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<ul><li><p> Shape-ing Our Future 2016 Program </p><p>BREAKFAST &amp; REGISTRATION - 7:15am </p><p>WELCOME ADDRESS &amp; INTRODUCTIONS 8:15am - 8:30am </p><p>SESSION I 8:40am - 9:40am </p><p>Dances From Shape Seattle CRS Gym 1 </p><p> Enjoy learning a variety of dances that can be taught at various grade levels. </p><p> Presenter: Shelly Connors, Secondary PE Specialist, Central North Zone President. </p><p>Technology in Action- Meaningful ways to use technology in PE! CRS Gym 3 </p><p> Technology can be a motivating factor and a fantastic tool for student activity, knowledge acquisition and assessment. This session </p><p>will focus on introductory pedometer lessons, a variety of iPad apps to increase student activity time and assessment tools using </p><p>Google Forms and Plickers </p><p> Presenter: Margaret E. Robelee, 2014 Eastern District Elementary PE TOY </p><p>Structuring Lessons for Success in APE Woodruff Court </p><p> Learn how to create a lesson plan that flows by using posted Student Learning Objectives to get your paraprofessionals engaged, </p><p>instant activities to engage the students before they are off-task, develop a simple rubric system that assess both NYS PE Standard </p><p>1 and NYS PE Standard 2, using visuals, and ending class with a calming effect. </p><p> Presenter: Tracy Sharlow, 2016 Eastern District Adapted PE TOY </p><p>Krossfit for Kids Multi-purpose Room </p><p> Krossfit for Kids will focus on body weight exercises while offering a fun and communal atmosphere for working out. Students will </p><p>be able to optimize their fitness that will be beneficial to their lifelong health as well as for a variety of sport and physical activities </p><p> Presenter: Danielle Gresalfi, Ariana Drauch &amp; Sharon Phillips (Faculty Advisor) </p><p>Nutrition for Real (Part 1) Campbell Lounge 1 </p><p> Come learn the information that can help you and your students choose foods that are most health supportive. </p><p> Presenter: Jen Aull </p><p>Health Skills for Special Education Students Campbell Lounge 2 </p><p> Through this high-energy and interactive session participants will learn how to adapt and modify health education lessons to meet </p><p>the needs of students with severe learning disabilities. </p><p> Presenters: Michelle Sicurella </p><p>Multidisciplinary Teaching Techniques Taught Through Map Adventures Campbell Lounge 3 </p><p> Orienteering is a map-navigating sport that brings the fun of a treasure hunt to any program you are designing. Experience a step-</p><p>by-step progression of exercises that foster problem solving, decision making, team building and self-confidence. </p><p> Presenter: Ed Hicks &amp; John Pekarik, Orienteering Unlimited, Inc. </p><p>Developing a data Driven Physical Education Program Campbell Lounge 4 </p><p> This Program is intended for all physical educators K-12, district administration and technology enthusiasts. The Rockville Centre </p><p>Schools will be sharing their experience through the Carol M. White PEP grant process, as well as how it has helped develop a </p><p>technology rich, data driven physical education department. </p><p> Presenter: Carol Roseto &amp; Chris Mekelburg </p></li><li><p>SESSION II - 9:50am - 10:50am </p><p>Doing It All With Foam Covered Balls.sorry NO dodgeball CRS Gym 1 </p><p> Provides developmentally appropriate activities that incorporate fitness, skill development, cooperative learning and fosters </p><p>critical and creative thinking in the PE classroom. Demonstrates how the activities from this participatory workshop can easily be </p><p>integrated into K-12. Presenters: George Blessing, ADA Sports &amp; Rackets </p><p>Kerboomkidz Dance Fitness CRS Gym 3 </p><p> This is an energetic and engaging group exercise program that is especially designed for kids. Kerboomkidz is a great way for </p><p>students to engage in a high-energy dance fitness class while: improving their physical coordination and focus, developing various </p><p>motor skills and movement patterns. Presenter: Kershel Anthony, Kerbroomkidz </p><p>PE Across the Board Woodruff Court </p><p> This session will take attendees through various components of a physical education lesson, sharing strategies in relation to </p><p>student centered learning, cross curricular instruction, pre-assessment, formative assessment, summative assessment, unique </p><p>games and activities, fitness technology, instant activators, summarizers, class discussions, sport education and much more! Presenters: Charlie Rizzuto and John Brush </p><p>Why Wont They Listen?!? Incorporating Behavior Management Into APE