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  • 1. SharePoint 2010and Content MigrationBy Nadir KamdarIT Project Manager SharePoint Konsult

2. Agenda Introduction The challenges with Migration into SharePoint Migrate Content using AIIMs Best Practice 3rd party tools and migration Alternatives to migration 3. Introduction Hello, my name is Nadir Kamdar ASP.NET developer for 9 years SharePoint architect for 4 years IT Project Manager for 4 years+ Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (IS) via UCT Diploma in IT Project Management via FTI First Certified SharePoint Master via AIIM in Africa 4. SharePoint Konsult Specialist in SharePoint delivery and support A division of SMC Enterprise (Pty) LtdSMC - Established in 1999Microsoft and SAP Partner statusBEE - AAA Level 1 Empowerdex RatedStaff compliment of 60. Operating from Cape Town (Head Office),Johannesburg, Durban and USA 5. Key SharePoint Offerings ECRM Maturity Assessment SharePoint Roadmap Enterprise Content Management(DMS, RMS, Social Networking, Scanning & Imaging, BPM) Internet, Intranet & Extranet implementations User Interface/User Experience Services SharePoint-SAP Integration Change Management SharePoint Management Services 6. Our Customers Include:Public Sector Private Sector City of Cape Town Old Mutual City of Tshwane Woolworths PetroSA Vodacom TCTA Pick n Pay Services Seta LabCorp (USA) LG Seta Saudi Aramco (Middle East) Broadband Infraco Pioneer Foods PGWC Foord Asset Management W. Cape Provincial Parliament Acsis Parliament of the RSA SharePoint Konsult SAMSA Luxottica/Sunglasses Hut CTICC E-TV 7. Our Partners Access SharePoint Offline / Outlook Integration Sync SharePoint sites to laptop Take document libraries offline SharePoint DRP Management Data protection SharePoint storage optimization SharePoint integration and migration Ontolica Search Advanced FAST like features without the cost Full document preview in search results Detailed search reports AIIM SharePoint Certification Program Internationally recognized SharePoint training for Business Users 8. What is content? Typically Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files Also includes email, images, audio and video Not forgetting metadata, structure and accesscontrols, business rules 9. What is content migration? Copying documents from source content storeto a new target content store Content Migration Upgrade (talk about this later) Source Content Store may include LegacyContent Repositories like File Shares, PublicFolders, Documentum, Open Text, etc 10. The challenges with Migration There is no magic OOTB solution for file shares orother ECM systems Copy and Paste is not good enough Source is not clean (Garbage in = Garbage out) Content is not classified correctly Metadata are not defined Permissions are not defined Content is not structured SharePoint restrictions will prevent all files frommigrating Poor Content Migration = Poor ROI 11. SharePoint Program via AIIMto the rescue 12. Why AIIM for Best Practice? AIIM is the community that provides education,research, and best practices to help organizations find,control, and optimize their information. For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading non-profit organization. As a neutral and unbiased source of information, AIIMserves the needs of its members and the industry. If SharePoint is the vehicle, than AIIM is the guidancesystem 13. The AIIM SharePoint Course The course objectives and content is defined andreviewed by AIIM Education Advisory Groups in the USand Europe, and these Education Advisory Groups havesubject matter experts from the following companies: 14. SharePoint Specialist The SharePoint Specialist course covers globalbest practices for implementing SharePointand complementary solutions, and it builds onthe Practitioner track. The course consist of 11 modules 15. SharePoint Specialist modules 16. Content Migration Doing it Right Its a separate project with proper staff andmanagement 17. When Planning Identify what content should be migrated andcontent should be ignored How much downtime can be tolerated Identify Content Owners and power users Look at existing content inventory, securitymodel, business logic, policies Determine why we are migrating to SharePoint What is SharePoint offering? 18. Plan where content is going Identify Hardware and Software (know what features are available) Architecture Site Hierarchy Content Types (avoid unclassified content) Security Model Information Design Records Management Workflows Metadata (if source dont store it, where can you get it?) 19. Decide how to handle Duplicated content Inappropriate content Multiple versions of content Invalid metadata Obsolete content formats Target systems restrictions (special characters) Records (All content must be unchanged) 20. Do a Proof of Concept Migrate a small portion of content todetermine Potential risk Time required for processing Storage required for processing 21. Pre-migration steps Creating custom elements Backing up databases Create new DNS name Clean up content with content owners 22. Migration Phases Use the ETL Process Extract Transformation Load Define a Migration Strategy Big Bang, Incremental, etc. 23. Extract The first part of an ETL process involvesextracting the data from the source systems Content may come from different sources Look at capabilities of source to determine ifcustom script of third party tools can be used Extracted content are stored in a holding areafor transformation 24. Transform Preparing the extracted content for loading Activities include Structural Logical Metadata enrichment and mapping Security Model Content Format 25. Load The load phase loads the data into SharePoint Avoid manual operations Automated process should be robust andefficient For business continuity, perform after hours Loading places great stress on target system 26. Post-migration steps Verify the following Did everything move correctly? Did all transformations occur? Is content classified correctly? Is security applied correctly? Run people and search crawls Configure scheduled tasks (e.g. backups) Execute exit strategy for original source 27. Change Management Manage end-users expectations for new system Allow time for administrator and end-usertraining Educate your helpdesk with answers to : Wheres my stuff now? How do I ? Why cant I ? Expect user feedback and plan for enhancements 28. What about Upgrading? Upgrade : Replacing your existing SharePoint witha newer version Approaches available In-Place Database attached Hybrid approaches with read-only or detach database Well documented by Microsoft Tools like pre-upgrade checker is available 29. Issues with Upgrade Code in the GAC Language packs Web.config changes Features Custom web parts Branding Templates Must first upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit SQL or OS Must from upgrade from SP 2003 to SP 2007 to SP 2010 30. 3rd Party tools for migration Due to complexity, many 3rd party tools areavailable AvePoint offers tools to migrate from SharePoint, LiveLink, Public Folders, Vignette, FileSystems, Oracle/Stellent, LotusNotes, Websites, eRoom, EMC Documentum 31. Why use 3rd party tools Advantages Easy to use user-interface Granular selection of content Graphical mapping of metadata Automated scheduling and business continuity reduce the risk and provide quicker turnaround But 3rd party tools cannot do all the work for you, its atool to help you (you cannot skip the planning phase) Costs for purchasing additional software 32. Alternative to migration Integration with SharePoint Search Indexing other data systems Not true integration, may need 3rd party search conn. Connect (data in available through SharePoint) Via BDC or BCS (Web Services, WCF, etc.) EBS or RBS API (provides users access and interaction) 3rd Party tools that that allow interaction to source datavia SharePoint 33. SharePoint Connector Products AvePoint offers products to allow users to interactwith files from file systems via SharePoint Content is stored on the network drive but has allthe features of a SharePoint Document Library Workflows, indexed for search, versioning, customcolumns, views, etc. Metadata is stored in SharePoint 34. Migrate or Connect Check value of legacy system Maintenance costs verses Migration Cost Maintenance Costs Migration Costs HardwareMigration Process Licensing and Support Tools Knowledge Training 35. Reference AvePoint File Share Connector AvePoint SharePoint Migration AIIM SharePoint Cert. Program 36. Thank you Twitter @NadirKamdar Blog E-mail Company URL LinkedIn Profile