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Presentation given by Simon Floyd at "Building a Heritage Network" conference held in Stornoway, 29 October 2013


<ul><li> 1. SHARE Museums East:BUILDING A NETWORK OF KNOW HOWStornaway Tues 29 October 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. WHO ARE WE? Regional Museum Development Service ACE and HLF Hosted by NMAS [Major Partner Museum] County and Museum partnerships 3. WHAT DO WE DO? [under 5 ACE goals] busy training calendar active cohort programmes 12 engaged networks growing resources bank comms and admin facility 4. 3 GUIDING PRINCIPLES everybody must benefitall contributions are free and equally valuedpeer to peer wherever possible 5. HOW DO WE DO IT?peer involvementembedded programmesDeveloperContributorParticipantSHARE Involvement and Investment 6. Training - e.g. POINT and SHOOT using own cameras provincial museum skilled volunteer offer CPD for her benefit for sector rship still evolving 7. Networks -e.g. Heritage Engineering [HEN] Give and take agreement Sector led and co-ordinated Participant hosted Topics AM Tour PM 4 meets = 130 people so far 900 8. Cohorts -e.g. FORWARD PLANNING 6 museum pairs shared goal, shared issues expert facilitation 3 sessions - 1:1s inbetween participant hosted small implementation grant resources developed 9. Resources Free Available [www] Developing from the work 10. MATURING Not Only But Also Leadership / management course Focus on lone professionals Peer network based Participant hosted Collaboratively designed Sector contributions and development of resources Senior level mentoring from sector 11. KOTTERS CHANGE PROCESS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.Establish a sense of urgency Form a powerful guiding coalition Create a vision Communicate it Empower others to take action Plan for and create short wins Consolidate improvements Institutionalise new approaches 12. TOP TIPS 1 get the YES from the very top co-ordinate centrally communicate constantly dont expect altruism work only with what people can afford 13. TOP TIPS 2 find some easy wins take the opportunities emphasise experience over expertise find a brand that works dont quantify more than you have to dont charge each other 14. The Team 3.5 equivalent posts covering Children and Young People Leadership Resilience Collections Communities Part funded MDO county partners 15. www.sharemuseumseast.or</p>