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Shelby Sapusek and Jim Raffel's notes from their She Said, He Said presentation at WordCamp Milwaukee


  • 1. She Said, He Said Jim Raffel & Shelby SapusekA Debate on WordPress,Blogging & Social Media

2. She Said, He Said Wasnt a planned concept Met on Twitter Shelby started editing Jims blog Shelby became marketing consultant for ColorMetrix Differing opinions led to She Said, He Said posts Twitter chat #shehechat 3. She Said, He SaidTopics weve covered WordPress plugins Building WordPress sites Affiliate marketing Swearing in social media QR codes for mobile marketing Social media and trade shows Blogging vs. writing Politics in social media Social sharing of music 4. She Said, He Said 5. She Said, He SaidLearn moreSheHeMedia.comJoin the conversation Follow the hashtag#shehechat on TwitterThursdays, 8 p.m. CST Follow us on Twitter:@raffel & @ShelMKE 6. The After Party DetailsSmokeshack sliders delivered to Bucketworks at 5:15Party starts at MKE Brewing at 7 p.m.Tip: Dont follow us to the venue.MKE Brewing Co.: 613 S. 2nd Street, MilwaukeeTwo free drinks (Dont forget your drink tickets!)Music by @RomkeTransfer Pizza at MKE Brewing around 7 p.m.Sponsors (Please tweet them your love!): MKE Brewing Co. (@MKEBrewCo) Great Lakes Distillery (@GtLksDistillery) Transfer Pizza (@TransferMKE) Smokeshack (@Smokeshack)