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ToutApp is the Complete Sales Communications Platform. In this user guide you will learn how to use Tout's Email Tracking, Templates and Analytics help successfully crystalize and streamline your communications and close more deals.


<p>Brought to you by: The Happiness Ofcers at ToutApp</p> <p>Simple steps to email happinessToutApp New User Guide</p> <p>ToutApp EssentialsChapter 1: Welcome to ToutApp Chapter 8: Lets Send a Group Email Chapter 2: How to t Tout into My Workow Chapter 9: ToutApp in your CRM Chapter 3: Which Tout Edition is Right for me? Chapter 10: ToutApp in your Gmail Chapter 11: ToutApp in your Outlook</p> <p>Chapter 4: Create a Template and Send an Email</p> <p>Chapter 5: Why is Tracking a Big Deal?</p> <p>Chapter 12: Team Sharing and Analytics</p> <p>Chapter 6: View and Click Tracking</p> <p>Chapter 13: Odds and Ends</p> <p>Chapter 7: Website and Attachment Tracking</p> <p>Chapter 14: Next Steps</p> <p>Welcome to ToutApp</p> <p>1</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>5 Ways Tout Will Help You Be More Productive1. Learn what ACTUALLY happens after you hit send. Email tracking gives you a real-time view into how your day-to-day communications are resonating with your leads, prospects, customers and clients.</p> <p>2. Write your emails faster. Customizable templates eliminate the tedious task of copying and pasting that same message over and over again.</p> <p>3. Share best practices across your team. Create and collaborate around shared templates. Access analytics to see whats working. 4. Know if your messaging is effective. Tout analytics reports which messaging is effective and how much engagement you are getting with your sent emails.3</p> <p>4. Save time. Group emails allow you to send a personalized message to a number of people at once, saving your precious time.</p> <p>5. Fits into the tools you already use. Tout offers deep integrations to streamline your entire communications process and unify all your tools. Send trackable emails from Gmail, Outlook and your CRM.</p> <p>4</p> <p>We work where you work</p> <p>2</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>How does ToutApp t into my email workow?In today's hyper-connected world, it's easy to get lost in the thousands of email messages we transact upon with all the tools we use.</p> <p>Youre probably wondering where Tout ts in. Whether you are reaching out for the rst time, following up on a meeting or trying to nurture your most active customers, you have an email for that and most often it is repetitive.6</p> <p>8 ways ToutApp ts in your workow1. Use for any and all day-to-day emails 2. Emailing from the tools you already use. 3. Reaching out to cold, warm or hot leads 4. Scheduling a demo, meeting or call 5. Timing your email and phone follow up 6. Closing the deal 7. Nurturing relationships 8. Follow up, follow up, follow up=ToutApp fits in your workflow</p> <p>7</p> <p>Which Tout edition is right for me?</p> <p>3</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>Looking to go solo or join Tout with your team?Heres the breakdown of our pricing plans.</p> <p>Professional Plan: Great for single users looking to use Tout for day-to-day email activity. CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals love this plan for basic email tracking, CRM integration and templates.</p> <p>Startup Plan: Recommended for startups and smaller companies. If youre looking to share templates, groups and have analytics across a small team, this is the plan for you. The Startup plan is also popular for solo users looking for increased email limits and group sizes. Invite your team!</p> <p>9</p> <p>Small Biz Plan: Any more than 5 users and this is the plan for you! Youll have access to ALL of Touts features, with team templates, analytics and the maximum amount of emails and groups. AND youll have custom domain and website tracking. Enterprise Plan: Looking to use Tout with your sales team? Schedule a call with us.</p> <p>Free Plan: Use email sparingly? This plan offers 5 trackable emails per day. If youre looking to evaluate Tout without the commitment, though, we recommend trialing a paid plan for two weeks.</p> <p>Lite Plan: If youre on a budget and looking to send emails casually, this might be the plan for you. The Lite plan is more restricting than the Professional Plan, with only 15 trackable emails per day and no CRM integration. If youre not a full-time sales professional this might work for you!