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    YEAH! We students @ Shelton could probably claim this bi-monthly as OUR issue. Why, we get to share our CAMPUS LIFESTYLES @ SHELTON with personal interviews, the cafeteria scene, the guys in action at the basketball court, the students relaxing in the lounge, the learning journey to the Tiger Brewery and the weekend canoe outing. And without doubt, this issue will also come with the students essays on the pizza making class, the immersion program, the humanity outreach and the internships of the college students at Rafes Hotel. A positive campus life experience is fundamental to self-actualization of potential and formation of values that guide the students' future development as educated citizens. Campus life and general enrichment programmes consist of not just academic subjects but social and useful activities to enhance lifes skills. Especially so with the visiting Thai students from our sister school in Phuket - they wrote some very special postcards to our teachers and their parents. They are a MUST-PEEP!! Super Typhoon Haiyan left a trail of massive devastation across the Philippines on November 8, 2013. Thousands were killed and more than 900,000 people displaced. All in all, nearly 12 million were impacted by one of the strongest storms in recorded history. Thank God, Shelton teachers and students were able to help them overcome this disaster with as much as possible from our little strength.

    The new market in Myanmar opens a wide door where Shelton beckons to train their nationals. So this issue sees cursive articles written by Ms. Sandy Sein and Ms. Hmin Wut Hmone Phoo in their Original Language. So now, together with all the Asia-Pacic students at Shelton, let us continue to soar to greater heights!

    Soaring Together,Sherry Bai, Year 5

    Shelton College InternationalBi-Monthly 2 Newsletter!

    Editors Quill

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    Shelton College InternationalBi-Monthly 2 Newsletter!

    For the interview project of the EGL FCE for the months of March and April, the class went around the college campus to conduct interviews on the Campus Lifestyles @ Shelton. Together with the UI class and the Thai visiting students from Suan Kularb School of Thonburi, Thailand, the Immersion Program of 18th to 26th March 2014, we were seen chatting with both the live-in and live-out students of Shelton as well as the Thai visitors, and at the end we made comparisons of these campus lifestyles with other universities online.

    Generally, the live-in students exercise in the morning before taking breakfast. Study takes up a major part of the weekdays. After school, some will go shopping for their groceries or run their own errands while others will play sports like, badminton or basketball. Then the gate closes at 7 p.m. where the high school students will do their homework for two hours under the supervision of a teacher. Weekends, some students will go to the state library or the mall while others stay back to do school activities together like, cooking or play sports. We got to make pizza and sushi, and some other students went canoeing!

    For those who live out, they usually go straight to their classes but catch up with their classmates during breaks at the cafeteria or the student lounge. Weekends, they either go shopping or join the school activities with those who live in.

    As for the Thai visitors, they usually join the Immersion Program in the morning to learn English. We make many new friends and exchange cultures and ideas through this program. In the afternoon, they go sightseeing and shopping. They will come back late with lots and lots of shopping bags! They always make sure to bring back colourful souvenirs with them.

    Then we got to compare our campus lifestyles with three universities online the Spartans at Michigan State University as well as Harvard. We learn about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

    by Guo Xuan Rui, Luo Yan, Suriya Saengkaew, Xi Wang andYi Ran from FCE

    Campus Lifestyles@ Shelton

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    Shelton College InternationalBi-Monthly 2 Newsletter!

    @ Shelton

    erudite scholarsburied in treatises


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    Shelton College InternationalBi-Monthly 2 Newsletter!

    I came to Singapore last June. And living @ Shelton is such a memorable experience.

    The happiest thing is the fact that I have made many friends from China and other countries. We have left home for study in Singapore and so we all have the same emotions. We usually talk about our families, hometowns and interesting events and experiences back home. We also share our dreams and opinions. Other topics cover life skills, food, music and one anothers feelings too. No one will ever feel lonely @ Shelton for lovely roommates. We go sightseeing and shopping together, forging great friendship such immense treasures!

    Besides, there are Immersion Program students from Korea and Thailand. We get to exchange knowledge and cultures of our various countries in Asia Pacific. We also play sports such as badminton after school. It is good to exercise; and not study all the time. There are other interesting activities too.

    The staffs @ Shelton are kind, friendly and helpful. If there is anyone with a problem, they will be more than glad to help. If there is a suggestion to make, they will be ever ready to take. They are just like a big family! I hope you will enjoy staying in Singapore, and especially @ Shelton.

    No One Left Lonely @ Shelton

    Basketball Tournament

    1 March, 2014 The Champs:Year 5 Class


    by Coco, Year 4

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    Shelton College InternationalBi-Monthly 2 Newsletter!

    I can still remember my rst day coming to Shelton. Everything looked strange to me the new friends and teachers, and a new environment full of mystery and unpredictability. However, there was one thing that I was denitely certain I came here to study and ght for my life! Nothing could wipe off my ambition.

    Time passes by in the blink of an eye. It has been seven months since my rst day in Singapore. When I look back at those early days that I rst started out at Shelton, a smile automatically comes to my face. It is such an unforgettable experience for me. The school is well-organized with certain set guidelines, principles and values like attendance, punctuality, respect and cleanliness which greatly inuence our performance in life. I follow them faithfully and do my duties diligently as the role of an obedient and royal student with good behaviour. Knowledge is the key to success and so I take pride and pleasure in learning new skills, and to strive to do better each day. Speaking of this, I really appreciate my parents love and sacrice for me. I never go against their wishes and high expectations. I believe they are proud of me as I always focus on my goal, and work harder for hard work pays off.

    I am grateful to our headmaster Mr. Gerad, and teacher Ms. Sareena who gives me lots of encouragement and support. She is a good teacher with great patience and tries to lead us on the right path. She is very popular among us. I also enjoy certain rights and privileges for good behaviour. I have ample time to also enjoy the company of my friends and camaraderie. We help each other and have fun together. Thanks to them for I do not feel lonely although I stay far away from my family.

    Since Shelton is an international school, I get to meet people from many countries. It provides me a wide stage for networking. Just recently, Shelton welcomed many Thai students to our Immersion Program. We appreciate their exotic and traditional performances and we also had the opportunity to showcase our cultures. It offers many opportunities for us to broaden our horizons and open our mind to the world.

    There is one invaluable experience that I cannot forget. It was when I took part in the President Walk as a volunteer together with some friends and our teacher guide. We went to the Garden by the Bay to take care of the visitors. The sun bullied us like a bad guy and almost melted us! After the training, we had to wait for the event to start. I was not until 7 p.m. that our work began. I was asked to serve food to the VIPs, which I did for the rst time in my life. Everything was so exciting and I felt really honoured to contribute my help. The event went on smoothly and I even took a photo with the CEOs from France what a meaningful experience!

    The school teaches us many things. It provides me invaluable memories that will carry me through a lifetime. I believe I can recount such lovely occasions again.

    by Amy FengLin Ya, Year 4

    An InvaluableExperience thru Shelton

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    Shelton College InternationalBi-Monthly 2 Newsletter!

    What a Canoe Experience!

    The rst canoe experience is awesome! I was so excited to see the fantastic view of nature. It was on Saturday, 1st of March. I arrived at MacRitchie Reservoir at 2 p.m. and the weather was just excellent.

    I just couldnt imagine myself paddling a canoe. Then I saw a lot of canoes and professional paddlers. We had to carry our own boats to the reservoir - a cano