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SIMPLE PRESENT TENSEIs / are / amExercise 1.11. she _______41. the puppy_______81. that_______2. he_______42. the puppies_______82. those_______3. it_______43. woman_______83. picture_______4. Hanif_______44. women_______84. pictures_______5. Rosnah_______45. the children _______85. page_______6. Jia Ying _______46. the child_______86. pages_______7. Meena _______47. tooth_______87. key_______8. elephant_______48. teeth_______88. keys_______9. elephants_______49. foot_______89. computer_______10. rat_______50. feet_______90. computers_______11. rats_______51. the person_______91. Rana and Niro_______12. monkey_______52. the people_______92. Rebin and John_______13. monkeys_______53. leaf_______93. Sheila and Magen_______14. Rana_______54. leaves_______94. Sheila, John and Ong_______15. Johari_______55. man_______95. watch_______16. I_______56. men_______96. watches_______17. Nirosha_______57. This_______97. garage_______18. they_______58. These_______98. garages_______19. we_______59. mouse_______99. judge_______20. you_______60. mice_______100. judges_______21. I_______61. goose_______101. hero_______22. the book_______62. geese_______102. heroes_______23. the books_______63. knife_______103. buffalo_______24. kiran_______64. knives_______104. buffalos/buffaloes_______25. boat_______65. wife_______105. mosquito_______26. boats_______66. wives_______106. mosquitos/mosquitoes_______27. cat_______67. life_______107. butterfly_______28. cats_______68. lives_______108. butterflies_______29. house _______69. elf_______109. shelf_______30. houses_______70. elves_______110. shelves_______31. river _______71. the bread loaf_______111. wolf_______32. rivers_______72. the bread loaves_______112. wolves_______33. bus_______73. potato_______113. roof_______34. buses_______74. potatoes_______114. roofs_______35. box_______75. tomato_______115. studio_______36. boxes_______76. tomatoes_______116. studios_______37. the wish_______77. cactus_______117. video _______38. the wishes _______78. cacti_______118. videos_______39. the spy_______79. fungus_______119. photo_______40. the spies_______80. fungi_______120. photos_______41. the city_______81. phenomenon_______121. radio_______42. the cities_______82. phenomena_______122. radios_______43. daisy_______83. criterion_______123. memo_______44. daisies_______84. criteria_______124. memos_______Exercise 1.2 (is/are/am)1. It _________ cold today.2. I _________ at home now.3. They_________ Korean.4. There _________ a pen on the desk.5. My name _________ Nikita.6. We _________ from Ukraine.7. That _________ right.8. I _________ OK, thanks.9. Clara and Steve _________ married.10. She _________ an English teacher.11. Siti Nurhaliza _____ a singer.12. I ____ a teacher.13. Bill Clinton _____ from Italy.14. What ______ your name?15. Spain ____ in Europe.16. _____ you from Spain? Yes, I am.17. Tony Blair and Paul McCartney _____ British.18. How old ____ your sister?19. She ____ a nurse, 20. He ____ a doctor.21. Demi Moore and Sharon _________ actresses. 22. Carol's cat ________ very pretty.23. Rob ________ ten years old.24. Those paintings ________ wonderful!25. The two supermarkets ________ very near to each other.26. John thinks science ________ a very difficult subject.27. All the doors ________ open in this house!28. Helen and Barbara ________ sisters.29. That music ________ incredible. 30. Who ________ it?Exercise 1.3 (is/are/am)Peter Baker_______from Manchester, but Paul and John_______ from London. Manchester and London_______ cities in England. Hamburg_______ a city in Germany. Sandra_______ at school today. Jack and Peter_______ her friends. They_______ in the same class. Mr and Mrs Baker_______ on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne. She_______ a nice girl. Peter says: "My grandfather_______ in hospital. I_______ at home with my grandmother." What time_______it? It_______8 o'clock._______you tired? No, I_______not.Simple present tense (negative forms)1.4 Complete the sentences. Use long forms of the negative (am not, is not, are not). The first one has been done for you.E.g. I am not rich! I am poor.1. She . here today. She is on vacation.2. Tokyo . in Singapore. It is in Japan.3. My brother . a teacher. He is a doctor.4. The bus . blue. It is yellow.5. You . right! You are wrong!6. This bread . fresh. Dont eat it.7. Jim and Vivienne . Australian. They are American.8. My jumper . red. It is blue.9. It . 