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<p>GNOME Outreach Program for Women (OPW)</p> <p>What is GNOME OPW?</p> <p>GNOME OPW is an internship program organized by the GNOME Foundation to encourage women to become active members of the fast-growing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement and community. The program is held biannually.</p> <p>A little background</p> <p>OPW derives inspiration from Google Summer of Code (GSoC).</p> <p>GSoC was started in 2005. Very few women applied overall, and none applied for GNOME.</p> <p>That got GNOME thinking. The Foundation decided to address the issue and it sponsored a certain number of women for coding projects.</p> <p>A little background ...contd.</p> <p>The sponsorships were independent of GSoC and were meant only for GNOME projects.</p> <p>The experiment ran in 2006. The three subsequent years ran dry. </p> <p>In 2010, GNOME once again came out with internship offers for women.</p> <p>The initiative even got a name GNOME OPW. </p> <p>A little background ...contd.</p> <p>The internship program was held not once, but twice every year, and the first instance (in 2010) came to be designated as Round 1. </p> <p>In 2012, the program got a major makeover. Projects from organizations other than GNOME were included as well.</p> <p>GSoC and OPW compared</p> <p>GSoCOPW</p> <p>Open to men and womenOpen to anyone who identifies as a woman</p> <p>Open to only studentsOpen to non-students as well</p> <p>Includes only coding projectsIncludes non-coding projects as well, such as those related to documentation, designing and translation</p> <p>Held once a yearHeld twice a year</p> <p>How to apply</p> <p>Information points</p> <p>https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen</p> <p>#opw IRC channel onGIMPNet (irc.gnome.org)</p> <p>@fossopw</p> <p>Necessary requirements</p> <p>Contribute to a FOSS project participating in an upcoming round.ORContribute to any FOSS project of your choice.</p> <p>Contributing is mandatory. Start early and get noticed. </p> <p>The upcoming round: Dates to remember</p> <p>1 Oct 2013: Application process begins1 Nov 2013: Application deadline20 Nov 2013: Result announcement10 Dec 2013to Internship period 10 March 2014 </p> <p>OPW and I</p> <p>Interned with the Open Technology Institute of the New America Foundation.</p> <p>Worked on the Commotion Wireless Project.</p> <p>Studied 12 FOSS projects and compared their L10n processes.</p> <p>Researched translation tools for text and video content. </p> <p>Made recommendations regarding which tools to use. Translated resources into French.</p> <p>Some links from my blog</p> <p>http://www.worddelights.com/blog/gnome-outreach-program-for-women/localizing-commotion-wireless-project-first-steps</p> <p>http://www.worddelights.com/blog/gnome-outreach-program-for-women/video-subtitling-captioning-and-translation-tools-amara-versus-dotsub</p> <p>http://www.worddelights.com/blog/gnome-outreach-program-for-women/translation-management-tools-transifex-pootle-and-launchpad-a-comparison-of-features</p> <p>What is Commotion?</p> <p>Commotion is an open-source software that helps create a distributed peer-to-peer (mesh) network between two or more wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops and routers. It strengthens communities by allowing them to build their own communications infrastructures. </p> <p>Commotion: Uses</p> <p>Commotion has applications as:A facilitator of access to the internet.</p> <p>An aid during natural calamities.</p> <p>As a circumvention technology.</p> <p>Explore Commotion</p> <p>https://commotionwireless.net/about</p> <p>https://commotionwireless.net/about/faq</p> <p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBzyH09DeLo</p> <p>Contribute to Commotion</p> <p>https://commotionwireless.net/get-involved</p> <p>https://commotionwireless.net/docs/get-involved/localization</p> <p>Thanks for sitting through!</p>