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<ol><li> 1. SIMPLE WEDDING CENTERPIECE IDEAS On every occasion it becomes important to have some amazing centerpieces so that it enhances the look of the dinner table and creates the right atmosphere. Depending on the kind of occasion, it is important to have the right kind of centerpiece on the table. There are many easy and budget centerpiece ideas that you can utilize for your occasion. Read below to learn more. Take large unused serving pieces such as soup tureens and fill them with large flowers such as roses, peonies and hydrangeas. These make for easy and beautiful centerpieces. Take big clear glass containers or glasses fill them with water and then put in some interesting fruits in them such as strawberries, oranges and lemons. Another cheap centerpiece idea is to take a bucket, paint it white and then stash some pinwheel lollipops inside them. Fill the bucket with sand so that you can easily insert the lollipops. Take a large footed clear vase and fill them with chocolate kisses. They look tempting as well as beautiful! How about using those milk bottles? You can take a bunch of vintage milk bottles, line them in 3X3 and tie a gardeners twine around them. Now insert some flowers in these bottles, and your centerpiece is ready! You can make use of a cake stand to place some interesting flowers on them. Take a foam ball and cut the base so that it can stand on the cake stand. Now insert flowers in them and place the flower ball on the cake stand for a charming centerpiece. </li><li> 2. Mason jars are always the best option for wedding centerpieces ideas. You can cluster a bunch of mason jars in the middle and place some flowers in them and transform the look of the table completely! Vintage bottle carriers can also be used for centerpieces by placing glass tumblers inside them. If you want to add some shine to it, then you can put a mirror underneath the bottle carrier. Place a few white flowers and you are good to go. Candles also make for amazing centerpieces. Take glasses and place candles in them. Remember to have mismatched heights of candles and you can place them in a dish. Take shot glasses and place single roses in them now arrange a line of these shot glasses running through the center of the table. These make for very enchanting centerpieces. You can use the above centerpiece ideas for simple yet interesting centerpieces. Most of these ideas are inexpensive and you can enjoy making them. In case you are not too skilled, you can always enlist help of friends and family for it. Furthermore, you can also enlist help of a wedding planner who will help you to decide on your wedding centerpiece ideas. </li></ol>