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<ul><li> 1. 2013 THE AVORANp BuRoEssEs CF THE|Lo "D NIB0oj0"oFN=W A and DA WElA" LAsE relating to 101PLAlsTOW RoAD sTRATFORD Lo"Do"E153ET </li></ul><p> 2. The fo"oWing inforr ation is required in Land RegistraUOn(Amendmentl(No2) respectfa prescHbed clauseease ease for a ter of years abso ute,gran r1F::;I : F1:11 equired to be comp|eted by registration. LR1 Date of Lease LR2 itIe Numberls) LR3 Paies this lease LR4 PropeH LR5 PrescHbed statements etc LR6 Term for WhiCh the Propey is )whse registered o ice is situate at 2013 LR2.TLndI rdoue number(s) Tle numberls)out f whiCh this lease is granted.LeaVe blank f not registered EGL567147 LR2.20ther titIe numbers : % made. t lFf1 R AND BURGEssEs OF THE LONDON BOROUGH OF NEWHAM of NeWham Town Ha East Ham London E62RP Tel: jAn f15Prter Road,BeCkt0n,London E65PN other parties Surefy f and 0f (CRN ::1 registration,this c|ause shall preva :I :Tf1H:l 1d :rF:zr11 : Terrn 15Years from the Cownencement Date 3. |7 Jum Prohibitions rest cti ns0n disposing of this Iease LR Rights f acquisition etc LR9.1 Tenanfs contractuaI r ghts t renew this lease,to acquire the revers on or another lease of the Property,or to acquire an interest n otherIand None LR9.2Tenant s CoVemant to(or ffer to)surr nder this Iease None LR9.3 LandIord1s ContraCtuaI rights to acquire this lease None NoneLR10.Restrictive GOvenants given in th s Iease by the LandIord in respect ofIand other than the Property LR1 Easements LR11.1 Easements granted by this Iease for the LR12.Estate rentcharge burdening the Proprty LR13 AppIicatiom for standard fo" of restriction LR14 DecIaration of trust where there is:more than one person bene t ofthe PropeHV None LR11.2Easements granted or reserVed by this Iease overthe PropeHy forthe bene t of other propeH NOne NOne N L This Lease contains a provision that prohibits or restocts dispositions 4. comprising the Tenant LR14 Declaraon oftrust where there is ore than one person comprising the Tenant LR14.DecIaration oftrust Where there is: ore than one persom comprising the Tenant e Ter,a 0 e erso,o" o deeea rr,e a`femave srefeFnenrs. 5. Title number l: Adlinistrative ar a: Ths lease is dated PARTIEs HM LAND REGIsTR TitIe no London Borough of Newham AND BuRGEssEs OF THE of NeWham ToWn Hall East 2013 LONDON B0ROuGH Ham London E62RP (2) THE MAYOR oF NEWHAM (LandIOrd) DA WEI AN (Tenano. of 15 Porte Road: Beckton, London E6 5PN AGREED T RMs INTERPRETATION The defin ions and rules of interpretation set out in this clause apply to this Iease, AnnuaI Rent:rent at an initial rate of 14,000per annun1and then as revised puuant to this lease and any inteHrn rent deter ined underthe1954Act. Coencement Date: 29september2013 ContractuaI Te"":a te of15years beginning on29septemb r 2o13 and inc|uding the date of this lease and ending on 28 september2028and induding the Commencement Date. DefauIt Interest Rate:four percentage p0ints ab0Ve the nteFest Rate. Insurance Rent:the aggregate in eaCh year ofthe gross G stf the pren1ium before any dsC unt or Go 1r ission for the insuranGe o (a) the Property, including any plate glass, for its fu Feinstatement cost (taking inflation of bu ding costs nto account)against loss0r damage by orin ConsequenGe of the nsured Risks, inc uding GOsts of demolitioni site clearanGe, s"e protection and shoong up, professiona s' and statutory fees and inC;dental e penses,the cOst of any work which may be required under any laW and VAT in re$peGt of a those C0sts:fees and expenses, l PropcRyXNuraina kCommcrci IceXl Ol Plaistw Road 058 sXFlnal20~09l3doc1 6. 10~ 1, 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20 21. 22. 23, 24. 25. 26, 27 28. 29. 30 31, 32. 33 34 35 36 37. 38. 