sessa review fly45

Sessa Review FLY45
Sessa Review FLY45
Sessa Review FLY45
Sessa Review FLY45
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    rest ol lhe space. "For convivil i tyl" lvl igl orr neir l) 'chirped. l t icvident Scssa has gone to great pains lo'Anericanize" this boat, notonly rvith the main deck'.s Ial-out, hrt .lso \'ith its Elegance Pickage, abundle of options - in cludi ug amenities like n electricall),' a u stable helm seat, l-ED spotlights, and underrvater lights-designed toease the burden ocustunization fo the American bu,ver. \{hal'snlore, Sessa has taken to f ixing thc priccs of i ts boats in dol lars so thecompan,v takcs on the risk ofa flucluating ELLro. With all tlls fcuson e LlS. market then, itls no surprise that Sessa is also aggrcssivelyseeking out statesidc dcalers to distribute rts bots.

    Perhaps the compan)- is so hot to sell the ,15 becrllse it kno\r.s it got. good thing going. Postioned in thc rrarkctplace as a conrpetitor tosilnilrl)' conceived builds from AziDut and Princess, the boit is r!cll dcsigncd, tnctional, ad gallley athletic cruiser that! dclDitcl,vruilt to part).. The ain deck boasts n interior helm station to star-roard that has sufprising,v good 1 es of sight. To be truthliL, I wasitcxpcctirlg n1uch. In n1y opinion, European boats ofteDtirncs tcnd lotrade sleek lLnes fr a claustrophobc ot'er helnr lhet r!'ould sendnlost anl' capiain scrarnbling to the topsjde pilol seit in lll but the\\'orst conditons. Not so on this boat. ^ standrd Rdvnrarine displa)-rids \vith narigation whilc the captain pilots the boat frorr a leathelaccented helIrl flanked b,v relieshingly largc windclrls lht openelctrically to allow for a cross breeze.

    Belolv, thc acconnodations car be conligured \!'ith eithc t$o or


    th|ee cabrs, thorLgh the three cabin la)-out on m,v test boat tels like ano brainer to me. \lv reasoning here is nvofld. Firsl, the two cabinmodcl allorvs for a second galle)', rr'hch secms like uasted space ona .15 tboter. And second, ifYodre only looking for h{o cabins, Sessollers r similar ,10 footer wth just sLlch a conlguration that sellsfor about $215,000 less. Seems to l]e that if ,vou Just reqire the tlvocabins lou might as well get the smaler nrodel and buy a couple ofPorsches or scnd a kitl to a prir-ate, fur year college $'1th the leitovers.But I could be wrong.

    'lhc highlight on ths deck is doubtlessl,v the lbrepek master. fllecabin has a king-size berth 'ith 1!'e1l laid out stcps and a full 6 feet7 inchcs ofheadloom. Snraish portholes dont do nuch by $'ay oflilihting thc spacc, bul Sess took care ofthat with a Iarge hlch thatle|s il1 enough sLLnlight to heep the cabir arr The en suitc head l1lo$,s sL1t, prticuLarl) iD the shower compartment \lherc spaciouseasLLrenents indicate this bodt is readl tbr the stereoq-pci ly brodsho[]ders ofthe Amercan cstomer: I stepped into thc cornpartmentnyselfand had plentr of room, and sulice il to say lh:t my shouldersw'ould split Nligliorinls shirt seams. Abaft the nraster the 45 has thoset1r,o guesl cabins, pelhaps nost Dotablc lin their Iarge rvalrut lockers,dcsigned to keep guests dresscd to kill at dockside soiees. (Leave it tothe ltalians to build lots ofcloset sprce on a boat.)

    The,15 Fll'eDjo)'s all lhis inteior vo[r'e in prt due to Sessais pen-chant lr putting IPS clri\es oir its vessels, includLng all ofits niodels ovet

    Sungh td renches thesaoon .AnopengaJey inv i t esArne r i cans t y l een tedan ing .The joys t i ck i swe l l p l aced fo rdock lng .

