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DESCRIPTION We plan the bedroom for a baby carefully but the bedrooms of pre-schoolers tend to just evolve. It can be good to evaluate what is and isn’t in a preschooler’s bedroom.


  • 1. Setting Up A Kids Bedroom

2. When were expecting a new baby, weoften spend a lot of time planning out thenursery and even decorating it especiallyfor a first baby. 3. However, as youve probably noticed bynow, they grow up so fast and the thingsthat suited the needs of a baby probablydont suit the needs of a preschool child aswell. 4. And if youre like most parents, life wasprobably a bit too hectic through thetoddler years to give much thought toroom design and layout in your childsbedroom, and the room probably justevolved around your child. 5. However, as the weather changes and wego into a new season thats likely to bringa bit of rain along, this can be a good timeof year to re-evaluate how you organiseyour home, and one room a childsbedroom is a good project that isnt toooverwhelming. 6. Of course, if you have moved houserecently or are just about to, you probablyhave the opportunity to think about whereyour child is at now and what he or sheneeds. 7. So lets dive on in and get started 8. The bed is the most important part of thebedroom for obvious reasons. 9. Its so much easier to get out of bed and goto the loo in the middle of the night if youdont have to climb over high sides. 10. A lot of preschool children still wet thebed at night they say 1 in 500 childrendont outgrow it until their teens soposition the bed so you can get to bothsides reasonably easily to tuck sheets andblankets in. 11. Even with overnight nappies, you will stillbe changing sheets more frequently thanotherwise, so you may as well make thischore easier. 12. Clothes storage. 13. One of the self-care things we encouragethrough Montessori education is gettingdressed. 14. This means that you need to provide someeasy-access storage for your child so he orshe can choose clothes quickly and easilyin the mornings without scramblingaround with high rails in wardrobes orhigh shelves. 15. While children are small, the clothes theyneed can fit easily into the drawers in oneof these dressers, with little need for anyother storage space. 16. Put good clothes that you dont want worndaily on hangers in the wardrobe. 17. Toy storage 18. Dont go for the traditional toybox. Theseget so muddled and disorganised, and theycan be a bit of a hazard with that lidcoming down on small fingers. 19. Go for something involving pigeonholesor cubbyholes with lots of smallishcompartments that can fit one set of toysin each compartment. Stacking boxes alsowork. 20. A place to sit. 21. Where else are you going to sit for thebedtime story? Try a comfy chair ormaybe a blanket box that stores thingsthat arent in everyday use. 22. A lamp. 23. Having the lighting low in the eveninghelps soothe children and get them readyfor sleep. Place the lamp by the chair toget good lighting for bedtime stories. 24. Curtains 25. A must, as rooms need to be dimly lit atnight for good sleep. 26. Opening the curtains in the morning andclosing them at night make a sort of ritualpattern to mark the start and end of theday. 27.