Activities </p><p>Multi-purpose Room </p><p> Many teachers have problems with behavior management and developing elementary activities for adapted physical </p><p>education and inclusion classes. This program will utilize several behavior management strategies infused in activities to </p><p>increase the success of the teacher and their students with disabilities and behavior issues. Presenter: Patrick Colgan </p><p>Lets Have Fun in Health Class Today Campbell Lounge 1 </p><p> This session will be filled with exciting activities for teaching high school and middle school Health. This program will include </p><p>activities, games, assignments and a whole lot more. Presenter: Melanie Lynch, 2012 Eastern District Health Education, TOY, </p><p>President PSAHPERD </p><p>Equine Experiential Learning Campbell Lounge 2 </p><p> Participants will enjoy learning about incorporating school curriculum, daily life skills, exercise and experiential learning in a </p><p>fun and interactive farm environment utilizing facilitated interaction with horses. Presenters: Katie McGowan and Annie Follansbee </p><p>Modernizing the 20 Meter Cardio Test Using High Tech Cardio and Real Time Feedback </p><p>Campbell Lounge 3 </p><p> The pioneer of heart rate monitor use in schools will present the ideal testing protocol for cardio testing using </p><p>heart rate to record the pre exercise heart rate, to record and monitor intensity throughout the test, and to </p><p>record and monitor intensity for recovery heart rate after the test. Video presentations showing Rick Schupbach </p><p>teaching and administering this high tech approach will be featured with his students from Grundy Center, Iowa. Presenter: Beth Kirkpatrick, Director of Education and Advocacy </p><p>Heart Zones, Inc. </p><p>Driving Our Future Campbell Lounge 4 </p><p> This presentation will provide the rational for an overview of the NYS AHPERD curriculum and assessment document. Presenter: Dr. Alisa James, The College at Brockport 2015 NYS AHPERD President </p></li><li><p>VENDORS AND RAFFLES IN THE LOBBY 10:50am 11:10am </p><p>SESSION III - 11:20am - 12:20pm </p><p>Adventure for All CRS Gym 1 </p><p> Learn activities that will make students think and reflect. Activities will be both cognitive and physical. Presenter: Shelly Connors, Secondary PE Specialist, Central North Zone President. </p><p>Beginnings and Endings! CRS Gym 3 </p><p> Energize the beginning of your Physical Education class with exciting warm-ups that will engage the entire class and learn </p><p>organizational strategies that will facilitate your PE class from beginning to end! Wrap up your Physical Education class with quick </p><p>assessments and cool-downs that will have your students ready for the classroom. Presenter: Margaret E. Robelee, 2014 Eastern District Elementary PE TOY </p><p>Drums Alive Woodruff Court </p><p> A unique fitness and wellness program that joins the dynamic movement of aerobic dance with pulsating rhythms of the drum. </p><p>Through the use of a stability ball, drumsticks and lively music. The implementation of this program will capture the essence of </p><p>movement and rhythm, challenging participants cognitive recognition, sensory motor reflexes, and kinesthetic awareness. </p><p> Presenter: Vera Trenchfield, 2014 Nassau Zone Elementary PE TOY </p><p>Learn and Teach Circus Skills Right Away Multi-purpose Room </p><p> An overview of Circus skills. Multiple forms of juggling, plate spinning, level sticks and diabolo manipulation. Presenter: Greg Milstein, National Circus Project </p><p>Lets Have Fun in Health Class Today Campbell Lounge 1 </p><p> This session will be filled with exciting activities for teaching high school and middle school Health. This will include activities, </p><p>games, assignments and a whole lot more. </p><p> Presenter: Melanie Lynch, 2012 Eastern District Health Education, TOY, President PSAHPERD </p><p>Apps for Health &amp; P.E. Campbell Lounge 2 </p><p> With the proliferation of lower-cost laptops, smartphones, and other portable devices, more students, teachers, and schools are </p><p>equipped with advanced technology at their fingertips. Through active participation, live demonstrations, and plenty of visuals, </p><p>participants will discover several quick and easy ways to put these devices to use to better engage students and juggle </p><p>administrative tasks with ease. Presenter: Ryan Fisk </p><p>Tactics from the Trenches/Bring your Questions Campbell Lounge 3 </p><p> Come prepared with questions and be prepared to collaborate in a Care to Share/Q and A session that will hopefully answer </p><p>questions about behavior