sharks: creatures of the sea

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Sharks: Creatures of the sea. TEKS. §112.7. Science, Grade 5. (9)  Science concepts. The student knows that adaptations may increase the survival of members of a species. The student is expected to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sharks: Creatures of the sea

Sharks: Creatures of the sea

TEKS112.7. Science, Grade 5.(9)Science concepts. The student knows that adaptations may increase the survival of members of a species. The student is expected to:(A)compare the adaptive characteristics of species that improve their ability to survive and reproduce in an ecosystem;(B)analyze and describe adaptive characteristics that result in an organism's unique niche in an ecosystem; and(C)predict some adaptive characteristics required for survival and reproduction by an organism in an ecosystem.

5th graders WillLearn about the many adaptive characteristics sharks have that help them survive in the ocean.Become familiar with different types of shark species.Develop and analyze their own individual feelings regarding shark life.

Essential QuestionHow do shark adaptations help enable them to survive in the ocean?Unit QuestionsCan you describe 5 unique shark characteristics?Which kind of shark did you find to be the most interesting and why?

Blooms TaxononmyKnowledge-Students will apply the knowledge they have to complete assignments such as matching or other activities.Analysis- Students will be able to classify different sharks and their characteristics.Synthesis- Students will discuss and compare the information that they learn.

ActivitiesMake a shark bookAquarium tripCrossword with different shark vocabulary termsOnline ActivityWrite a paperWatch an educational videoOnline Activity

Suggested ReadingsGreat White Shark Richard Ellis and John E. McCosker. With photos by Al Giddings and others, New York: HarperCollins Publishers in collaboration wRead the fascinating and scientific aspects of the feared great white shark, the Carcharodon carcharias.Sharks Miranda Smith Grade 46This is a pleasant introduction to the varied world of shark species, giving snippets on such critters as the ultra-tiny pygmy ribbontail catshark, the gigantic whale shark, the streamlined blue shark, and the frill wobbegong.References