and I drool in anticipation of the first spoonful. As the peaches slide off of the spoon and into my mouth I am overwhelmed with a sensation of fruity delight. When I hear the clang of the spoon at the bottom of the jar I am saddened that my fruitical journey has come to an end.

    Review- 2

    VEGETABLE BEEF: When the dinner bell rings and Mommie is hiding something so that I cant see it. She knows I wont be fooled again by the bright orange color. Just from the foul stench alone I can tell its Vegetable Beef. My stomach begins to turn and I gag at the mere thought of once again tasting this sewage in jar. As the spoon approaches my mouth my lips become glued and I fight to keep it out. To Mommies dismay I wear more of it then I eat.

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    A healthy |Gerber Free| diet combined with exercise made me the slimmer and happier

    Allie that I am today.

    Baby fat isnt for babies anymore! Rockabye your way to a firmer tummy

    Allies secrets to shedding that unwanted baby fat is brought to you by the fine folks over at Gerber. A healthy Gerber Free diet combined with exercise made me the slimmer and happier Allie that I am today. Gerbers new line of calorie conscious cuisine Gerber Free and 30 minutes of ab crunches, three times a week, has allowed Allie to shed two inches of chub in two short weeks. Before she started using the Gerber Free dietary system she found herself just lying around the house cooing and playing with her toes. Now she is crawling so fast that Mommie and Daddie can hardly keep up with her.