39 40 41 42 rights' 5 ex pted and moerved. 5 Third Pa y Rights. 7 th0AnnuaI Rent. 7 = Vfthe Annual Rent, : lns0nce I 1 Rates and taxes 14 Ues. 14 Common ems. 15 VAT.15 Defaultinterest and interest, 15 Costs 16 Compensaon0n Vaca ng 16 No deduc on,unterc|ainn or seo. 16 Registration of this Iease 17 Assignments. 17 underettings 1: Charging 1: Prohibition of0ther dea ngs. 1: Registration and no cation of dea ngs and oCcupation, 19 Closure of the registered tit|e ofths Iease. 19 Repairs. 20 Decoration. 20 A"0ratiohs. 21 C eaning21 Inf}ammabIe Mate"als. 22 AuctiOns. 22 secu"ties. 22 Alcohol 22 Te$t Ge ificate$ 22 signs 9 23 Returning the Property to the Land ord. 23 NotiCe ofintenon notto renew. 24 Use, 24 Behaviour of Tenant 25 Compliance w"h aWs. 25 Encroachments,obstruc ns and acqu on of09h Remedy breaches 27 lndemnity 2: Consenttoand ord s appGauon for reIease. 2: 7. (b) loss of Annua Rent ofthe Property fortwo years,and (c) any Insurance prernium taX payab|e on the above Insured Risks:r eans fire,and any ther risks against Which the Land ord decides to insure against from time to tirne, Interest Rate:interest atthe base ending rate from me to tirne of Barc ays Bank p|c rifthat base lending rate stops being used or pub shed then at a comparabe cornr ercia rate reasonably deterr ined by the Land 0rd, Per| itted Use: use of the ground oor of the Property as a restauranVhot food takeaWay wkhin Use C ass Order A3 of the ToWn and Country P anning (Use Classes) order 1987 (as amende-)or subject to the Landlord s consent use ofthe ground oor W hin Use C ass Order A2ofthe Town and Country P anning (lJse Classes)Order1987and use ofthe upper oor for residentia use for the tenant or their staff or r embers of their in" ediate fanliIy an-for no other purpose hatsoever. PIanning Acts: The TOwn and Country P anning Act1990the P annhg(L ted Bui|ding$&amp;Conservation Areas)Act1990the P anning (Hazardous substances) Act 1990 the P anning (Consequentia Provisions) Act 1990 and the Panning and Compensaon Act1991. LandIOrd,s Neighbouring Prope y:eaCh and every part of the a oining and neighbouHng propedy in which the Landlord has an interest Property:/l|the prernises known as101 Plaistow Road,London, E153ET shown edged red onthe a aChed plan, Rent Commencement Date:the Commencement Date Rent Payment Dates:25March,24June,29september and25 December. Reservations:a of the rights excepted re$erved and granted to the Land rd by this ease. ReView Date: 23 March2017and every fifth anniVersary of that date and on the penutirnate day ofthe Contractua|Term. sen`ice med a: a media for the $upp y oF removal of heat, e|ectHGity,gas,water,seWage,and any air condkioning iRs and|ift machinery equipment, energy, te econunications, data and a" other serVices and uti ities and a" structuresJ r achinery and equipment anci||ary to those r edia Third PaH RIghts:a"rights,covenants and restHctions affecting the Property incuding the matters referred to at the date of this lease in the Gharges register oftit e number EGL567147. I Propen NurainattCommcrcia!Icas IOl P aistllw Road lO5873Final200q13doc2 8. TITLE:LEAsE PLAN101PLAIsT0WR0AD LoNDoN 153 sca e1 250 r ,or 0i,,,~ym ^"m g$T+ m,,a z t u ,, u oo E 9. 12 4 1,6 19 I.10 |VAT:Va ue added taX chargeable underthe VaIue Added TaX ACt 9940r any sir ar rep|acement r additi na ta . 