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Story plot design.


  • 1. 18 THMOON STATION ( ) Seven Kingdoms

2. Concept

  • Transition to a new generation.
  • Nation is the form of peoples with the same ideals.
  • Story about group of peoples who want to rebuild their battered world into new nations.

3. Story plot

  • The world is separated into the kingdom in the sky and on the surface. The kingdom in the sky put pressure, limiting the surface kingdoms from advancing, thus the surface is still in their medieval state.
  • A group of young peoples, led by the main character, go on a quest to look for the legendary regalia, symbol of the ancient kingdoms, to unite peoples and rebuild the nations by their ideals.
  • They follow stories and reached the sites the kingdoms used to stand on. The regalia are held by peoples with the same dreams.

4. Story plot

  • Not all the heirs have the same ideals. Some has only the wish for vengeance, other doesnt want to fight back.
  • After all seven are gathered, they tried once to attack the sky kingdom, but failed and was helped by a young priest who also have the eight regalia weapon.
  • They gathered back and rethink of their plan before attacking back.
  • In the journey, they meet again with the priest, who they fought with first, but then he joined them.
  • The truth about the weapons meaning and history of their world is then unveiled.
  • The rebuilding of the world in a more peaceful way.

5. World

  • The world is separated into the kingdom in the sky and group of smaller kingdoms on the surface.
  • The sky kingdom is built on floating islands. These islands supply enough to live, but not as rich as the surface.
  • The floating islands are covered by force field protecting them from sunlight and weather. The underside shines brightly dispersing radiation and lighting the land underneath.
  • In the past, there used to be seven great kingdoms on the surface, but theyre destroyed in the world war.
  • Monsters are abundant, but magical power is weak, so magical weapons are needed.
  • Kingdom of the sky rarely interfere, but occasionally they dropped bomb on rebel movements.

6. History

  • In the past, there are eight tribes living in floating islands. The surface are not place for human, a natural paradise.
  • Seven tribes leaders who fell in love with the surface decided to descent, despite the wish from the eldest, who stays.
  • The kingdoms on the surface become prosperous and grows big. They starts to fight with each others.
  • The sky kingdom decided to open war and destroyed the civilization, keeping them not strong enough to wage another war.
  • After the war, surface kingdoms are split into small cities who occasionally waged war. Theyre still in medieval stage.
  • There are poem of oracle that the ancient kingdoms would rise again with power to liberate them from the sky.

7. Kingdoms and Regalia

  • The sky kingdom. Ideal: a nation of order, where everyone feels sure and protected to continue their life. Regalia: Sky Archive. Library of books containing thoughts and history of the past and is able to send out those great ideas of the past to peoples so they can learn of it.
  • The earth kingdom. Ideal: a nation that can accept the past and forgive. Regalia: Heaven Sheath. Endless silk fabric that has the power to bind the power of all other regalia and weapons. Described as sheath to sword. Passive.

8. Kingdoms and Regalia

  • The lightning kingdom. Ideal: nation that can change, revolution. Regalia: Seven Lights. Swords that can multiply itself in different shapes. The number will keep multiplying until the battle is over, so difficult to use in close quarter.
  • The wind kingdom. Ideal: nation that can exchange ideas with others to be better. Regalia: Wind Ring. Circular movement of air that formed magical formation. Can disperse magic or enable use of powerful spell.

9. Kingdoms and Regalia

  • The water kingdom. Ideal: nation thats strong enough for its ideal and wont be looked down by others. Regalia: Squall Front. Spear with ability to control flow. Despite the size, has a very fluid motion.
  • The fire kingdom. Ideal: nation that gives freedom to everyone to rule themselves. Regalia: Countless Voices. Knives. Much light Seven Lights, multiplication ability but without variation. All the knives are independent and can be used by anyone.

10. Kingdoms and Regalia

  • The mountain kingdom. Ideal: nation that are open to everyone. Regalia: Summit Gate. Shield field that effectively blocks anything. It can only be passed if both side want it to open.
  • The lake kingdom. Ideal: nation that live in peace, not disturbing each others. Regalia: Eternal Ice. Ball of thread housing the real form, an ice spider. Has even stronger binding ability than the Heaven Sheath.

11. Charactes

  • In order of meeting.
  • Rai. An explorer who received the artefact weapon from his dying father. He recognized the weapon from old poem he heard of and decided to start a revolution. Know a lot about history.
  • Ventia. A scholar girl who studied culture. Elder sister character that calm down Rai. Her family line has long gone, but she is a princess from the true line of king. Doesnt like the Earth kingdoms queen because of jealousy to the attention Rai is giving to her.
  • Marpest. A mercenary with deep grudge to the sky. His kingdom is destroyed with magical cannon, and his right arm mutated into a monstrosity. Dangerous character that doesnt hesitate.
  • Cedia. A thief in a desert city. In her childhood, she have over-protective family, so she finally escaped home. She enjoyed the freedom she have without any regret.

12. Characters

  • (contd)
  • Tinente. Lady of an elf-like tribe in the forest. A motherly character that care for others. She first suggested to stop the wish to starts a revolution and instead try a more peaceful way.
  • Meira. Met when passing the mountain. A kind and innocent younger brother character. During the passing, he protected them from a magical cannon blast straight above the mountain.
  • Lagh. When looking for her, the party got trapped by her regalia and bonded. Her tribe live in solitary, only rarely contact each others. She doesnt want to change from what happened now.
  • Ceui. A priest in the sky kingdom. Crown prince who was told by his father to study about the past and look for his own path for the future. Know a lot of things and is a very suspicious character.

13. Incomplete parts

  • Character relationship.
  • Plot of story after the revelation of history needed more in-between plots before the gathering of peoples.
  • Needed more reasoning to put up conflict between the surface and the sky but without making a side become pure antagonist.