2 oclock. Its 3 oclock. Lets go!10. The film . good. It is bad.11. Caviar . cheap. It is very expensive.12. We . happy. We are very angry.13. My car . big. It is small.14. I . a student. I am a teacher.NOTESPOSITIVE FORMSLong formShort formI am a teacher ------ (Im a teacher.)She is French. ------ (Shes French.)It is cold. ------ (Its cold.)They are rich. ------ (Theyre rich.)1.5 Complete the sentences. Use short forms of the negative (m not , isnt, arent).E.g.Indonesia isnt in Europe. Its in Asia.1. I . French. Im Italian.2. She . Italian. Shes French.3. The river . very clean. Dont swim in it.4. My brothers . here. Theyre in Australia.5. These questions . easy. I need some help.6. The film . interesting. Lets go home.7. An orange . a vegetable. Its a fruit.8. A carrot . a fruit. Its a vegetable.9. My bicycle . blue. Its yellow.10. Betty . here today. Shes on vacation.11. It . warm today. Its cold.12. We . hungry now. Lets eat later.13. John . my father. Hes my grandfather.14. I . ready. Please wait.15. This food . bad. Its perfect.NEGATIVE FORMSLong formShort formI am not a teacher ------ (Im not a teacher.)She is not French. ------ (She isnt French.)It is not cold. ------ (It isnt cold.)They are not rich. ------ (They arent rich.)SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE (Questions and Answers)1. To make a question, we put am, is or are at the beginning of the sentence.Am I right?Is he/she/it right?Are we/you/they right?1.6 Make questionsMake questions. Add am, is or are.Example:Is Fred here?1. . you happy?2. . it difficult to speak Chinese?3. . she good at tennis?4. . dinner ready?5. . these computers expensive?6. . your hands clean?7. . your flat cold in the winter?8. . I wrong?9. . the window open?10. . the people in your office friendly?11. . he French?12. . the dogs good with children?13. . I late again?14. . it easy to find a good house here?15. . we ready to go?1.7 Make questionsPut the words in the right order to make questions.Example:rich / are / you Are you rich?1. ready / are / you.?2. well / are / you.?3. is / big / your garden.?4. these shoes / expensive / are.?5. this answer / is / right.?6. thirsty / you / are.?7. your neighbors / friendly / are.?8. the airport / open / is.?9. this / important / is.?10. are / fresh / these vegetables.?11. coffee / hot / that / is.?12. early / I / am.?13. now / rich / are / we.?14. me / angry with / he / is.?15. American / car / your / is.?1.8 Make questionsMake questions. Put the underlined words in the right order.Example:It is very cold in here. open / the window / is ?It is very cold in here. Is the window open?1. This song is beautiful. is / Spanish / it ?.?2. I think New York is the capital of America. right / am / I ?.?3. That jumper is beautiful. Italian / it / is ?.?4. Whats the time? 9 or 10 / is / it ?.?5. Fred is a doctor. rich / is / he ?.?6. Jackies in the kitchen. hungry / is / she ?.?7. There are some sandwiches on the table. are / fresh / they ?.?8. He thinks English grammar is easy. is / wrong / he ?.?9. 10. Im ready. taxi here / the / is ?.?11. Wheres the dog? in the garden / it / is ?.?12. Were late for the cinema. ready / you / are ?.?13. That painting is beautiful. it / expensive / is ?.?14. This cars very old. it/ in / are / safe / we ?.?15. Where is Mauritius? is / in the Indian Ocean / it ?.?16. I like your friend. Japanese / she / is ?.?2. We often give a short answer to a question with am, is or are.Are you happy?Yes, I am. / No Im not.Is it cold in here?Yes, it is. / No, it isnt.Are they cold?Yes, they are. / No, they arent.1.9 Make questions and give short answersExamples:Is she hungry? -------Yes, she is.Are they Indian?-------No, they arent.1. . your feet cold?Yes, they .2. . breakfast ready?No, it .3. . the water hot?No, it .4. . your sister well?Yes, she .5. . the buses in London red?Yes, they .6. . the taxis in New York yellow?Yes, they .7. . the bank open?No, it .8. . your hotel expensive?No, it .9. . her eyes blue?Yes, they .10. . this bread fresh?No, it .11. . he your husband?Yes, he .12. . you tired?No, I .13. . they here?No, they .14. . your coffee nice?Yes, it .15. . we late?No, we .Complete the conversation chart below.________________________________How _____ you?Yes, she is my cousin.I_____ fine. Thank you.Is that her car? _________ she pretty ?No, _________________________________________________________________________ she sleeping ?________ they bracelets ? _____ those computer belong to them ?________ the restaurant open today ?No, they arent hungry._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Yes, they _____ fresh.______ we going for movie ?____ he driving today ?________________________________Yes, he is my brother._______________________________________ we going to the mall ?____________________________ her eyes blue ?________________________________________________________ they moving?No, she isntWrite complete sentences using the words given.


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