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  • 1. Simple Animations

2. Why Animate

  • Kids remain motivated
  • Its an easy way to use technology that is more than typing stories, and searching the internet
  • Its easy to do




  • Take pictures


  • Open your video editing software


  • Add the pictures to your video software


  • Shorten the picture duration of each still photo to less than half a second


  • Add music


  • Add titles and credits


  • Save and share!


  • Let your imagination be your guide, but here are a few things I have thought of.


  • Language Arts
  • Create a scene from a story or novel.
  • Write a story that can be animated.


  • Math:
  • Animate the solution to a math problem


  • Science:
  • Exploding volcano
  • Stages of plant growth
  • Tectonic Plates / Pangea
  • Solar System


  • Social Studies
  • The Seasons / Earths Axis
  • Re-create a scene from History


  • Arts Education
  • Creating Models to Animate
  • Use various styles of background music to see how Mood can be altered.


  • Physical Education
  • Animate a specific "play" from a sport (ie: how to execute a full court press)


  • Health
  • Hmmm....

21. Stuff you need

  • Something to Animate. ( Plastecine, toys, people, drawings, any object large or small)
  • A background!
  • Digital camera
  • Tripod ( Not optional)
  • Computer
  • Video editing Software ( We will be using Microsoft Movie Maker that comes free with Windows XP)

22. Open the ProgramMicrosoft Movie Maker 23. Once Movie Maker has started, selectIMPORT PICTURES 24. Browse to the folder where you have saved your digital pictures. Select the first picture by clicking on it. UseCTRL + Ato multiple select the remaining pictures. SelectIMPORT . This will load ALL of your pictures into the Movie Maker Program 25. Before you put the pictures in motion, you must set the "frame rate". In other words you are setting how long each picture is going to be seen on the screen. To do this selectTOOLS , thenOPTIONS 26. Select theADVANCEDTAB 27. Reduce thepicture durationto less than .500 of a second. At a picture duration of 0.125, the "frame rate will be 8 frames (or pictures) per second. If you wish for the "characters" to move slower increase the duration to .250, which will give you a frame rate of 4 pictures per second. 28. Select the first picture in Movie Maker by clicking on it. UseCNTRL + Ato multiple select the rest of the pictures. 29. Place your mouse on one of the pictures andDRAGthem to theStoryboardnear the bottom of the screen. This may take a few minutes of "thinking time" for the computer. You can preview the animation by pressing PLAY on the Media Player, however most of the time the animations are extremely "jumpy and hard to watch in preview mode! You will probably not like the results at this point, particularly if you ignored the suggestion of lowering the cameras resolution! 30.

  • Browse your computer to find the music or sound effect that you want. SelectImport

You can add Music and sound effect in a fairly similar way to adding the pictures. SelectImport Audio or Music 31. To insert the music you must selectShow Timeline located just above the story board. 32. Drag the audio to the timeline where you want the music to begin 33. You can "shorten" the audio to match the length of the video by moving the blue"SLIDER"to the end of the video, then "split the clip" using the splitter. Select the part of the clip that extends beyond the pictures and pressDELETEon your keyboard. 34. To add Titles and Credits, select the down arrow besideEdit Movie 35. SelectMake Titles and Credits 36. Make your choices of Menus and Styles Repeat the same process for adding credits at the end of the movie and on selected clips 37. In order for the all parts of your animation to be tied together for viewing you must "produce it" by saving it in a recognized file format. Select save toMy Computer or a Network driveand name your file. 38. There are many different file formats that you can produce your animation as depending on the audience!. For viewing on a high speed internet connection you canVideo for Broadband (512kbps)If you only plan to view it on your own computer choose Best Quality Playback on my computer. 39. Click NEXT

  • Your Animation is now finished! You can watch it, wow your friends with it, post it on the internet, or whatever you want!!

40. Final Example