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Newsletter from the most awarded agency in the Carolinas.


  • Spring 2013 From the Carolinas Most Awarded Agency

    From our vantage point as an integrated firm, were seeing some new marketing trends in 2013 major trends that stem from changes in consumer behavior and technologys influence on the purchase path.

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    reAl-Time mArkeTing

    moBile Surge

    SociAl Seo




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    wilmingTonS weBSiTe iS Solid gold!

    BreAking Through geoFencing For SmArTphone Ad SurvivAl

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    pinpoinTing The BuSineSS ToolS oF pinTereST




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    In todays instant gratification society, everyone wants information, service and feedback right away. Marketers that focus on engaging their consumers instantly by way of their website, live chat, social media and triggered email will have the advantage. Engaging consumers when theyre ready, not when its convenient, is the key. Developing the tools and processes necessary to implement a true real-time customer relation-ship management strategy requires a shift from the traditional timeline marketing approach.

    Mobile ad spending rose 220 percent in 2012! While the rise in mobile popularity has been under way for a while, the demands of modern life and constant connectivity are driving more and more marketers into the mobile space. For example, smartphone sales recently eclipsed PC sales. Your brand website and your ads should be optimized for mobile. And, when going mobile, think simple, touch, local, social and video.

    The overlap between search, social and content is increasing at a rapid rate. Search engines are now much more in-tune with your social graph and the correlations of social sharing, linking and behavior than ever before. Social and search can no longer be approached in silos, but must work together to optimize results.

    creATive highlighTS

  • creATive highlighTS

    gloriouS SAleS increASe For gloryGlory Foods is a trusted, traditional canned vegetables brand, whose focus on flavor was captured in our Southern Food With A Soulful Heritage campaign. Using a truly holistic approach, we combined aggressive paid channels, a solid public relations strategy, a major ramp-up of social media, in-store intercept, plus a variety of branded events (including Glorys first-ever NASCAR partnership and the innovative Green Bean Challenge) to change consumer buying behavior. Spring and fall flights in six markets, supported by energetic sales and distribution, culminated with a significant sales lift of more than 17 percent in same store sales within the target markets!

    BeAuForT: enrichedThe Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce (BRCC), representing a unique blend of Lowcountry communities and sea islands, brought The Brandon Agency on board as a marketing partner in 2012. Anchored by the agencys renowned branding process, the destination reached out to more than 1,500 survey participants to help us chart our marketing course. The result was an overwhelming confirmation of Beauforts unique depth and character, and gave birth to our lively and inviting Enrichment campaign. early returns are already hinting toward a boost in travel to this extraordinary seaside destination.

    creScom keepS SmilingThe smiles are back at CresCom Bank for 2013. Building upon a wildly successful 2012 campaign, TBA produced four new TV spots, new print ads, Web promo panels, direct mail, email, social media videos and POS displays. early results have proven strong, with new checking account customers increasing by 27 percent.

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    www.haveanicebank.comPictured here is Isabelle, our lovely CresCom spokesperson, who appears on all new CresCom ad material (wearing a bright CresCom smile).


    Asked to develop a new ad campaign to promote Williams Knife Companys (WKC) new kitchen line, The Brandon Agency completely repositioned the brand with a clever play on words and elegant art direction. The ad first appeared in garden & guns december 2012 issue and resulted in overwhelming sales for owner chris williams over christmas. Look for more WKC ads this spring and fall, as WKC emerges as one of South Carolinas up-and-coming new brands.

    rJ rockerS lABel drinkS in SucceSSHead brewer Mark Johnsen was up to his old tricks in

    2012. After months of test batches and secret formulas, he came up with a killer seasonal for RJ Rockers Brewing Company. After tapping into several test kegs, TBA came up with a unique and intriguing package design anchored by a fun story to back it up. launched only through social media (13,000-plus fans), the gruntled pumpkin Ale sold out in just three weeks. This year, Mark will have to brew a bigger batch!

    corAl BeAch weBSiTe proveS To Be A STAndouTThe Brandon Agency and our Fuel Interactive recently launched a new website for The Coral Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach. The client wanted a website that would stand out in the highly competitive travel industry, as well as increase their conversion rate and online revenue. conversion rates are equally impressive, having risen 36 percent since the site launched.

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    new williAmS kniFe Ad wowS

  • The Online Publishers Association recently released survey results that more than 2/3 of smartphone owners reported they cannot live without their smartphone. In addition, more than 62 percent of smartphone owners report using their phones for news weekly. Approximately 44 percent of the U.S. Internet population, (107 million consumers), ages 8-64, own a smartphone and that number is expected to increase to 57 percent by the second quarter of 2013.

    Obviously, the smartphone has become essential to the consumer, so why hasnt mobile display advertising on such an important cannot live without device been playing a larger part in marketing and advertising campaigns?

    To answer that, we need to look at the No. 1 thing media planners consider when putting together a media plan: which mediums can target the clients audience the most effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, the geotargeting capability for mobile advertising has been limited to targeting an area code only, making it not efficient or as effective as compared to other media in general. Add in the fact that all cell phone numbers are mobile. Sorry, bad pun, but we couldnt resist. Meaning, if you established phone service in another state and then move to another area code, state, part of the country, you can keep your original cell phone number even though you no longer live anywhere in the vicinity of that area code. Targeting to a general area code isnt attractive to marketers because they cant be sure that the consumer that they are reaching is anywhere in the vicinity of their business or event.

    A new technology, called geofencing, has recently been introduced to the mobile advertising market that helps eliminate the geotargeting barriers that previously existed. Geofencing allows marketers to target only consumers within a specific radius around a location or zip code. Consumers within this geography will be served the advertisers mobile ads regardless of area code, solving the problem of delivering irrelevant ads to consumers. Consumers within the geofencing area will receive the display ads on their smartphones while they are on the Internet or using an app.

    Geofencing is a great marketing tool for local businesses in general, but especially businesses that are advertising to local tourists. Attractions, golf courses, retailers and restaurants now have a touchpoint that most consumers use regardless of being home or on vacation.

    The geotargeting barriers have now been lifted when it comes to advertising to consumers on the device they cannot live without.

    BreAking Through geoFencing For SmArTphone Ad SurvivAl

    The new wAy oF collecTing cuSTomerS And online inSpirATion

    here Are A Few TipS To help you geT pinning:

    righT now, our SociAl mediA TeAm iS mAnAging SucceSSFul pinTereST AccounTS, Such AS:

    And check ouT TBAS own pinTereST pAge AT hAppy pinning!

    Addicted to pinterest? youre not the only one The virtual pinboard has turned into an absolute social frenzy with the general public.

    And its easy to see why. your creation of boards to save and post items you like is not only great for your personal passions; its also a useful tool to promote your business.

    Put the Pin It button on your website so users can pin your brands products directly to Pinterest boards from your website. You can also include links back to your site on product photos you pin to your own boards.

    Allow fans to contribute to your boards for contests (users can upload and pin their photos utilizing your brand to win a prize) and research purposes. Outside your own analytics, customers can pin their favorite style trends and inspirations to give you more insight into who they are.

    Limit shameless self-promotion. Remember to share with your customers what your brand is all about, create boards for employees to share their interests with customers and what inspires them to create the products that make your brand.

    RJ Rockers Pinterest Board




    Southern Tide, which has seen a growth of more than 700

    followers in two months.

    Beaufort, S.C., Chamber of Commerces Pinterest page spiked an increase

    of 145 followers in only a months time. www.T