1954ACt:Landlord and Tenant Act1954, A reference to this lease, except a reference to the date of this lease orto the grant ofthe lease,is a reference to this deed and any deed, "cence, consent, approval or other instrument supp ementalto k. A reference to the Landlord includes a reference to the person entiUed to the irnmediate reversion to this lease.A reference to the Tenant inc|udes a reference to its successors in title and assigns. A referenCe to a guarantor is to any guarantor of the tenant covenants of this lease inc uding a guarantor who has entered into an autho"sed gu rantee agreement n re ation to any payment,a referenGe to a fair propo ion is to a fair propo ion of the tota amount payable, determined con0 usiVey(eXcept as to questions of awl by the Landlord. The expressions andlord covenant and tenant covenant eaGh has the meaning given to it by the Land ord and Tenant(Covenants) ACt1995. UnIess the conteXt othen ise requires,a reference to the Property is to thehole and any pa of . A reference t the terln is to the Contractua Terrn and any agreed or statutory c ntinuation of this ease, A referenGe to the end of the terr,l-is to the end of the ter: hoWeverit ends Referenes t the consentf the Land ord are to the consent of the Land ord given in acGOfdance ith c ause48.4and references to the approval ofthe Land ord are to the approval ofthe Land ord giVen in accordanoe kh cIause48.5 A Working day is any day which is not a s turday, a Sunday, a bank hoday or a public hoday in Eng|and. 1.7 PropcFtNuFnaltaXCom t r lca 01Phi$ w Road lO5873XFin 2oo913dt c3 10. l 12 UnIess othen ise pecified, a reference to a pa iCu ar aW is a reference to it as it is in f rCe fr the tirne being,taking account of any amendment, extensi n, app cation or re-enaCtr ent and includes any subordinate |aws for the tirne being in forCe made under it and a" orders, notices, codes of practice and guidance made underit, A reference to laWs in genera is to a"locaI,national and directly app cabe supra-natonal laws in force for the tirne being,taking account of any amendment,extension,app cation or re-enactr ent and includes any subordinate aws for the time being in force made under them and a"orders, notices, codes of practice and guidanGe rnade underthem. Any ob gation in this lease on the Tenant not to do something includes an ob gation not to agree to or suffer that thing to be done and an ob"gation to use best endeavours to preVent that thing being done by another person Unless the conte t othe ise requires,where the words indudels) or including are used in this lease,they are deemed to haVe the Words"Without"rnitation"fo"owing them. A pOrson inc udes a corporate or unincorporated body, The Words importing the singu|ar number only include the plura number and vlce Versa VVhere there are two or1 ore persons inc uded in the expression he Tenant"covenants expre$sed to be rnade by the Tenant sha be deemed to be rnade by such personsjoint y and severa"y Referenc0s to riting or vvritten d0not inc ude faes oFema . EXcept Where a Gontra intention appears,a reference to a clause or Schedu e, is a reference to a c|ause of, or schedu|e to! this lease and a reference in a schedu e to a paragraph is to a paragraph ofthat schedule, C|ause, schedu e and paragraph headings do not a ect the interpretation of this lease. 1.15 1.16 1.14 1.17 1.19 l 20 l Propen Nllraina aXCoImmerci"Icasc,xlOI PIalstow Road 105873final2009I3d c4 11. 23 GRANT The Landk)rd With full tit e guarantee ets the Property to the Tenant forthe Contractua Terrn The grant is made excepting and reserving to the Land ord the ghts set outin dause3,1,and suect t the Third Party Rights, The grant is1ade with the Tenant paying the fo oWing as rent to the Land ord ( the Annual Rent and, shou|d the Landlord e ect to aive eXemp on from VAT in relauon to the Property,any VAT in respect ofit the Insurance Rent;and a interest payable under this lease and a"other sums due underthis Iease AWGILLAR RlGHTs Neither the grant of this lease nor anything in it cOnfers any right over neighbouHng pope"y nor is to be taken to show that the Tenant may have any right over neighbouHng propeHy, and