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How your team can help promote your event and facebook fan page


<ul><li> 1. Supporting and Sharing Your Fundraising Page<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Like the Page<br /> 3. Share the Pagewith yourFacebook Friendsand post a linkonyour page <br /> 4. Add a personal message andask for your friends to help.<br /> 5. This post will appear on your walland your some of your friends news feed<br /> 6. Send a personal share message to friends too.<br />Use the same <br />Share buttonand <br />Send a link to up to<br />25 friends at a time<br /> 7. Tag Photos<br /> 8. Add Comments to Photos<br /> 9. Look for your friends in photos and tag them too<br />We are tagging Peg Gardners name in this photousing the same tag photo <br /> 10. This tag will show on her page and create a link for her and her friends to see<br /> 11. Comment on the page wall- add a photo or video- <br />IMPORTANT:<br />The more we comment on the wall the more often the page will appear on our friends <br />News feed..Dont just visit comment, ask your family and friends to comment too!<br /> 12. Check your link on the 2011 Team Tag<br /> 13. Click your box and redirect to your ASC Donation Page<br /> 14. Do me a favor and like my page<br /> 15. Like me and leave a comment..Say hello!<br /> 16. Still to come.<br />Bring your camera, video, smart phone on the run! We will need help documenting<br />the relay live from the road!<br /> 17. Questions, Changes, Problems?<br />Just let me know if you need information changed, added or corrected<br />You can add individual photos- but if you have large albums- send them to me at<br />Let me know if you update the photo on your ACS donation page and want me to update the fb page!<br />Pass along any ideas or suggestions<br /></p>