silay city watersports and recreation park (chapter v)

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Architectural Thesis Manuscript



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This chapter contains the outline of the research results from the researchers gathered information. Conclusions and suggestions will also be discussed in this chapter. This intends to provide a well-organized and proficient architectural design solution for the proposed Silay City Watersports and Recreation Park. The type of research adapted was descriptive method, whereas for data collection, varied techniques such as normative survey, interview, questionnaires, observation, library technique were used to obtain information. Each part of investigation has its own selected respondents, or informants.


A. Survey Questionnaire The following information is the summary of answers and results extracted from the survey conducted. The results were taken from the 222 respondents of the conducted survey.


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1. Survey shows that for the viability of the proposal, 100% are interested with the development. (See Table 4-2)

2. There are 98% of the respondents who are interested in watersports program whereas 2% of the respondents are not interested on these courses. (See Table 4-4)

3. As for activity programs, the survey results the highest ranked program is watersports training which is preferred by most of the respondents. (See Table 4-5)

4. In terms of the respondents desired recreational activities, survey shows that the top five most favored recreational activities are watersports cable park which ranked first among the choices, followed by the Water Play Park and the Obstacle course as the third in rank. (See Table 4-6)


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5. The investigation shows that among the most favored support facilities to be provided, most of the respondents preferred Lodging spaces and a convention hall. (See Table 4-7)

6. For indoor spaces, the survey revealed that restaurant was the most favored with 92% of the group are interested, and next to it was 77% who favored indoor games and souvenir shop. (See Table 4-8)

B. Observation

By conducting site visitation and inspection, the researcher was able to gather and obtain more data that will aid in establishing the appropriate design solution for the project. Observation was also done with various existing recreation and watersports parks for reference and comparison. The researcher then analyzed the gathered information through observation. Silay City Watersports and Recreation Park located at Hacienda Daniel in Barangay E. Lopez. It comprises a total land area of one hundred fifty six thousand five hundred fifty eight square meters (156,558 sq. m.) or 15.6 has. The site has a moderately flat terrain which ranges from 0-8%


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according to the slope map of Silay City. The type of soil in the site is loam which is recommended for Banana, Fruit trees, Root Crops, Coconut and Tobacco. The site is approximately seventeen kilometers (17 km) away from Bacolod City and can be reached through public transportation with the travel time of about one hour (1 hr.), and for private transportation, the site could be reached within thirty to forty-five minutes (30- 45 min.) from Bacolod City. The site is about five kilometers (5 km) away from Silay City plaza and can be reached within fifteen minutes (15 min.) via public transportation. The site comprises the necessary utilities such as the electrical and water supply from the creek. Although PLDT lines are not available in the site, communication is still possible via mobile phones. Water can be pumped out from the creek.

Figure 5-1 Access Roads

Rizal National Road

Brgy. E. Lopez Road


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Figure 5-2 Utilities System

These pictures show the existing power lines along the barangay road in which the site will be able to tap unto. Figure 5-3 Soil Type

These show the type of soil in the site: loam. Figure 5-4 Terrain

These show the existing terrain in the site which is relatively flat.


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Figure 5-5 Hydrology

These pictures show the Imbang Creek near the site. C. Interview

Informal interviews were conducted with authorized individuals who are acquainted and familiar with this project. The researcher then summarized the gathered information. The results of the interview show the interviewees insights and suggestions regarding the project. They were able to mention various important ideas that the researcher would be able to use in order to come up with a suitable design for a recreation and watersports park for the benefit of its future users. With regards to Site Development they prefer to have a cluster type or centralized type of site planning concept and must be located along the coastal area, whereas for the Building Aesthetics the appropriate design character is most likely Modern Asian Architecture. As for the Building


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Function, they suggested to put up new activities which are not common to other recreational facilities like paragliding, banana boat ride, Zorb (water roller ball), ATV rides, and helmet dive.


The following paragraphs below will discuss about the conclusions and recommendations taken from the conducted research study that will be able to provide the most suitable design solution to the proposal based on the following aspects:

a. As to Site Analysis 1. What is the current status of the present site for its conformity to the land use and zoning regulations of the area?

Summary of Findings: In order to determine and verify whether the site for the project is appropriate under the classification of Land use and


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Zoning, the researcher referred to the Land use and Zoning Map of Silay City. Based on the Land Use and Zoning Map of the Silay City, the current status of the site belongs to the Parks and Other Recreation Zone. The City Planning and Development Officers of Silay City have also recommended the site for its development.

Conclusion: The site is viable for construction and development because it belongs to the Parks and Other Recreation Zone and conforms to the Land Use and Zoning Regulation of the Silay City.

2. What are the available utilities within the site?

Summary of Findings: Based on the researchers observation through site visit, some utility systems are readily available within and surrounding the site and will be used for the operation of the project. Electricity is already available and is being supplied by CENECO, whereas the SICIWA will be the source of water


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supply. Only the communication lines are not present in the site. Hence, a proper sewage system shall be added. In case of power shortage, a power house or generator will be added in the site.

Conclusion: Utilities are already present in the site which needs to be maintained and while other utilities need to be set up in order to establish a functional project. Communication lines must be set up and sewage systems must also be added for proper waste disposal.

Recommendation: Consequently, the researcher recommends that the a communication system shall be provided. Presently, the only means of communication are mobile phones. Therefore it is recommended that the government should provide

communication system to have a direct contact and easy transfer of communication in the site.


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1. What is the type of site planning concept appropriate for the site?

Summary of Findings: Different types of site planning concepts are applicable and can be used in the project. However, the overall planning must be able to conform to the development of the whole site. Hence, there is a need for a proper investigation in order to come up with the most suitable planning concept for the site. Conclusion: The project involves recreation, which means that the users would be interested to explore and walk around the site. Then, there is a dynamic interaction of the users and the spaces within the site. For this reason, the researched decided to apply the Cluster type of site planning concept for the site development. The cluster development incorporates groups of relative facilities in distinct areas to relate its spaces to one another. Active spaces and passive areas shall be arranged according to their function. The Clubhouse will be the central point that will serve as a link between the active areas. The cabanas, villas and other temporary housing shall be grouped


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according to the type of lodging and arranged on the different areas of the site.

Recommendation: The site has an extensive land area and it is

recommended that structures shall be grouped and organized with regards to each function. Significant features of the project shall be planned with a good view and orientation. The road layout shall be planned in a way that there is a consistent flow of traffic within the site.

2. What are the site requirements for this development?

Summary of Findings: The requirements for the site will be determined according to the primary necessities of the users. The researcher refers to the conducted survey which determines

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