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SFUMC Childrens Ministry MilestonesSet sail on a journey

1It is our goal in SFUMC Childrens Ministry for every child to participate in the life of the church by experiencing:Worshiping Together (Gathering)Learning Together (Growing)Serving Together (Giving and Going)Why MIlestones?

By the time our children have reached 7th grade, they will have had the opportunity to experience:Worshiping with their friendsWorshiping with their family Learning stories from scripture with their friendsLearning stories from scripture with their familyLeading the congregation in praying and the reading of scripture.Serving as acolytes

Why Milestones?

By the time our children have reached 7th grade, they will have had the opportunity to experience:Serving as greeters and worship hostsServing Holy CommunionPreparing and presenting musical and visual art for worshipGoing to serve in the name of Christ with their friendsGoing to serve in the name of Christ with their familyDiscerning their spiritual gifts and where they arecalled to serve.

Why MIlestones?

4 Year old pre-k MilestonesGodly Play During the 10:30am worship service, after the Prayer of Illumination, the children are invited to a worship time unique to them, hearing the Word of God through storytelling and response. They return to the Sanctuary during the final hymn to receive the Benediction with their families.

Kindergarten MilestonesJ.A.M. Sunday School Children begin meetingwith their Small Group during Sunday School hour.

Choir Partners Children move up from Star Choir to Choir Partners

1st Grade MilestonesProclaim - During the 10:30 am worship service. After the Prayer of Illumination, 1st and 2nd graders are invited to the Prayer Chapel to hear the morning's scripture in a way that is fun and age appropriate. After the sermon, the children return to the Sanctuary to participate in the remainder of the service with their families.

2nd Grade MilestonesPrayer of Illumination Children are now invited to lead the congregation in the Prayer of Illumination. Child leaders will become part of the rotation with the Pastors and Proclaim leaders.Saintly Singers Children move up from Choir Partners to Saintly SingersCheerful Chimers Children are invited to join the Cheerful Chimers music group.

3rd Grade milestones3rd Grade Bible Presentation Children are given a Bible by the church as a symbol of our continued commitment to the covenant made at their Baptism.3rd Grade Bible Lock-In Children are invited to participate in an exciting event where they will learn more about how to use their Bibles and participate in mission together.

4th Grade MilestonesAcolyte Children are invited to learn how to and begin serving as acolytes.Graceful Ringers Children are invited to join the handbell group, Graceful Ringers

5th Grade milestonesGreeting Preteens are invited to learn about Christian hospitality and to serve as Greeters on Sunday mornings.Worship Buddies Preteens are invited to serve by participating in worship with one of our worshippers from Jordan Oaks Senior Living Center. They will help them to get settled into the pew, sit with them, assist them with their hymnals and bulletins and help with standing when needed.

6th Grade milestonesLay Readers 6th Graders are invited to begin reading the scriptures in worship.Holy Communion 6th Graders are invited to learn about and serve Holy Communion.Discovery and Youth 6th Graders are invited to Discovery in February. Following Discovery,they are invited to join the youth onSunday evenings.