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  • 1. Silverlight 3 Briefing Christophe Lauer Business Development Manager w/ Web Agencies Microsoft France

2. Microsoft .NET Application Platform Deliver applications across the UX ContinuumConsistent Tools &Application Model DevelopDeploy DesignBrowserUser Experience ContinuumClient 3. What is Silverlight?Microsoft Silverlight is a free, cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in that enables rich internet applicationsand rich media experiences on the Web and Desktop. 4. What does Silverlight do?Silverlight enables the rapid delivery of a new class ofhigh-quality, safer and more scalable experiences,developed and designed using familiar tools. 5. Silverlight Momentum By the Numbers 22 months since launch 6. Silverlight Momentum By the Numbers 22 months400m+ since launch downloads 7. Silverlight Momentum By the Numbers 400,000 22 months400m++ since launch downloads Developers & Designers Source: Microsoft Developer Tracker 2008 Report 8. Silverlight Momentum By the Numbers 400,000200+ 22 months400m++partners in since launch downloads Developers & Designers 30 countries 9. Silverlight Momentum By the Numbers 400,000200+350+ 22 months400m++partners inMicrosoft since launch downloads Developers &Products & Designers 30 countriesWebsites 10. Silverlight Momentum By the Numbers 400,000200+350+ Thousands 22 months400m++partners inMicrosoft of Apps since launch downloads Developers &Products &across the Designers 30 countriesWebsites 11. Silverlight Customer StoriesContinental AirlinesCall Center Application Customers were able to get better results using the Web than call center agents inhouse Reservation System was rewritten as a RIA Call Center Agents can now provide better service Browser based application reduced costs Cross-platform, cross-browser capabillity reduces development, configuration and deployment costs One of the things I truly enjoyed about working with Silverlight was being able to decouple the business logic from the user interface. We didnt have to wait for the design to be done, and Infusion (the design agency) didnt have to wait for us to be done. Because Silverlight supports multiple languages, including C#, we could take advantage of our existing Microsoft investment and experience and easily extend it out to the Web. We can also give our application a richer feel and a stronger user experience.Jeff Matthew, Senior Manager in Technology, Continental Airlines 12. Silverlight Customer Stories MGM Stargate SG1 Immersive fan site for latest season of cult TV show Photosynth and Deep Zoom enable Interstitial advertising opportunity generatesrevenue Potential opportunities for richer experiences usingSilverlight on other MGM franchises We knew the content had to be visually compelling, but we also wanted people to interact with and explore every detail of the images in front of them.This experience is going to offer Stargate fans just what they want to see in just the kind of detail that they like. Its a unique opportunity for people to walk around the ship, virtually, on their computer. Its phenomenal.Thomas Hughes, VP of Digital Marketing, MGM Studios 13. Silverlight Customer Stories Tata Nano New car online booking & in-showroom experience Demonstrated car to potential customers via theWeb as no showroom models available Showroom and Web experience built in 15 days Distributed to 450 showrooms and millions of onlinevisitors Given the constraints we had, I think the product we delivered was phenomenal, Microsoft gave us the right technology at the right time and the right cost. We definitely want to use this sort of experience to help market our existing cars and the new cars well roll out in the future. Its a great way to give customers an understanding of our products.Nitin Seth, Head of Car Product Group (Passenger Car Business Unit), Tata Motors 14. Silverlight Customer Internet Explorer 8 Sidebar in Silverlight Displays eBay activity even when away from eBay website Prototyped by one engineer, half time for a week Rich interactive experience packs a lot of content into a small space Because of its highly dynamic nature, we figured that Silverlight could help us make transitions easily, present highly contextual information without having to worry about AJAX workarounds, and pack a lot of information into a very small space. We also figured that with Silverlight, if we could imagine it, we could do it, without the technical limitations of working in HTML.Jonathan Gabbai, Global Innovations Manager, Internet Marketing for eBay 15. Silverlight Customer Stories Hardrock International Online access to the cream of 70,000 item rock memorabilia collection Silverlight Deep Zoom allows