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ShahDeep International is a leading .Net development service provider and offering services to its worldwide clients. Our .Net services comprises.


  • 1. SilverlightDevelopmentBy:-ShahDeep International BusinessSolutions Ltd.
  • 2. About ShahDeepInternational ShahDeep International is a leading .Net development service provider and offering services to its worldwide clients. Our .Net services comprises of: Silverlight Development ASP.Net MVC Framework DotNetNuke Development WCF Development WPF Development
  • 3. What Silverlight? Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device plugin that renders XAML and exposes a programming model. XAML is an XML-based presentation model. The programming model for Silverlight is JavaScript/AJAX or .NET
  • 4. Why Silverlight? User Experience Expectations increasing exponentially Rich Web applications are no longer a luxury, theyre a necessity Silverlight provides a platform that is easy and cheap to build for Silverlight skills transfer to server, desktop and mobile application development
  • 5. Versions of Silverlight 1.0 RTM in Sept. 2007 Code behind JavaScript only 1.1 / 2.0 Alpha introduced in Spring 2007. Beta at MIX08 in March 2008. RTM maybe Q3-2008. Code behind - .NET languages C#, etc. Partial .NET class library
  • 6. Advantages OfSilverlight Lightweight at 4-6 MB, quick download .NET based Write in C# or VB.NET Use familiar class libraries Rich state-of-the-art GUI Vector based All types of content handled uniformly Secure - sandboxed
  • 7. Silverlight Controls: Extensible control base classes Common controls: Textbox, Checkbox, Radiobutton, etc TabControl, Slider, ScrollViewer, ProgressBar, etc Layout controls: Grid, StackPanel Data controls: DataGrid, etc
  • 8. Silverlight Tools Expression Blend: GUI builder Graphic designers Visual Studio 2008: Includes a more limited GUI builder Programmers
  • 9. Unifying the Design /Development Process Designer Developer Look, behavior, brand, Function, deployment, and emotional connection data, security, operational integrity XAML XHTML CSS / XSLT XML ASP.NET JavaScript AJAX
  • 10. Silverlight WebArchitecture Data Web Application (ASP.NET, PHP, JEE) XAML HTML JS XAML XAP Internet
  • 11. Silverlight and .NET Multiple Languages High Cross-Platform Performance Debugging Runtime Powerful Data Extensibility Support Rich UI controls, Robust graphics, media Networking and interactivity HTML DOM Integration
  • 12. Why ShahDeepInternational? High quality Silverlight development services Experienced team of .Net developers Project delivery on time
  • 13. Contact Us:Shah Deep International thanks for your attention:Call Us at : : + 91-120 473-9000Fax (India) : + 91-120- 4564561Email Us at :