management, Para-professionals, lesson plan flow, in Adapted PE and General PE. Presenter: Tracy Sharlow, 2016 Eastern District Adapted PE TOY </p><p>The Real Survival Guide to Teaching Elementary Physical Education Campbell Lounge 4 </p><p>Want to learn about stuff they dont teach you in college? This lecture-style workshop will highlight real dilemmas faced by two highly </p><p>successful veteran teachers, and offers their solutions that are just as realistic and inspiring. Come experience their triumphs and </p><p>mistakes and see how their practical and common sense solutions made them better prepared as educators! Presenter: Ken Wojehowski, 2013 NYS AHPERD Elementary PE TOY </p></li><li><p>SESSION IV - 12:30pm - 1:30pm </p><p>Promoting Understanding and Inclusion Through Sport CRS Gym 1 </p><p>Utilizing inclusive sport is an excellent way to promote participation and bridge the gap between students with and without </p><p>disabilities. Participants will experience three competitive disabled sport activities to incorporate within the physical education </p><p>curriculum. Presenters: Ellen Kowalski and Joe Slaninka with Adelphi Students </p><p>SQAIR Fitness Solutions CRS Gym 2 </p><p> Understand how to teach and easily implement a progressive program with limitless potential. Have an organized and logical </p><p>system that enables teachers to determine appropriate progressions for their students using our 4 systems; Mobility/stability, </p><p>movement improvement, load to explode and power hour. Presenters: Jade Ng &amp; Sheri Zappala </p><p>Teaching Science Vocabulary, Nutrition, and Heart Health Through Large Group Game Play </p><p>CRS Gym 3 </p><p> A proven and fun method for elementary physical educators striving to teach advanced concepts to primary age children. Using </p><p>game play as a modality for teaching science vocabulary, fitness, heart health, and nutrition to grades k-12 as a foundation for </p><p>future instruction. Presenters: Mark Checola &amp; Nicole Sileo </p><p> Nutrition on the Go Woodruff Court </p><p> This presentation shows elementary educators fun, creative and affective ways to incorporate nutrition into physical education, </p><p>while inspiring students to eat a healthy balanced diet. Attendees will actively participate in nutrition-based lessons that include </p><p>the My Plate food diagram, various aspects of a healthy diet and the influence nutrition has on the bodys performance. Presenters: Ceire Corcoran &amp; Michael Leonard </p><p>Rampshot- The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Games Multi-Purpose Room </p><p> An exciting 4 player yard game that is a great addition to any MS or HS PE program. Fun and healthy activity that can be enjoyed in </p><p>PE, in the backyard or at the beach. Presenter: Jackie Bonventre </p><p>Nutrition for Real: In the Classroom (Part 2) Campbell Lounge 1 </p><p> Are you still using the USDAs food guide to teach nutrition in your health class? Is this guide intended as a means to help people </p><p>choose foods that will support their health or as a way to profit the food industry? Come learn ways that you can focus your </p><p>nutrition lessons on information and skills that will help your students navigate the world of food so they can make choices that </p><p>will support their health. Presenter: Jen Aull </p><p>From Concept to Action: Designing Physical Education to Motivate Students Campbell Lounge 2 </p><p> This session will identify aspects of physical education programs that engage and motivate children and adolescents. </p><p>Understanding the influence of programs on student motivation is important to create student buy-in so that they are open to learn </p><p>how to live a healthy active lifestyle. Presenter: Dr. Paul Rukavina </p><p>Coaching the Mental Game Campbell Lounge 3 </p><p> The mental side of sports is often overlooked, yet critical to the success of each individual athlete and the overall development of a </p><p>team. This presentation will provide the participants with various strategies to improve their athletes mental performance and </p><p>assist them in getting their teams to perform to the best of their ability. </p><p> Presenter: Brian Rath </p><p>Mindfulness: Integrating Mental Fitness with Physical Fitness Campbell Lounge 4 </p><p> In this workshop, we will explore how the practice of mindfulness meditation strengthens the brain to reduce stress, anxiety, </p><p>depression, improve focus, increase good behavior and academic performance. This is a necessary element to add to PE and </p><p>health curriculums. Presenter: Cory Muscara Long Island Center for Mindfulness </p><p>RAFFLES @ 1:30 </p></li></ul>