  • TEST CONlTlO'\5: Airtemperature: 82oF; hum d ty 60%o;seas2- to 3-feet; load: 170 gal. fuel.0 gal. water, 5 persons, 0 lb. gear.Speeds are two-way averages measured W/ Raymarine GPS.GPH estirnates taken via Volvo Penta Web site Range is basedon 90o/o ofadvert sed fuelcapacity. Decibels measured at helm;65 dB(A) ls the evelofnormalconversation.

    > The 45 has layoutswith eithertwo orthree cabins.

    RPM KNOTS GPH* RANGE dB(A)100 i i 6 . ,4 21 1 .214 t 91500 8.4 5.0 638 742a iJ 141 i3 . i l 31 : ; '52500 17.3 20.0 329 7A3000 2,1 3 2a.a 3jl l 7tj3500 32.0 40.0 304 83'Estimaled rom Volvo Penta Web site.

    SPECIFICATIONS:LOA:47'0'BEAM:14' 4"DRAFT:4'6'DISPL.: 31,967 lb. (dry)FUEL:336 gal.WATER:148 gal.TEST POWER: 2,/435 HP Volvo Penla lPS600sTRANSMISSION: Volvo gears w/ 1.82:1 ratioPROPULSION: Volvo Penta IPS pod drivesGENERATOR: 1,/L4ASE 11 kWBASE PRICET $775.000PRICE AS TESTED: $899,00

    40 feet. In this case the 45 has twin Volvo Penta435-horsepower IPS600s in a clean and orde yengine room. Which is not to say that t}lespace is particlarly roomy-headrcom is at apremium and when I crawled in between theengines my hips were flush to them-but thatt

    not altogether uncommon on a boat ofthis size or gpe, and also serwesas a not-so-subde reminder to stick to youl diet.

    Perfornance-wise however, those powerplants left little to desire.The boat impressed with a sporty 32-knot two-way average at wideopen throttle, and a 24-knot cruise near 3000 rpm. Meanwhie her hullhandled the 2 and 3 foot swells easily, providing a soft ride through-out as we glided over tlle glinting midwinter Atlantic. Hardover atcruise the boat came around in about four boat lengths so she's noclod by ay stretch-but for me personally, Iil like to see those podsdialed in to make the turning a litde bit tighter so the boatt responsive-ness is more in line with her unmistakably sleek look and feel.

    I ran the performance test fiom the boat's flying bridge helm, which isstill the optimal place to drive a sun-worshiping vessel like this, no mat-ter how good the sightlines are beow deck. The topside helm is pat ofa fllng bridge that-mark my words-will leave youl grests chattering,namely because ofits relatve enormity. A forward sunpad is certainly

    apprecated by the tanning masses but is not particulaly unexpected.What is noteworthy is the bridge's firll overhang above the coclgit, whichis the geesis ofthis decl{s commanding sense ofspace.lhe aft portionof the bridge is rcserved for seating and entertaitig since a tender iustshy of l0 feet in length can stow o the teak swim plaform. Wraparoundseating accon'modates up to nine people while a foldout dining tablestands at the ready for service of wine and clostini. Overhead a biminitop that comes standard with the Elegance Package provides shade ifneeded while a standard grI and bar unit wil help keep your guestsfueled up ro party Lhe night away.

    Migliorini likes this part ofthe boat in particular, and couldbarely contain his excitement while showing olf the grill and aftseating. "lt's like thisi' he said, gesturing to the expanse ofthe deck."You come up here with friends, you maybe have a little bit of wine...

    ,vou stay up late ... and the in the morning ..." he flipped hissunglasses down from his head, flopped down on the bench seat,and lay gdnning in the sun, totally motioless, completely sient. Fora moment it seemed as ifhe had forgotten I was even there. Actually,in retrospect, mae I should have gone down to the galley andwhipped him up an espresso. D

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