Seventh all-union conference on basic problems in machine and mechanisms theory

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<ul><li><p>123 </p><p>The Proceedings of the first ROMANSY are now available in two volumes~ for purchase from the publisher, Springer Verlag of Berlin, etc. </p><p>Vice Chairmen of the Organizing and Program Committee: *Prof. L. SOBRERO, </p><p>CISM, Palazzo del Torso, Piazza Garibaldi, </p><p>Udine, Italy </p><p>?Prof. A. MORECKI, Warsaw Technical University, </p><p>Institute of Applied Mechanics, 00-663 Warszawa, </p><p>Al. Niepodleglosci 222, Poland </p><p>~Copies may be purchased from Springer-Verlag, Catalog No.: ISBN 3-211-81252-0 Springer-Verlag, Wien-New York, ISBN 0-387-81252-0 Springer-Verlag, Wien-New York. </p><p>SEVENTH ALL-UNION CONFERENCE ON BASIC PROBLEMS IN MACHINE AND MECHANISMS THEORY </p><p>This conference was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, U.S.S.R. on 16-18 September 1974. It was sponsored by the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR, the Ministry of Higher and Special Secondary Education of the U.S.S.R., and the State Scientific and Research Institute of Machine Study, with the participation of IFToMM. </p><p>The following problems were reported and discussed: (1) Synthesis of mechanisms with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. N. I. </p><p>LEVITZKII, E. V. HERZ, G. V. KREININ, and E. A. ZUHANOVA. (2) Investigation of methods and problems of the dynamic conditions in heavy-duty machines. </p><p>S. N. KOZHEVNIKOV. (3) Basic problems of machine vibration. J. G. PANOVKO. (4) Synthesis problems of automatic machines. L. V. PETROKAS, L. I. VOLSHKOVISH, </p><p>D. J. ILYINSKII, and I. A. KLUSOV. (5) Dynamics of machines with variable parameters and variable structures. A. P. BESSONOV. (6) Synthesis problems of machine engagement and machine transmission. V. A. </p><p>GAVRILENKO. (7) Dynamic problems of man-machine systems. K. V. FROLOV. (8) Basic problems in the theory of spatial mechanisms. P. A. LEBEDEV and D. S. </p><p>TAVKHELIDZE. (9) Problems in the acoustical dynamics of machines. M. D. GENKIN and V. I. SEGEEV. </p><p>(10) Problems in the mechanics and control of manipulators and robots. A. E. KOBRINSKII. </p><p>(11) Experimental research methods for machines. E. G. NEHAPETIAN. (12) Basic problems in the history of mechanisms and machine theory. A. N. </p><p>BOGOLIUBOV (was not discussed). </p><p>For the availability of the conference proceedings, contact: </p><p>7th Conference on TMM ul. Griboedova 4 </p><p>101830 Moscow (Center), U.S.S.R. </p></li></ul>


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