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  • 1. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Media Pack 2014 The digital home for female early adopters

2. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 delivers tailored, multi-channel content for female early adopters Who are they? l They are clued into the latest trends l They are affluent and make informed choices l They are intelligent l They are always connected, social sharers l They are extremely influential This valuable, highly-engaged audience is coveted by major brands and for good reason 3. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 The Manifesto l Positive and life-affirming l Delivers innovative and engaging content created by specialists l Understands its audiences needs, tastes and interests l Recognises the importance of multi-channel content l Passionate about technology and the way it underpins every facet of our audiences lives l Believes that technology should be liveable, wearable - and fashionable! 4. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Audience Our readers love technology and are open to how new products, services and ideas can enrich their lives. l They shop-smart and make informed choices l They are interested in how technology can improve the quality of their lives in work and play l They are intelligent and embrace new trends and brands l They want to share everything they love both on and offline l They like transparency and honesty 5. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Home Style Body Mobile Shopping News 6. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Our readers are interested in looking after their bodies and want intelligent, informed opinion about new ideas, products and apps that could positively impact their lives not condescending editorial about faddy diets or quick fix tricks. The Body channel reflects a growing interest in how technology plays a key role in making long-lasting improvements to our audiences physical and mental wellbeing. We write with authority and authenticity about the latest products and services, which we constantly trial, review and evaluate. From the latest wearables to the hottest wellness apps we cover them all. Some of our audience may own their own home and others may rent property with friends or a partner. Either way, they have moved on from their student days. To them, design is just as crucial as functionality and their home life and lifestyle reflect these values. Our Home channel explores the latest innovations in smart appliances, entertainment and automotive technology. Personalising content so readers can understand how new products and services can easily fit into their lives, our team writes through the eyes of an inquisitive female early adopter. BodyHome 7. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 The shinyshiny woman likes to curate her own content, with Instagram and Pinterest, to create her own world of fashion. She enjoys browsing the style bibles but yearns for a practical guide when it comes to style. The Style channel provides a unique insight into the exciting ways the tech and fashion industries are colliding, as well as down-to-earth commentary about the gadget accessories that are most likely to feel at home in your wardrobe. Our audience takes shopping seriously. They already have firm beliefs about their tastes and their preferences when it comes to shopping for clothes, technology and food. And they share those views with others too. Content about shopping can be condescending, but we know our audience of female early adopters are always on the look out for the latest products, more convenient ways to buy them and how to enhance their retail experiences whether they are on or offline. The Shopping channel takes an innovative look at the newest mobile shopping developments, how our buying habits affect our shopping experiences and what the future holds for the world of retail. StyleShopping 8. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Our readers jump from screen to screen at different times of the day and dip into different kinds of content while they are jumping. We present the most current, engaging topics from the mainstream and tech news agenda. Personalising stories, creating debate and presenting content in bite-sized chunks, our team is dedicated to finding the news that will be interesting to our audience and presenting it in a way that suits them, whether that be through written editorial or Instagram video updates. The shinyshiny woman is always-on, social and connected. She uses her mobile to simplify her life, not complicate it and is always looking for ways to make things easier and share those solutions with her friends. The Mobile channel covers everything our always-connected audience needs to know about the latest handsets to hit the market, new app launches and life-hacking tips. The content is written with the aim to make our audiences day-to-day activities easier and their experiences more enriching by ensuring their mobile phones are an integral part of their lives and never a hindrance. NEWSMobile 9. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Video content shinyshiny produces two videos a day covering the latest tech news, product reviews and lists of brands to watch. Our team also creates daily Instagram video updates, providing our audience with engaging, visual, bite-sized content on a platform that suits them. Our videos have been seen by more than 40 million consumers. 10. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 Theshinyshinychannelis a multi-platform offering, tailored for avaluable and engaged audience of female early adopters. We are passionate about working withotherbrands that share our core values to develop integrated partnerships that speak to our audience in an authentic, engaging and intelligent way. Each brand partnership will have a different nature, whether we work together to generate virality and brand exposure through video buying guides and intelligent quizzes or produce ongoing native advertising to provide our audience with a seamless, unobtrusive reading experience. Working with brands 11. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 is one of the UKs top technology websites, as well as a niche destination for tongue-in-cheek content focused on gadgets for girls. Since 2004 the team has worked closely with some of the biggest names in technology and communication including LG, Vodafone, HP and Lenovo and continues to be visited by more than 300,000 readers every month. We understand that our audience of female early adopters do not need to be sold technology, they need to know how it will enrich their experiences and make their day-to-day lives easier, which is why in 2014 theplatformhas evolved into an all-encompassing lifestyle destination. Each channel is tailored to our highly-engaged and intelligent audience and speaks to the key areas of their lives, their unique tastes and the topics that interest them. Technology continues to underpin all of shinyshinys editorial, but in a more insightful, intelligent and engaging way than ever before. ShinyShiny heritage 12. C O N TA C T or l0203 004 4539 offers brands a unique opportunity to engage with an affluent, intelligent and influential audience To discuss how we can do this with your brand, please contact us