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If you want stickers that really grab your customers attention, why not consider Silver foil stickers. Silver foil stickers can be produced in a range of colours and stocks to suit individual labelling needs.For more unique boxes visit .


<ul><li> 1. Avail able in custom shapesand designs All kind of stickers areavailable like paper, vinyland foil. Quick Shipping UV coated 100% printing QualitySilver Foil StickersSilver Foil Stickers@Gostickers</li></ul> <p> 2. Content Introduction -------------------------- 01 Content -------------------------------- 02 Advantages -------------------------- 03 Usability -------------------------------- 04 Sizes ------------------------------------- 05 Samples ------------------------------- 06 Types ----------------------------------- 07 Owe sum ----------------------------- 08 Design --------------------------------- 09 What we provide ----------------- 10 Why Us -------------------------------- 11 Contact US -------------------------- 12 3. Advantages For Branding Happy Holidays Stickers Endorsing of Services Removable Message Tags on Halloween Parties Waterproof Attractive Available in All sizes 4. Usability Double Sided Weather Resistant Durable Used for Branding &amp;Advertising Catchy and attractive Environmental friendly Nicer option for packagings and envelopesealing purpose 5. Common SizesStickersMaterial: Foil stickersStandard Sizes:3 round4 round5 round&amp;All Sort of Custom Sizes AreAvailable 6. Sample Images 7. Types ofSilver FoilStickers Silver foil Embossed foil Printed foil stickersYou will surely enjoy, these aresilver in colors and people loveto have them. 8. Do You Love This ONE? 9. Sticker Design 10. Avail Free Design SupportWe Also Offer PVC Sticker Designs Decal Sticker Designs Magnets Sticker Designs Vinyl Bumper Sticker Designs Self Adhesive Sticker Designs Self Cling Sticker Designs Self Cling Vinyl Designs Clear Poly Ultra Removable bumper Stickerdesigns Bumper Sticker designs 11. Why US? Free Shipping Free Design Services Delivery on time Online Support 24/7 Premium Quality Full Color Printing and Packaging. All sort of indoor/outdoor Boxes. Free Consultancy with skilled sales force. 12. Contact Us We are here 24/7 for you feel free to contact us. Telephone:+1800-396-1840 Fax Number 1-800-604-1874 E-mail: Address: 1200 Westlake Ave N Ste 1006Seattle WA 98109 Facebook: Twitter: </p>