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Overview of selected OCLC Research projects in Shared Print management, focused on print journals preservation and shared infrastructure.


  • 1. Shared Print Update: current OCLC Research in cooperative print management Constance Malpas Program Officer ALA Annual Conference Monday, 13 July 2009 OCLC Red Suite
  • 2. OCLC Research: Shared Print Collections Program As the availability of online scholarly resources grows, research institutions face increasing pressure to optimize management of their print collections. Consolidation and rationalization of holdings within and across institutions creates economies of scale that benefit individual institutions and the community as a whole by reducing costs and eliminating redundancies in system-wide holdings. While there is broad interest in achieving such economies, essential infrastructure for enabling inter-institutional cooperation in print management is lacking. 2008-2009 Managing Risk: Cooperative Print Preservation Reducing Duplication in Dual-Format Holdings 2007-2008 2009-2010 System-wide Storage Capacity Implementation Shared Collection Policy Frameworks Infrastructure ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 2 Shared Print Update
  • 3. Shared Print Collections Coordinating Committee Susan Allen, Getty Research Library Steven Bosch, University of Arizona Martha Brogan, University of Pennsylvania Paul Courant, University of Michigan Kimberly Douglas, California Institute of Technology Nancy Eaton, Pennsylvania State University Sharon Farb, UCLA Assunta Pisani, Stanford University Emily Stambaugh, California Digital Library Michael Stoller, New York University ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 3 Shared Print Update
  • 4. 2008-2009 Managing Risk: Cooperative Strategies Prospective Journals Preservation project Risk-sensitive approach to investment in print serials Academic humanities journals with print-only distribution channels and limited aggregate library holdings Goals: shared workflow for assessing and managing at-risk print journals; improved understanding of cost/benefit of cooperative preservation strategy De-duplication of Dual-Format Print Journals Focused on low-risk titles: widely duplicated, multiple formats Obstacles to implementing change ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 4 Shared Print Update
  • 5. Prospective Journals Preservation Project Risk-aware approach to continued investment in scholarly print journal literature Modeling cooperative approach to preservation of at risk print serials Focus on discrete class of active, peer-reviewed humanities and social science journals with print-only distribution and limited aggregate library holdings Goals Shared workflows for identifying and managing sparsely- held print serials as a network resource Assess institutional commitments to long-term retention and acquisition of these resources ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 5 Shared Print Update
  • 6. Prospective Journals Preservation Project (cont.) 230+ title sample (2% of estimated 10,000 print-only refereed journals) Median institutional holdings = 24 libraries Median age of publication = 27 years 42% English-language publications Titles individually assigned for institutional review Coverage and condition of local holdings Usage as measured by ILL, circulation, etc. over 12 & 60 mos. Current subscription status Shelf location: open, closed, off-site Archiving and access commitments ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 6 Shared Print Update
  • 7. Data Capture Adequacy of bibliographic description Scope of local holdings as % of publication history Sampling vs. comprehensive validation Physical condition Usage data Shelving/storage environment Intent to retain and serve Subscription status Time needed to complete title review ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 7 Shared Print Update
  • 8. Scope of Local Holdings Median 15% of publication record Incomplete: local holdings represent 50% of volumes issued Local holdings are complete: 100% of volumes issued and supplements are held Median 80% of publication record ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 8 Shared Print Update
  • 9. Local Storage Environment Mixed: holdings are distributed across several locations 100% of holdings are in off-site facility (including current issues) ~75% of titles are held in open stacks 100% of holdings are in closed stacks 100% of holdings are in open stacks 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 9 Shared Print Update
  • 10. Physical Condition of Holdings Relatively few condition problems, despite open stacks environment 5-10% with loose pages or acidic paper 84-94% with good paper and fully legible text block 28% with unbound back files Implication: aggressive conservation action not generally warranted; some content suitable for digitization ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 10 Shared Print Update
  • 11. Usage per title (over 60 months) 80% Most titles (72%) 70% had no evidence of use over 5 years % of titles reporting 60% 50% 40% 3 requests/yr 30% 20% 10% 0% ce x 2x 1x 3x 4x 5x 6x 8x 9x 14 en id ev 0 Requests/circulations over 5 years ALA Annual, 13 July 2009 11 Shared Print Update
  • 12. Archiving Commitments & Scope of Holdings 25 25 53% 20 20 N=43 Titles inin sample Titles sample 15 43% 50% complete 14% 55 00 Institution is is ...prepared to to Institution ...prepared Institution is not is not Institution


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