inspection of minute detail and intuitive navigation Metadata provides facts about the image being browsed Built in just 30 days Once we saw Deep Zoom in action, there was no longer a debate about which technology we would use. Deep Zoom doesnt just approximate the real-life experience people have at Hard Rock, it goes even further so that fans can get closer and interact with pieces in ways they couldnt in person. Michael Lemme, Creative Director at Duncan/Channon 16. Silverlight Customer StoriesRoland Garros 2009 Tennis Tournament IIS Smooth Streaming of Tournament First live test of Smooth Streaming using Beta code 139,710 unique users 290k hours of video delivered Average daily visit 64 minutes 80% of streams > 1Mpbs 50% of streams @ 3Mbps "The HD broadcast of Roland Garros shown on our websites ( and was successful, For two weeks, nearly 140 000 users have watched this HD broadcast with an amazing record time of 64 minutes on average viewing per user and per day for a total of 290 000 hours available in HD."Laurent Souloumiac, CEO of France Tlvisions Interactive. 17. Silverlight Customer Stories Bondi Playboy and Rolling Stone archives online A new model for monetizing printed content archives Deep Zoom and text search featured Rolling Stone Archive launches Summer 2009 Silverlight gave us the tools we need to effectively monetize archival publishing content and deliver a compelling user experience.Marat Aktar, Co-founder, Bondi Digital Publishing 18. Silverlight Customer Exclusive US online coverage of the 2008 Olympics Live and on-demand video, multiple video streams Rich Interactive Player Average 27 Minutes spent on site (compare with 3minutes average for other, non-Silverlight sites) 1.3 Billion page views 70 Million video streams 600 Million minutes of video contentThe Olympics are a massive project, an event with 34 sports, 304 medal events, and 10,000 athletes, all of which happens in just 17 days. So how do you take 2,000 hours of live video and 3,500 hours of on-demand video and put it on a digital platform? How do you deliver this content to the online audience, an audience that is becoming more and more important to us, in a way that will engage and entertain them? How do you manage all that while upholding obligations to exclusive advertisers on the Web, who have come to expect very high levels of production value? We looked around the spectrum of companies, all over the world, and there was really only one we felt could do this, and that was Microsoft. Perkins Miller, SVP Digital Media, NBCSports 19. Silverlight Customer StoriesApplicant 1.6 Million jobs posted 23 Million Users/month Rich Internet Application Integrates Silverlight and Live Search Searching 30 million resumes Integration with Social Networking sites Rapidly narrows candidate search Dynamically sort by content type Scheduled for release in 2009" Applicant Explorer is designed to provide employers with a more complete picture of an applicant, pulling information from a variety of sources to highlights skills, experience and accomplishments . Working with Microsoft Silverlight gives us the ability to easily load, sort, filter and page data so recruiters can dynamically sift through large amounts of data quickly and easily. We expect the application will introduce a greater efficiency and depth of knowledge into the overall recruitment experience. Greg Brass, Director, Profile Search, 20. Silverlight Customer Stories Perfect Car Trusted resource for Auto industry pricing 12 Million website visits per month RIA enables customers to find perfect car Rich Silverlight Controls DeepZoom photo explorer 2 months, 1 developer ASP.NET Ajax, Visual Studio, 64-bit Windows Server and IIS, SQL Server Although the customer experience delivered by our Silverlight client is entirely new, the technology we used to deliver that experience was already familiar a C# developer who had never used Silverlight before was able to deliver a mockup in just two days without learning any new skills or tools and complete the project in less than two months. Some people believe that Silverlight is just the Microsoft version of Adobe Flash, but we could never have used Flash to deliver what we did in only eight weeks.Andy Lapin, Director or Architecture 21. Silverlight Customer StoriesWheres Rogan? Interactive video series New model for advertising/brand promo Eyewonder in-stream ad platform Akamai media player framework Interaction rates 10% higher This joint project produced a richer, more engaging ad experience for viewers and proved a great example of how sites can monetize their video content and create new advertising space.Ricky McClellen, CIO of EyeWonder 22. Silverlight Customer Stories Instant Streaming