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  • Graphical Representation Of The Network Full assets inventory and alarm status.Physical and logical network representation.The network is graphically represented through hierarchical maps.Color code is used for representing the status of the equipment and network nodes.Live connections: color line means link status.Higher level of the physical representation shows the geographical representation of the network. If the network is a nationwide deployment this map would be the country onwhich the network operates.Lower level of the physical representation shows the supervision blocks inside an equipment where the color code of each SBshows its current state. The operator can identify exactly the SB that is causing the alarm in the equipment.The logical representation shows the network distributed along the logical buses (or areas).Low level detail of NE composition.

    End To End FeaturesEasy documentation for SDH / PDH sections and circuits.Automatic creation of circuits (single and protected)The user can create circuits by only selecting the equipment involved. The system handles the rest and sends all the commands to the physical equipment.Automatic download cross-connection tables.Easy maintenance of circuit and network inventory.Open database in order to make reports easily.Support for assignment of channels and units.Easy deletion of circuits.Registry and administration of circuits identification data.Diagnostic of wasted capacity.

    SGRWin centralizes all the dataand gives a complete view of the network simplifying fault detection, analysis and operation


    Nowadays Telecommunication Systems Require The Highest Efficiency.The level of availability requires thediagnosis.However, there are obstacles to handle these issues: for example multivendor equipment or non updated inventory, among others.

    This is the proposal of SGRwin to address these problems and more.

    SGRWin is a Network ManagementSystem created with the aim of simplifying networks management.More than 15 years working together withcustomers brings all the experience included in this product for different vendors andtechnologies with focus in evolution and nextgeneration OSS.

    When each type of equipment has its own management system then the networks are difficult to operate and maintain as the operators have to deal with multiplemanagement systems distributed across different platforms.

    Using SGRWin, networks can be managed with a single system on a single platform.

  • ALARM HISTORY VIEWERThe alarm history tool offers easy access to active and database stored alarms.Operators can acknowledge alarms so the color status is changed on the graphical representation of the network.

    TERMINAL EMULATORGraphical interface emulating the behavior of the physical Terminal device.Operator can send commands to the physical equipment. Auto-executable macro commands can be programmed and stored to be launched under demand.

    VENDORS MANAGER LAUNCHThe system can launch the vendor managers (DB2, DN2, FlexiHopper, FXC, etc.) from the system itself.Remote launch of element managers by means of Ethernet compatibility (ULAF, TNMS LCT).

    ADMINISTRATIONSecurity and management of system users.Configuration of areas, stations and connections.Events log for security revision.Scheduled tasks manager.Provision of data for automatic map creation.

    BENEFITSMultivendor management is growing continuously: Nokia

    Siemens Networks, TETRA (EADS), Ericsson SDH (Marconi,

    Axxessit and Synfonet), ECI SDH, MWR (DMR, Flexihopper and

    Flexihub radio), AVARA DFX, AVIAT, ACTELIS, DragonWave,

    DNWP, Haliplex

    DNWP Connection Master / Skycontrol Remote Station / Enatel

    Power Systems/ Albis - X DSL, FO Terminal/ NSN - hiT 70xx.

    Highly scalable in order to serve very small networks, as well as

    nationwide deployments.

    Support continuity.

    Continuous upgrade of the system to support new

    equipment/new vendors.

    Multi-user & multi terminal capability.

    Multilanguage support.

    Redundant server support.

    Available connection to higher level systems through SNMP.

    Automatic online discovery of the Nokia Siemens Network


    Virtual equipments available to represent models and status of

    non-supported manufacturers.

    Alarms can be filtered and also sent by e-mail.

    Remote connection.

    Higher maximum number of nodes per bus than other systems.

    Possibility of adaptation of the product to the customer needs.

    Easy and powerful customization of the represented network.

    Reliable and well tested system. More than 15 years

    experienced system on lots of networks around the world.

    Visit us on o contact us by soluciones@cic.esMain offices in Santander and Madrid. Tel: +34-902 269 017