section62ofthe Law of Propedy Act1925does not appIy to this ease. No estate or interest in the so of the road or roads or footpath adjacent to the Property is or sha"be deemed to be included in the PropeHy 4. RIGHTs EXCEPTED A"D REsERVED 4.I The fo"oWing rights are eXcepted and reserved from this ease to the Land|ord for the benefit of the Land ord:s Neighbou"ng PropeH and t0 the extent possib|e for the bene t of any neighbouHng or adjoining property in which the Landlord acquires an inteFest du ng the ternl ( Hghts of |ight, air, support and protection to the extent those rights are capab e of being enjoyed at any time duHng the ten (b) the right to use and to c0nnect inb serVice Media at the Propertyhich are in e istence at the date ofthis lease or 2 I Propcr Nurai ComFIlcrci leasc Ol Pl stow Road 1058,3XFinal20~0913doc5 12. Which are insta"ed or constructed duHng the peHod of80 years from the cornr encement fthe term the right to deVe p the LandIordIs N0ighbou'ing Property and any neighbouring or adjoining property in which the Land|ord acquires an interest duHng the Term the right to erect sca olding atthe Property and a aCh it to any bu ding or structure on the PropeHy in cOnnection ith any ofthe Reservations the Hght to bu"d on or into any boundary wa" of the Property in connection ith any ofthe Reservations and (O the right to re-route any service Media at or serving the Propey or re-route any means of access to r egress from the Propertyi noh ithstanding that the eXercise of any of the Reservations orthe works carried out pursuant to them resultin a reduction in the flow 0f Iight or air to the Property or loss of amenity for the PropeHy [provided that they do not rnateHa"y afectthe use and enjoyment ofthe Prop0rty forthe Perm"ted use The Landlord reserves the right to enter the Property (a) to repair, maintain or rep|ace any Service Media or structure reIating to any ofthe Resenrations and (b) f0r any other purpose rnentioned in or connected with (i) this lease (i the Reservations and ( i) the Land ord s interestin the PropeHy. The Reservations may be exerciseHJ by the Landlord and anyone else who is or becomes entitled to exercise them and anyone authorised by the Landlord. he Tenant sha a ow a"those entit ed to exercise any right to enteFthe Propedy,to do so ith their workers,contractors,agents and profession a advisors, and to enter the Prope1ty at any rasonab eme(whether or not during usual business hours)and, eXceptin the case of an emergency,after having giv0n rea$onab e note(w ch need n t be in wHting)t the Tenant. No pady exercising any of the Reservauons, nor s workers, co tra !or$,agents and professiona advisors,sha be iable to the (d) 4.2 y y b b4,3 4. 45 PFope ,kXWa naRaXCotnvrR lal lcabcIOl Pla tow ROad~I058731Jrinal2009I3doc6 13. Tenant orto any undeenant r other occupie of or person atthe Propey for anyoss,damage, injury, nuisanCe or inconvenience aHsing by reason of its eXercising any of those Resenrations eXcept for physica damage to the Property;or any oss, damage, injury, nuisance or inconvenience in re ation to which the law prevents the Land|ord from eXc uding iab"ity. THIRD PARTY RlGHTs The Tenant sha" comp y with a" ob"gations on the Landlord re ating to the Third Party Rights (insofar as those ob igations relate to the Property)and sha not do anything(even if othen ise pemnied by this ease)that may interfere w h any Third Party Rht. The Tenant sha" a ow the Landlord and any other person authoosed by he terr11s of the Third PaH Right to enter the Property in accordance h its te rrls THE ANNuAL RENT The Tenant sha" pay the Annual Rent and any, should the Landlord e ect to waiVe exemption fron1 VAT in relation to the Propedy,VAT or any future si...</p>