signs you're offering too many services, part 2

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Signs Youre Offering Too Many Services

Signs Youre Offering Too Many ServicesPart 2

Still not convinced that offering more services can make you lose money?Learn more about the signs you might be doing this.

How do you tell if YOU are offering too many services? These are some of the signs:

5. Clients always want you to do jobs youre not prepared for.

Many people assume businesses will do anything to make money.

But if it is not a service you do all the time and can perform it both quickly and efficiently

Chances are you are LOSING money on that job.

Learn how to track nonbillable time to increase profits.

Instead, you need to streamline your business by focusing on what you do best!

Learn more about how to streamline your business here.

6. Youre not getting many referrals.

If someone asks, What is your specialty? You should have a clear answer and a core service in mind.

When you focuson yourcore services, you get really good at them and peoplewill take notice.

7. Leads get overwhelmed with choices and end up going elsewhere

If you throw all of your services into your prospects faces, they get overwhelmed.

Let them know what you do best, and leave it at that.

8. Youre not making the money you should be.

What if you have a pest control tech, but you dont have enough work to keep him busy full time?

What if you offer a carpet cleaning service, but it takes you three times longer to clean carpets than any other task?

What if youre a landscaper, and someone asks you to mow because youre already there?

You could be losing money every time you workoutside of your core services.

If you havent spent thousands of hours perfecting each and every new service, you likely dont have a handle on how long it takes, how much it costs, and how to make performing it more efficient.

Without those answers, you are probably losing money on that service.

Pricing is hard, and new services are something that you should add slowly and only after much research.Learn ways to price services better.

ServiceAutopilot can help you track your costs to make sure you stay profitable.


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