</p> <p>To manage your account go to Settings and Integrations.</p> <p>10</p> <p>Create a template and send an email</p> <p>4</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>Why should I use templates?Templates eliminate repetitive emails, so you can focus on selling versus the mechanics. Automatically cc/bcc recipients</p> <p>Lets create your rst template1. Navigate to the Templates page on 2. Select the + button next to Categories 3. Choose a category and a name</p> <p> Auto-attach les Link to your presentations Use dynamic elds to personalize your emails 4. Click Create 5. Paste an existing email into the body 6. Click Save</p> <p>Tip for writing kickass emails: the simpler, the shorter, the better.</p> <p>12</p> <p>Tip for writing kickass emails: personalization is key.</p> <p>Get started with dynamic eldsHow does Tout know your the name of your lead? Dynamic elds are connected to the information stored within your Relationships page.</p> <p>Dynamic elds allow you to auto-complete templates and email multiple contacts at once.</p> <p>1. Click Edit next to a current template 2. Click the button that says Dynamic Fields 3. Select dynamic elds to include from the added drop down 4. Done! Now that you have your template with dynamic elds, youre ready to get back to</p> <p>13</p> <p>Why is tracking a big deal?</p> <p>5</p> <p>I dont know what happens to my email after I hit send.Weve all been there... you send an email, try to schedule a meeting, even close a deal and NO REPLY.</p> <p> Know what the people you email are actually interested in Use that knowledge to send targeted and relevant follow up No reply yet? Check in with a purpose Know when people are most likely to open your emails, so you can get noticed in their inbox Warm up your cold calls; know exactly when your lead is engaged so you can time your call Eliminate anxiety around hearing back from a BIG lead, customer or account Spend less of your time with people that are not engaged... or dead Use overall tracking analytics to be more successful with outreach</p> <p>15</p> <p>6</p> <p>View and Click Tracking</p> <p>View TrackingYoull know when your email is opened.</p> <p>Click TrackingYoull know when a link in your email is clicked.</p> <p>How to use it. Send an email from our website or hit the Tout It Button in Gmail or Outlook. How it works. We track email opens by placing an invisible image inside the emails you send. If your recipients images are enabled, it will show up as a view.</p> <p>How to use it. Send an email from our website or hit the Tout It button in Gmail or Outlook. How it works. For tracking link clickthroughs, well replace your original link with a trackable link that redirects to your original url.</p> <p>17</p> <p>Website and Attachment Tracking</p> <p>7</p> <p>Website TrackingYoull know when someone you emailed visits your website.</p> <p>Attachment TrackingYou can actually see as someone goes from page to page or slide to slide viewing your attachment.</p> <p>How it works. Website tracking requires a Google Analytics-like script on your website. How to use it. You send an email. Its viewed or a link is clicked. Your recipient visits your website -- now or in the future Tout tracks where on the site they are paging around How to set it up. Once you are on our Startup plan, head over here and follow the instructions to paste a Javascript code into your website.</p> <p>How it works. Well upload your attachment to a page on our website and direct your recipient to it, where tracking kicks in. How to use it. Click on Link to File in an email or template Choose a PDF, DOC or PPT Upload your le and hit Add to Email</p> <p>19</p> <p>8</p> <p>Lets send a group email</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>How to send a personalized email to 100 people at once</p> <p>Group emails save you time. Grab the most engaged people, send them an email and each recipient receives their own personalized message.</p> <p>Tout also delivers individual tracking statistics for each recipient.21</p> <p>How does emailing multiple people work?1. Group your contacts: Put all your contacts together into a Tout group by uploading a CSV.</p> <p>Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you saved yourself the manual task of sending tons of emails.</p> <p>Want to see a demonstration how to send a group email?