shape, space and form

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  • Shapes are flat. Namely reflections, shadows and silhouettes. Shape is defined by edges. In this image the child at the end of the tunnel is the shape. The outline of his body creates the shape.


  • In this image you can see its a bird by its shape. However you cant see any detail on the bird & the first thing you notice is the outline.


  • We see this leaf as a shape in nature. Your eyes tend to outline the leaf before going on to the intricate detail on the inside.


  • This puddle of water is seen as a shape.
  • It also breaks the pattern on the ground making it somewhat organic.


  • This silhouette of a mountain is a shape. All you can see is the lines on the edges. This way we see in the language of shapes rather than things.

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  • Form is two and three dimensional shapes. It can be enhanced by tone and colour creating depth. In this image the building has form to it. The way it is built gives it form. Its amazing that they built this.


  • This sculpture has the form of a human being. The weight, shape and scale of the sculpture is where the form is.


  • This sculpture has so much depth and that is where the form comes in. Even though it is mounted onto a wall, the way it is constructed makes it almost come to life.

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  • Here is form in a drawing. It looks almost three dimensional because of the tone and shading that creates depth.


  • Form in the little bush. The way its cut gives it the 3d cylindrical shape.


  • Space refers to the space around something, like in this image the field and sky behind the stone wall makes the cross stand out. Sometimes the space is what makes the image.


  • The negative spaces between the pillow makes it look as though there are really two hands inside of it.


  • The space around this sculpture makes you see it as a whole.


  • The black space around the hand makes it the focal point.


  • The space in the centre of the roof brings the building to life.


  • The space in this photograph makes the zebras white stripes pop.