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  • A Shinier DolphinBaron Schwartz

  • Me

    Cofounder of @VividCortex

    Author of High Performance MySQL

    I love hearing from people just like you:

    @xaprb on Twitter

    Optimization, Backups, Replication, and more

    Baron Schwartz, Peter Zaitsev &

    Vadim Tkachenko

    High PerformanceMySQL

    3rd Edition

    Covers Version 5.5

  • VividCortex

    What do you do with a query that will run for 7000 years?

  • Whats New with MySQL?

  • Whats New with MySQL?

  • Whats New with MySQL?

  • Whats New with MySQL?

  • Whats New with MySQL?

  • Unavoidable Politics

  • Major Community Developments

    Replication/Clustering: Galera, Continuent

    Storage: TokuDB, Akiban

    Sharding: Clustrix, ScaleArc, ScaleBase, ParElastic

    Backup: Percona XtraBackup

    Services & Support: Percona, SkySQL

    Tools: MySQL Workbench, MySQL Utilities, Percona Toolkit

  • Dont Be A Zombie

    MySQL 5.1 is officially undead now. Dont use it.

  • Obligatory Biblical Quote

    When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, cameupon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.

    - Psalm 27:2

  • MySQL 5.5

    MySQL 5.5 is old news now.

    Thread pooling, auditing, pluggable authentication, multicore performance, instrumentation, InnoDB, InnoDB, InnoDB, semisync replication, partitioning, metadata locking, etc etc.

  • MySQL 5.6

    I expect MySQL 5.6 to be GA within months

    Theres a very long list of features and changes in 5.6

    It is going to be a huge step forward

  • MySQL 5.6 Overview

    Faster queries

    Better scalability on multicore hardware

    More reliable, efficient, and user-friendly replication

    Instrumentation and tracing to measure behavior and performance

    Easier and more reliable failover for high availability

  • Query Optimizations

  • Query Optimizations

    Subquery and derived table improvements

    Improvements for SELECT .. ORDER BY .. LIMIT

    Reductions to random I/O (MRR, BKA)

    Index condition pushdown

    Removal of leftmost prefix limitation

    EXPLAIN for UPDATE etc; JSON EXPLAIN; optimizer trace

  • Multi-Range Read

  • Batched-Key Access

  • Index Condition Pushdown

  • Data Types

  • Data Types

    Microsecond precision for timestamp / datetime types

    No more hardcoded magic for timestamps

  • Security

  • Security

    More password hash choices

    Password expiration and policy enforcement

  • InnoDB

  • InnoDB

    Full-text search

    Online ALTER TABLE

    Performance & scalability

    Split kernel mutex - multiple purge threads - adaptive flushing

    Fast warmup - compression - data/log file placement - persistent statistics - limits on data dictionary size - import & export

  • Partitioning

  • Partitioning

    Promote/demote partitions and tables

    Limit queries to specified partitions

  • Performance Schema

  • Performance Schema

    Many more tables that are useful for DBAs

    Statement digests in particular

    Also, per-table, per-index, per-user, etc statistics

    Lower overhead

    More configurable

  • Replication

  • Replication

    Global transaction ID

    Binary log group commit

    Replication can be multi-threaded

    Binary log events are checksummed

    Replication is transactional and crash-safe

    Easy streaming binary log backups

  • NoSQL Access

  • NoSQL Access

    Access InnoDB directly via memcached protocol

    Bypass the parser, optimizer, etc

    The speed of memcachedbut its ACID compliant

    And automatically consistent; no stale data

  • Lots and lots more

    Stored procedure improvements; a debugger for .NET

    Improved installers for Windows

    Host cache is no longer invisible; table cache is partitioned

    Read but get a cup of coffee first.

  • Conclusions

    The MySQL community/ecosystem is thriving

    MySQL 5.5 was the best release in its history

    MySQL 5.6 is going to change the MySQL world in a big way

    MySQL is alive and well under Oracles ownership

  • Questions? @xaprb

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