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  • 1. Shareable AustraliaLaunchWednesday 14 November 2012Event Sponsor: Hub MelbourneDarren Sharp, Editor AustraliaEmail: darren@shareable.netTwitter: @Shareable @dasharp

2. Global Sharing Day 14 Nov Organised by ThePeopleWhoShare#GlobalSharingDay 3. Guest Panelists Tom Amos - Sidekicker Liisa Vurma - Eat With Me Jodi Jackson - The Lemon Tree Project Will Emmett - MeeMeep Tom LeGrice - PetHomeStay 4. the (new) evolution of sharing.information people people people people stuff 5. The state of physical sharingAfter information and media, the mostshared categories are, respectively: Living space (58%) Work space (57%) Food preparation/meal-sharing (57%) Household items/appliances (53%) Apparel (50%) 6. Drivers: Social, Ecological &Economic Crisis 40% more resources used / year than theearth produces 50% world in poverty Youth crisis: 15% unemployment for 20-24year olds Many developed countries in deep fiscalcrisis 7. Drivers: Idle AssetsMost of our stuff is idle most of the time: Cars idle 22 hours a day Most lawn mowers are used 4 hrs / year Drills are used 20 minutes totalAnd.. 99% of stuff made is trashed after 6 months 8. THEMES in the Sharing Economy 9. Access Over Ownership 10. Peer to Peer Resource Exchange Time Relationships Know how Experiences 11. Trust & ReputationFrictionless Sharing requirestrust in p2p marketplaces 12. New modes of working togetherHackerspaces[~400 worldwide]Worker coopsCoworking spaces[11K started in past 30 years, US.] [~600 worldwide] 13. FUN: Sharing createsexperiences money cant buy Couchsurfing pillowfighters, originally uploaded by blmurch 14. DIY- Maker Faire- Food- Open Hardware-Transition Towns 15. Australia Channel objectivesHow to Share Guides HousingFoodFamilyCommunityCitiesNeighbourhoodsTransportationTechnologyWorkEntrepreneurship 16. Australia Channel objectives Article suggestions on the solidarityeconomy and collaborative consumption People Projects Worker coops Time banks Alternative currencies Public banks 17. Australia Channel objectivesSHARE Melbourne (+ other cities):unconference exploring how to strengthenour cities as platforms for sharing. 18. Australia Channel objectives Sharing Economy Working Groups Public education, policy, research, events,networking and advocacy Mayor Edwin M. Lee of San Francisco announcing the formation of The Sharing Economy Working Group. The purpose of the working group, "is to take a comprehensive look at the economic benefits, innovative companies and emerging policy issues around the growing sharing economy. This could catalyze other cities to take similar action. 19. Australia Channel objectivesMeet the sharers events network Clothing swaps, hackathons, sharingmarkets, and swap meets are some of theevents that would be included in theEvents Network. 20. Shareable AustraliaDarren Sharp, EditorEmail: darren@shareable.netTwitter: @Shareable @dasharp


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