</p> <p>2. Create one message: Create a template name and edit your message.</p> <p>3. Send: Pull up your group and click Email Group. Select your template and hit Send.</p> <p>22</p> <p>9</p> <p>ToutApp in your CRM</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>Tout and your CRM Use Tout to send a trackable email from within your CRM</p> <p>How do I setup Tout in Salesforce?In order to get started using ToutApp in Salesforce, check out our handy Getting Started Guide.</p> <p> View info tracking right from your CRM</p> <p> Automatically update every email that is sent through Tout to your CRM and assign it to the proper contact</p> <p> Sync leads and contacts with Tout to quickly send emails using dynamic elds</p> <p> Create templates and review your analytics from within your CRM</p> <p>24</p> <p>If youre a Salesforce Admin, be sure to check out our installation guide rst.</p> <p>How do I setup Tout in all other CRMs?</p> <p>Tip for how to make the most of Salesforce and Tout: Pull your Salesforce leads into your Tout Templates.</p> <p>In order to set up Tout in your CRM, youre going to want to head over to our Settings and Integrations page.25</p> <p>Tout in Gmail</p> <p>10</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>How do I use Tout in Gmail?ToutApp Toolbar</p> <p>Templates help you write personalized emails very quickly within Gmail.</p> <p>27</p> <p>Suggest meeting times from your Gmail calendar straight into the the email.</p> <p>Link a doc, PDF, or PPT to learn when your attachment is opened and see specic page views and downloads.</p> <p>28</p> <p>Schedule your emails to be sent at a later time by Tout.</p> <p>Tout recommends the best times to send an email based on when your emails are most likely to be opened.</p> <p>29</p> <p>Tout in Outlook</p> <p>11</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>How do I use Tout in Outlook?ToutApp Toolbar In Outlook</p> <p>Templates help you write personalized emails very quickly right from Outlook. You can save a template you draft up on the y.</p> <p>31</p> <p>Touts Live Feed ts right into your Outlook. See in real time who is engaging with your sent emails - without having to leave your Inbox</p> <p>To get started using email templates and tracking your email activity, head over to our Settings and Integrations page to integrate ToutApp in your Outlook.</p> <p>32</p> <p>12</p> <p>Team Sharing and Analytics</p> <p>Team Sharing and Analytics Streamline your sales process Drive consistent messaging and content across your team Gain deep insights and analytics across your sales funnel Report across your teams email activity</p> <p>How it works: Each team member get their own account and are linked together by a team admin. Youll be able to share email templates with your team and collaborate around content.</p> <p>34</p> <p>Set it up: Your templates are private by default. Simply click the Share button at the top of your template to share it with the rest of your team.</p> <p>35</p> <p>Odds and Ends</p> <p>13</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>How should I use</p> <p>Edit Account InformationWant to sync your all of LinkedIn contacts to Tout or check out your billing? Head on over to our Settings and Integrations page. There youll be able to manage everything from integrations to tracking and analytics.</p> <p>Send Group EmailsWant to send a personalized email to 100 people? Cool! Head to the Relationships page on Click here to create and populate your group with contacts and send an email to everyone.</p> <p>37</p> <p>Edit your Email SignatureYour email signature has more of an impression than you think. Head over to</p> <p> and clickEdit Email Signature and Delivery. We recommend adding your company logo and some press links to up your game.</p> <p>Detailed TrackingThink of how powerful it would be to be able to see who is visiting your corporate</p> <p>website, what pages they are interested inand when they are visiting.</p> <p>38</p> <p>Next Steps</p> <p>14</p> <p>ToutApp, Inc.</p> <p>Start Touting!We want you to be as productive, happy and successful as possible using our product. Thats why weve designed our Happiness process to make this happen.Have a question? Ask it here.</p> <p>Have a problem? Report it here.</p> <p>Want to just talk? Click here.</p> <p>40</p> <p>Meet Our Senior Happiness Ofcers</p> <p>Lauren Buchsbaum</p> <p>Questions or concerns? Talk to Lauren or Tara today.Tara Meyer</p> <p>41</p>