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The simple present is one of the common most used tense in everyday english 1

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Use1. General time:Permanent situation

e.g. Alice works for an insurance company.

Things that happen regularly.

e.g. I play volleyball every Friday. Past Now Future

Past * * * * Now * * * FutureSimple Present 3

Use2. Not used for things happening just around the present:Compare:It usually snows in January.Look. It is snowing. (Not look. It snows.)

I play volleyball every Friday.Where is Salman? He is playing volleyball. (Not He plays volleyball. )

Simple Present 4

Use3. Non-progressive verbs:I like this drink very much. (Not I am liking).I believe you. (Not I am believing you.)I see what you mean. (Not I am seeing)

List of common verbs which are not used in progressive forms may be found in this link: Simple Present 5

Use4. Talking about the future:His train arrives at 11:46. I start my new job tomorrow.

He will sue anybody who touches his possessions. (Not will touch)Ill phone you when I get home. (Not will get)

Why dont you take a day off tomorrow?

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