she draws classic cars, muscle cars, sports cars....your car!

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She Draws Cars

Classic Cars Muscle Cars Sports Cars Your CarSheDrawsCars.comShe hand-draws your car from your favorite photo on paper nearest its color using colored pencils, black ink and a bit of white paint to make it shine

The color on color technique I use yields very realistic drawings.

~ Nancy Kamm, Artist

1939 BMW 328 RoadsterPhoto of this beauty after restoration by her father, Don KammArtists name shown on car body is not on the actual artworkHer Drawing

As She draws your car, She posts point-in-time photos of the drawing online

You can watch your car come alive as She draws it at

Shell send you a text messageeach time an update is made

How She drew this 1969 Ford Mustang

Copyright 2015 Nancy Kamm She Draws Cars. All rights reserved.Nancy Kamm, Artist

How She drew this 2012 Chevrolet Corvette

Copyright 2015 Nancy Kamm She Draws Cars. All rights reserved.

Each drawing is delivered specially wrapped & includes a Certificate of Authenticityshowing 3 images of the progress as She drew Your Car

17She can draw Your awesome car

To get started,send an email with your name and car model with color to:

Gift Certificates are availableFrom an early age, cars fascinated Nancy, who grew up in Detroit, the Motor City.

Thats Nancy in front.

While she grew up, Nancys father rebuilt the BMW Roadster featured at the beginning of this slide show. She misses her dad and that car, so she drew it for him.

Thank you for watching this slide show and for helping Nancy realize her dream of drawing awesome cars!

Her at