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<ul><li><p> 414-531-6023 </p><p>Applicable Experience Waukesha County Technical College </p><p>Instructional </p><p> WCTC Adjunct Instructor, Customer Service (current) Rigorous curriculum design and differentiation, &amp; experiential learning. </p><p> Curriculum development and implementation; rigorous lesson planning to involve multiple learning techniques and styles; adaptation of traditional curriculum condensed into an accelerated format </p><p> Classroom participants involve high risk students, many of them lack </p><p>the coping skills to deal with the emotional issues that are often associated with non-traditional students </p><p> Corporate Leadership workshops, on site and off site training, from one </p><p>day seminars to multi session workshops spanning over a six month period </p><p> Coordinate team meetings, create agendas, develop necessary curriculum according to clients needs </p><p>Event Planning </p><p> WTCS Leadership Program Coordinator Feb 2013-June 2014 Curriculum design, coordinated events among 16 colleges, </p><p>contract negotiation, theme design, budget, online registration, </p><p>banner software, implemented many cost saving procedures </p><p> Coordinate multiple day events statewide: involving 16 technical colleges, 400+ participants </p><p> Responsible for contract negotiation, site inspections, event budget, online registration, follow up as needed including creating agendas and facilitation of meetings, trouble shooting, obtain sponsors/donations, pre and post event surveys/evaluations, summaries and overviews. </p><p> Recruit, organize, supervise and delegate student volunteers. Responsible for post event volunteer recognition. </p><p> Day to day checks and balances, audit and reconciliation of events. </p><p>Real Estate </p><p> WI Real Estate License, March 1999-Currently licensed Contract negotiation, foreclosure specialist, project manager </p><p>Education </p><p>Wisconsin Lutheran College Master of Education Program Leadership &amp; Innovation anticipated graduation 2015 Bachelor of Science Business Management &amp; Leadership graduation 2012 Waukesha County Technical College Event Planning and Meeting Management Certification Completed Summer 2013 Career Development Facilitator Coursework completed May 2015 </p><p>Sharon Heilman </p><p>17435 Patricia Lane Brookfield WI 53045 </p><p>Microsoft Office Suite </p><p>Oral Presentations (developing </p><p>and delivery) </p><p>Starbucks (3 years) </p><p>Bartender/Hostess @the Grove </p><p>(6 years, seasonal) </p><p>Administrative Assistant @ </p><p>Greater Milwaukee Association Real-</p><p>tors (2 years) </p><p>Community </p><p>Involvement </p><p>Coordinate annual community block </p><p>party, including flyers, entertain-</p><p>ment, multigenerational activities </p><p>Creator of SharinLily, a start-up </p><p>charitable organization dedicated to </p><p>the distribution of perennials </p><p>Volunteer at Sherman Park Commu-</p><p>nity Association, coordinated home </p><p>buying trolley tour and neighbor-</p><p>hood block watch </p><p>Additional Strengths and </p><p>Experiences </p><p>If you want to lift yourself up, </p><p> lift up someone else </p><p>Booker T Washington </p></li></ul>