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Services Digitisation & Content Management Slide 2 600 People India Slide 3 Services Digitisation Services Bibliographic services Content Management Services Slide 4 Digitisation Services Full text capture of historic manuscripts 16 th Century Church Records 17 & 18 th century Census Records 18 th and 19 th Century Life Event Records Slide 5 Bibliographic Services On site catalogue imaging Services Retro Conversion of Catalogues MARC21 MODS Finding Aids EAD Slide 6 Digitisation of Large volume of Print content The UK parliamentary debates The Hansard 16 th - 18 th Century American Texts Legal texts and publications Historic Newspapers Slide 7 AEL offers end-to-end solution for newspaper digitisation. Slide 8 Archival Newspaper Digitisation A complete Solution for the historic newspaper Digitisation: On-site / Off-site Scanning of Paper or microfilm OCR and clean up Article level Zoning Quality Assurance Hosting & Search solutions Slide 9 Micrographic services Micrographic lab that can scan and print 16mm or 35 mm microfilms, Microfiche or aperture cards to 600 DPI Tiff images. Capable of scanning up to 40,000 frames / day Slide 10 Reprographic services Scanning for Newspapers & large format documents Overhead non contact scanning with minimal damage to original pages Capable of scanning up to 10,000 broadsheet pages /day Colour scanning with 10,200 pixels Image Enhancement: Cropping, de-skew, de-speckle, Lighting corrections, histogram adjustment, Filter, Geometrical corrections. Slide 11 Scanning From Microfilm Advantages Lower cost for scanning Sometimes only microfilm is available Slide 12 Scanning From Microfilm Disadvantages Poor microfilming Process & material technology of 50s & 60s Poor Filming Methods Slide 13 Scanning from Paper Advantages Excellent image & Text quality Slide 14 Scanning from Paper Badly Stored/ damaged original paper copies. Higher cost of scanning Disadvantages Slide 15 Content Segmentation Page & article analyses Slide 16 AEL uses third party software tools as well as own tools for article segmentation Automatic zoning & article segmentation software is not perfect! Manual correction of the segmentation is required for 20-40% of the articles. Slide 17 OCR Problems Most archival Newspapers yield low OCR accuracies. Poor OCR Useless for OCR AEL offers manual OCR clean-up options. Headline re-key Proofread / re-key first few lines Full page proofread Slide 18 Customized search solutions for the digitised archive Madras Slide 19 Article level Metadata METS ALTO MODS MIX NewsML Other metadata schemas Slide 20 Newspaper Digitisation Process Quality Assurance Content Export Images from Paper & Microfilm Scanning Conversion flow WEB Search Content database Content formatting Zoning & article segmentation Database Server OCR Text Images XML metadata Jpeg 2000 Images PDF OCR / Cleanup Content Input Web Hosting Slide 21 Thank you