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Do you get a mind blank or hear the crickets of silence when you meet someone new? The A to Z of conversation starters for shy girls could be just what you need. All you need to do is put them into practice.


  • The shy girls to of conversation starters
  • Accessorise! Compliment We all have that statement piece of jewellery that everyone comments on. Wear it with confidence and when someone approaches you to tell you how cool it is, start a conversation about where you bought it, how amazing online shopping is or even the colours that are in this season. Everyone loves a compliment and when you find someone with a mutual love for shoes and cute summer dresses, you will find a good friend for life. If you see someone in a flattering pair of jeans, tell them! You might even hear about a sale you didnt know about. If youre not into fashion, wear a button showing your interest in a TV show, movie or cause you are passionate about. Be yourself Youre amazing. You dont have to be anyone other than yourself for people to want to hang out with you. You will attract like-minded uni friends with similar interests.
  • Eat in Whether you bring your lunch or buy it, eat it on-campus. Ask to sit with the people you met in class, or approach a new group of friends who are having a good time. Theres always someone to sit and start a conversation with over sandwiches and cake. Everyone loves cake. Do I know you? Fall over If youve seen someone around, an excellent opener is to ask them about previous, albeit brief, interactions. I think were in CMS1000 together, what do you think of it so far? or I think we used to catch the same bus, what are you studying? If you fall over or drop your books, do it in style! Either Prince Charming will scoop you up and help you back on your feet, or youll have a pretty amazing first meeting story for your new BFF.
  • Give people a chance Invest time Dont be in such a hurry that you miss out on talking to that cool chick with the pixie haircut and Doc Martens. Walk over and say hi. If you hit it off and you have to get to the next class, invite her back for lunch and spend time getting to know her. Relationships take work and uni friendships are no different, take the time to invest in other relationships. Step out of your comfort zone and say Hi to someone you would never have approached before. Everyone will be just as nervous as you and our nerves can sometimes make us feel not at our best. Humour Nothing breaks the ice faster than saying something funny. Okay, telling a joke is easier said than done and they can be tricky, but its an excellent way to show your fun, witty personality. Whatever you do in life, always give 100%, unless youre donating blood
  • Keep up with the Kardashians/ Bachelorette/Master Chef/Home & Away Trashy TV is an excellent talking point. We all love to hate the characters on these shows and friendships are forged over our disgust for who didnt get a rose, who cooked something delicious or who said something out of line. If its trending, try to watch one episode so you know whats going on and can join into some of those trash-tastic conversations. Join us on social media We encourage all of our students to get involved in the conversation online and we have started many a gal-mance over shared geographic locations and love of cat memes. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, YouTube, Google+ and Wordpress for exclusive competitions, tips to get you through long study sessions and funny insights into student life. Lectures/ tutorials/ workshops Look left and look right. Beside you are two people with the same passion about teaching, nursing or engineering that you have. Go a little bit early to your classes and spend some time chatting to your classmates. When it comes time to pack up and head to the next class, keep the conversation going and you may just find yourself on the receiving end of a lunch date.
  • Movies Open yourself up More than one new gal-mance has been forged over a mutual love of Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Great Gatsby or even Anchorman. Do you even go to this school? LOUD NOISES or No one puts Baby in the corner are perfectly appropriate comments to make and when you both stop laughing and exclaim I love that movie! youve found a friend for the next few years of your studies. Dont be embarrassed to open up about your experiences and what made you decide to study. You can guarantee that your love of family, fashion or even scrapbooking will be shared by others. Your lecturer will give you the opportunity to share insight into your personality and icebreakers to get you comfortable joining in, so make the most of it! Nostalgia As soon as you finish school or are old enough to realise how uncool the Spice Girls are, you can reminisce with your new study friends about life before you started studying. Be careful not to include too much about how you used to drive an 81 Corolla and not so secretly loved the Backstreet Boys at full volume with the windows down. Theres a fine line between nostalgia and being a dork.
  • Question When all else fails, approach someone and ask them a question. Most people are always great about giving you the time or pointing you in the right direction. Refrain from asking too many questions, people may wonder if youre in the secret service. Prepare with a few one-liners On the way to uni, think about a few one liners you can use to get the conversation going. Have you got your textbooks yet? I cant believe unis already started! How quickly did the break go?! Restaurants Who doesnt like food or sharing their culinary insights of the go-to food places on-campus?! Share your foodie knowledge, nothing is better than a BFF with a shared love of sushi or gourmet sandwiches.
  • Sit by yourself Uni discounts Dont be scared to sit by yourself. If youre not comfortable walking up to people, chances are there will be a social butterfly (extrovert) not too far away who will ask you to join their table or just come and sit with you. On a tight budget, but still want to meet people? Make the most of your student card by asking some of your new friends to a movie on cheap Tuesday or share a pizza on cheap Monday. Your student card is your gateway to bargains and some fun experiences. If you are going to try this tactic, make sure you sit in public rather than hiding in the toilets on your breaks! Try something new Friday afternoon drinks and cheese at your new friends house? Count me in! Put yourself out there and do something youve never done before. You never know who youll meet.
  • Where can I get coffee? Coffee lovers unite! The coffee line is an incredible place to meet people and you have one huge thing in common you cant function without that first cup of hot, smooth coffee Vending machines X-treme weather The person in front of you has popped in their cash and theyve got the holy grail of drinks, an ice cold, refreshing coke. Now is the perfect time to share that you also cant function without the invigorating effervescence of black gold (this post was not proudly supported by Coca-Cola). Be the ultimate Girl Guide and help a sister out when it rains by sharing your umbrella. I can almost guarantee you will get a coffee date as she thanks you for saving her wool trenchcoat from the downpour.
  • Youve got the conversation starters, now you just need to put them into practice! Yodellodeling Weve all got a mad skill that will get others talking. Whether its touching your nose with your tongue, yodelling or that you can speak five languages, share the things that make you unique. Found some of these tips helpful? Share your experience with us online. Z Block is which way? Nothing gets a friendship going faster than sharing a walk to your next class. Ask the person next to you if theyre headed to Z Block and share a walk with them. CRICOS: QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA: PRV12081