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Wedding cakes are an important part of every wedding reception. They express the personality of the bride and groom and provide a point of interest for the guests as they wait for the couple to arrive at the reception. In addition to the design of the cake and decoration of the cake table, the cake topper is another representation of the happy couple. A better box cake would also be a candidate to be presented during a wedding day.

Traditionally, toppers for wedding cakes usually feature statues of a bride and groom. They can be standing side by side like in a wedding ceremony, dancing, holding hands or even sharing a kiss. Usually they are made of crystal or ceramic and are fairly formal.

However, not all cake toppers have to be so traditional. Brides and grooms with a sense of humor might want to pick a more non-traditional topper like a bride holding onto the leg of a runaway groom or a bride holding a frightened groom in her arms. If the couple is known for being funny, this is a great way to carry their personality into the dcor of the cake.

Cake toppers can also be customized for the bride and groom. They can be made to specifically match a couple's appearance including hair color, eye color, etc. Couples who are in the military can choose a figurine in a military uniform or couples that enjoy a particular sport or hobby together can have a topper made showing them enjoying that hobby.

Besides the typical bride and groom figurines on wedding cakes, there are other options, both with figurines and without. Cake toppers with more old-fashioned looking couples, cartoon-like figures or even abstract figures can be used. Or for those who don't want to necessarily have a couple on their cake topper, a simple topper displaying the couple's initials can be used or flowers can be used on top of the cake to replace a topper altogether.

The most important part of choosing a topper for wedding cakes is making sure it fits in with your theme. A bride and groom having a Disney-themed wedding might want to have Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in a tuxedo and a wedding dress. For a Christmas-themed wedding, the topper could be of Santa and Mrs. Clause or even a snowman and snowwoman.

Brides and grooms of every type can find toppers for wedding cakes that will fit their personality, their theme and their budget, the possibilities are endless!