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Hi everyone

Companys Analysis


Name: Sharifa Abdullah Mohammed Al ShehhiID: H00127146

History of McDonalds

Richard and Maurice McDonald

Ray Kroc

Traditional media


Social Media




SWOTStrengthChildren are the target of the McDonalds restaurant because kids would love these kind of food and it will ask for more from the first time when they taste it and their meal comes with toys so that they can play with it.

The McDonalds restaurant is the first fast food company by sales that had built up a big brand with more than31,000 restaurants that are serving burgers, fries and soda drinks in different countries almost 120 countries.

WeaknessThe quality may go down and people will not go to buy anything from McDonalds.

McDonalds restaurant maybe crowded from the customers and employee may get confused and not going to serve their customers well and there will be lake of them for customers.

OpportunitiesThe new customers may have new updates whats new from the McDonalds employee and what is changes going to happen in the future.

Chance to combat other food chains with new business plan.

ThreatsThere are many competent of McDonalds that they are have the same thing which are Burger King, Hardees, KFC and SFC.

The prices will changes for couple of times in same year that sometimes the price go up or going down.



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