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  1. 1. CILIPs objective for 2020 is to put library and information skills at the heart of a democratic, equal and prosperous Information Society We will develop a set of social, economic, cultural, creative, educational and scientific outcomes and metrics to demonstrate our progress toward this objective
  2. 2. CILIPs Charitable Purpose (Royal Charter, 2014) To work for the benefit of the public to promote education and knowledge through the establishment and development of libraries and information services and to advance information science (being the science and practice of the collection, collation, evaluation and organised dissemination of information).
  3. 3. Active citizens who can create, manage, use, safeguard and share knowledge & information Information Society & Knowledge Economy In public services For learning Qualified professionals Non-qualified professionals Professional association for library, information & knowledge workers Social Cultural Educational Economic Personal Benefits Impact and outcomes At home At work In business For Government UNITES, ADVOCATES & DEVELOPS WHO TRANSFORM SERVICES TO DELIVER VALUE FOR WHO ARE PART OF WHICH BENEFITS FROM
  4. 4. Our 4 priorities: Advocating for library & information skills & professional ethics Developing the library and information workforce for the future Delivering excellent member services Investing in innovation, standards and improvement
  5. 5. Our 6 enablers: Striving for equality and diversity in everything we do A modern, digital-by-default professional association Securing our future through an open, ethical business model Investing in a positive, healthy working culture Maintaining our commitment to partnership & collaboration Being an organisation that engages, listens and learns
  6. 6. Advocating for & providing evidence of the value and impact of library and information skills in the public, private & 3rd sectors.
  7. 7. Our scope (13,000 members, UK-wide...) Consulting/independent information professionals Prison Further Education/Colleges Public Government and Armed Forces Research Health Care School Social Care Special Collections Higher Education (including LIS teaching staff) Industry (Extraction)* Law Industry (Manufacturing)** Museums, Archives, Galleries and Heritage Industry (Commercial Services)*** National Libraries Not working**** Not for profit/3rd sector/Charity Other * Any extraction industries, for example: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Quarrying ** Any Manufacturing industries, for example: Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive *** Any commercial service industries: Business, Finance, Communications, Hospitality, Retail **** Unemployed/Retired/Full-time Student/Career Break
  8. 8. CILIP Sectors Special Interest Groups - Sector Specific Special Interest Groups Cross cutting themes/specialisms Network Nations/ Regions Career stage Government and Armed forces Government Information Group CataloguingandIndexingGroup Community,DiversityandEqualityGroup InformationLiteracyGroup InformationServicesGroup InternationalLibraryandInformationGroup LibraryandInformationHistoryGroup LibraryandInformationResearchGroup MultimediaInformationandTechnologyGroup PublicityandPublicRelationsGroup UKeInformationGroup RegionalMemberNetworksacrossEnglandandScottishBranches CILIPinIreland,CILIPinScotland,CILIPinWales RetiredMembersGuild Health Care Health Libraries Group Social Care Consulting/Independent Information Professional Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Group Patent and Trademark Group Industry (Extraction) Industry (Manufacturing) Industry (Commercial Services) Law Not for Profit/Third Sector/Charity Prison Prison Libraries Group Special Collections Rare Books and Special Collections Group Local Studies Group Museums, Archives, Galleries and Heritage Public Public and Mobile Libraries Group Youth Librarie s GroupSchool School Libraries Group Further Education Academic and Research Libraries Group Higher Education (inc LIS teaching staff) Rare Books and Special Collections Group National Libraries Research Not working Other
  9. 9. Professional values: 1. Public good 2. Reputation of the information profession 3. Defence & advancement of access to information 4. Best possible service within available resources 5. Balancing needs of users and employers 6. Equitable treatment of all information users 7. Impartiality & the avoidance of bias 8. Respect for confidentiality and privacy 9. Conservation and preservation of information heritage 10. Respect for the integrity of information 11. Improving professional knowledge & skills 12. Respect for the skills of others
  10. 10. Business objectives: CILIP has set the objective to achieve 5-10% annual growth in revenues over the next 4 years, while maintaining growth in expenditure at between 2-3% Generating revenues on a full-cost recovery basis; Maintaining a positive balance of income over expenditure; Investing surpluses in a balanced-risk portfolio; Maintaining the schedule of contributions to the defined-benefit pension scheme Maintaining a positive cashflow Making active use of reserves to support business development
  11. 11. CILIPs objective for 2020 is to put library and information skills at the heart of a democratic, equal and prosperous Information Society
  12. 12. Next steps Draft Action Plan 2016-2020 reviewed by CILIP Board Jan 2016 Draft Action Plan 2016-2020 published for comment to March 18th Final Action Plan 2016-2020 signed off by Board April 2016 Action Plan in place from April 2016


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