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2. What is SharePoint? 3. SharePoint is not a program,its a platform.Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform developedby Microsoft.SharePoint is typically associated with web contentmanagement and document managementsystems, but it is actually amuch broader platform of web technologies, capable of beingconfigured into a wide range of solution areas 4. SharePoint is a server product 5. The SharePoint wheelSites CompositesCommunitiesInsights ContentSearch 6. Sites: The SharePoint platform fundamentally enables users to provision sites (public or private) withouta requirement for specialized knowledge. SharePoint is designed to become the central location formanagement of sites in an organization.Communities: SharePoint aims to support the formation of communities within an organization - thesecommunities may form around teams, projects, clients, geographic locations, etc.Content: SharePoint provides a central location to put content such as files, documents, or generalinformation. This can be accessed and modified within a web browser or using a client application(typicallyMicrosoft Office) via desktop or smartphone. SharePoint 2010 also provides a concurrent editability with Office 2010.Search: SharePoint provides a range of search abilities, including in documents, in external content (suchas network shares or public websites), and in user profiles.Insights: SharePoint provides data integration, data crawling, and report design to enable businessdecision making. SharePoint can integrate with SQL Server Reporting Services to surface businessintelligence.Composites: SharePoint provides an application platform based on ASP.NET 3.5 allowing no-codesolutions to complex business problems using SharePoint Designer. SharePoint also allows custom codesolutions to be deployed using Visual Studio Workflow 7. Getting Started SharePoint 2010 8. 9. WebApplication Content Database 10. WebApplicationSite inIIS 11. Create Site Components 12. Finally, write some code in your static void main,as shown in the following:using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://sp2010")){Console.WriteLine(site.RootWeb.Title);}Thats basically it. Hit F5 to run your applicationand now you should be able to view the title ofthe Site at http://sp2010. There is plenty else tolearn in the SharePoint object model. 13. 14. MainPage.xamlOutput 15. Site URL Output 16. Output 17. Go to 18. free 19. Pre-requisite to Launch Virtual Lab1. JavaScript is enabled2. Your browser can accept cookies3. You are using Internet Explorer 6 or above4. Accept EULA (End User License Agreement)Go to 20. Ready to work in Virtual Lab 21. 22. Thank youS.M. Rabiul Islam MJ FerdousSenior Software Engineer, SoftwarePeople, Dhaka Project manager, BrainStation-23Email: Email: mjferdous@live.comBlog: