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  • SILVERLIGHTGroup Members:Darshna Dedhia 67 Kinjal Patel 71 Ghazal Shah 73

  • IntroductionTo

  • What is Silverlight?Silverlight is a web based technology that allows web designer and developers to stretch the boundaries of web application development.Silverlight is the new Microsoft technology on the web platform for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), launched by Microsoft in 2007.Microsoft Silverlight is an application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, with features and purposes similar to those of Adobe Flash.Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool for creating and delivering rich Internet applications and media experiences on the Web.

  • Rich Internet ApplicationA Rich Internet Application(RIA) is a web application that has the best user interface functionalities of desktop applications and web application.

  • Advantages of SilverlightRich user interfaceTransparency of other web languages like HTML and JavaScript.Web applications with high fidelity and multimedia content.Web applications with eye-catching visual effects.In short, Silverlight helps in building high-quality attractive and interactive web applications.

  • Flash vs Silverlight

    FlashSilverlightAnimation modelFrame-basedTime-basedLanguageActionScriptCLR-compilant (VB.NET, C#)PlatformAll majorLimited Linux (Moonlight)MultithreadingNo (from programmer perspective)Yes

  • Flash vs Silverlight

    FlashSilverlightImage supportMost formatsJPG and PNG

    Video, audioMultiple formats, low-level APIsVC-1 codec, WMW, WM, no low-level APIsStreamingSlower and costlyMore cost-effectiveOtherMore matureDeep Zoom

  • Architecture Of Silverlight

  • Primary components of Silverlight Architecture:HTMLJavaScriptXAML.NET FrameworkWeb browser

  • Architecture of SilverlightThe Silverlight platform as a whole consists of three major parts:.NET Framework for SilverlightCore presentation frameworkInstaller and updater

  • .NET Framework for Silverlight

    It consists of:Data integration components:Supports Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) and LINQ to XML features, which ease the process of integrating and working with data from disparate sources. Also supports the use of XML and serialization classes for handling data.WPF Controls:These are Windows Presentation Foundation controls. Provides a rich set of controls, including Button, CheckBox, HyperlinkButton, ListBox, RadioButton, and ScrollViewer.

  • .NET Framework for Silverlight

    WCF (Window Communication Foundation )Services:Provides features to simplify access to remote services and data. This includes a browser object, HTTP request and response object, support for cross-domain HTTP requests, support for RSS/Atom syndication feeds, and support for JSON, POX, and SOAP services.Dynamic Language Runtime:Supports the dynamic compilation and execution of scripting languages such as JavaScript and IronPython to program Silverlight-based applications. Includes a pluggable model for adding support for other languages for use with Silverlight.

  • .NET Framework for SilverlightBase Class Libraries:A set of .NET Framework libraries.Provide essential programming functions such as:String handlingRegular expressionsInput and outputReflectionCollectionsGlobalizationCommon Language Runtime:Provides memory managementGarbage collectionType safety checkingException handling.

  • Core Presentation FrameworkIt consists of:XAML ParserProvides a parser for XAML markup. XAML is an XML-based language created by Microsoft which is used to initialize structured values and objects. XAML elements are mapped directly to CLR objects (e.g. a element maps to a Button object.)UI RendererRenders vector and bitmap graphics, animations, and text.Input HandlerHandles inputs from hardware devices such as the keyboard and mouse, drawing, or other input devices.Digital Rights Management(DRM)Enables digital rights management of media assets.

  • Core Presentation FrameworkMediaFeatures playback and management of various types of audio and video files, such as .WMP and .MP3 files.Deep ZoomEnables you to zoom in on and pan around high resolution images.Data BindingEnables linking of data objects and UI elements. ControlsSupports extensible controls like buttons, sliders, calendars, textbox that are customizable through styling and templating.

  • Deployment Process

  • Deployment ProcessWhen you build your Silverlight application, the XAML markup, as well as the code and all other resources, is compiled into .NET assemblies which are then compressed using ZIP and stored in a XAP (.xap) file.The XAP file can then be hosted in a Web server and referenced by Web pages declaring the Silverlight plugin object. And when the user navigates to the page, the XAP file is downloaded to his PC and executed on the Web page by the Silverlight runtime.So all you need is just to develop your application, get the XAP file, insert the plugin into a Web page, and then publish the page and the XAP file to the Web.

  • Deployment Process

  • Download Silverlight for Visual StudioSilverlight 4 for VS 2010

    Silverlight 3 for VS 2008

  • Two application demosSilverlight application.ASP.NET with Silverlight.

  • .aspx , .xaml, & xaml.cs

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