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Presentation of the seven themes on which the 2002/3 rebranding of Middlesex University was based. This is a summary of the piece of work for which, in 2005, I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University.


  • 1. seven themes key elements in communicating the Middlesex University brandAB

2. theme onedifference makes the difference 3. difference makes the difference Middlesexs diverse make-up means that students, faculty and staff are constantly encountering challenging differences: differences of culture, background, values, disciplines and outlook. This experience of difference may not always be comfortable but it enriches all of our activities. 4. theme twoliving with contradiction 5. living with contradiction There is never only one right answer. And where there are many different points of view we need to be able to work with all of them. Middlesex has always been very good at living with contradiction. Its not something to be ashamed of, but is instead an effective way of dealing with complex situations and a valuable life skill in the world today. 6. theme threecreative fermentWeve still got a couple of years before were ready for the moon. 7. creative ferment Its not possible to be both highly creative and highly organised at the same time: innovation thrives on the edge of chaos. Middlesex has a reputation for being a creative place with a slightly chaotic culture that provides a great environment for innovation. Sometimes, however, this can look like muddlesex! 8. theme fourtransformation, not transfer 9. transformation, not transfer There is more to education than just the transfer of knowledge and skills. Middlesex helps people to do something remarkable to transform their expectations, their opportunities and their lives. This may involve acquiring new knowledge and skills, but these are only a part of it. 10. theme fivea caravan of learning 11. a caravan of learning One of our greatest strengths is helping less qualified students achieve their potential. But we also have some highly talented students who are achieving great things. The secret of the what happens at Middlesex is that everyone is on a journey together each is helped to reach his or her destination (whatever it is) by the experience of travelling with others. 12. theme sixrooted in the restless spirit 13. rooted in the restless spirit If there is one thing that links the various places where we are based, it is that they all have diverse communities trying to make their way in the modern world and to get along with each other. In the future, Middlesex may be spread across an even wider range of places. So our home cant be a location instead, it is everywhere that people believe questions are more important than answers. 14. theme sevenmirror to a strange new world 15. mirror to a strange new world The world of tomorrow looks set to be chaotic, diverse, fluid, dangerous, wonderful full of opportunities, uncertainties, contradictions. Middlesex is a mirror to this world, and our graduates are more than usually equipped to function, flourish and contribute in it.


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