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This is a slide deck I created from my article "Seven Simple Strategies to Engage Any Audience" published on ( in July 2013.


  • 7 Simple Strategies BY SHEILA B ROBINSON To Engage Any Audience
  • Why do presenters present? To teach
  • Why do presenters present? To share information
  • Why do presenters present? To tell stories
  • Why do presenters present? To share results
  • Why do presenters present? To share ideas
  • Successful presenters Engage their audiences
  • Unsuccessful presenters Mmmmnot so much
  • So, how do you get this audience and not this one?
  • Strategy #1 Know them
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #1 Ask those who invited you about them.
  • Strategy #1 Administer a survey or pre-assessment to them.
  • Strategy #1 What are their interests, experiences, skills, knowledge, or learning needs?
  • Strategy #1 Knowing this can inform thoughtful design of both content and audience engagement strategies.
  • Strategy #2 Appreciate them
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #2 Tell them!
  • Strategy #2 Tell them how much you appreciate their time, attention, and participation.
  • Strategy #3 Ask questions
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #3 Ask them to raise their hands in response to a question to the group.
  • Strategy #3 Even rhetorical questions can engage an audience when you have little opportunity for interaction, right?
  • Strategy #4 Be human, approachable, and vulnerable
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #4 If you make a mistake, admit it.
  • Strategy #4 Laugh at yourself.
  • Strategy #4 Be honest!
  • Strategy #4 Tell them that you dont know everything about your topic and that you are still a learner.
  • Strategy #4 Tell them how you thought, behaved, or worked prior to learning what youre now sharing with them.
  • Strategy #5 Offer resources
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #5 Show them opportunities for further reading, continued learning, tools & other resources relevant to their work.
  • Strategy #5 If you have a website or blog, develop a portion of it with links to relevant resources.
  • Strategy #5 Invite them to connect after the presentation (through social media, email, etc.) to ask additional questions.
  • Strategy #6 Get them learning from each other
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #6 Encourage them to collaborate with you and educate their co-learners.
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #6 Turn and talk: Give them something to talk about with a next-door seatmate.
  • Strategy #6 Think-pair-share: Ask them to think about a topic, exchange ideas with a partner, then share their ideas with the large group.
  • Strategy #6 Use technology: Have them use internet-connected devices to answer questions. Try Poll Everywhere and you can project results on the screen in real time.
  • Strategy #6 Use activity protocols: See the National School Reform Facultys array of protocols appropriate for adult audiences.
  • Strategy #7 Challenge them
  • HOW?
  • Strategy #7 Challenge their thinking and current understanding of your topic.
  • Strategy #7 Induce cognitive dissonance.
  • Strategy #7 Its not just about presenting new information, but about challenging their beliefs or understanding
  • Strategy #7 and supporting them in making connections from your new information to their existing understanding.
  • Strategy #7 Challenge them to reach a goal during your presentation
  • Strategy #7 to add two more of something to their list, toolbox, repertoire, etc.
  • 7 Simple Strategies #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Know them Appreciate them Ask questions Be human, approachable, & vulnerable Offer resources Get them learning from each other Challenge them To Engage Any Audience
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