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Service level agreement, SLA, contract by Derek Hendrikz. Definitions, terms, appointment, scope, service, obligations, remuneration, fees, termination, cancellation, breach, confidentiality, intelectual property, indemnity, liability, arbitration, non-performance, performance.


  • 1.the procurement contract (Service Level Agreement) derek hendrikz

2. Copyright 2014 Derek Hendrikz Consulting 3. Important Aspects of a good Service Level Agreement (SLA) 4. clear definitions 5. terms of appointment (duration, review, etc.) 6. scope of service 7. obligations 8. remuneration and fees 9. termination, cancellation and breach 10. confidentiality and intellectual property 11. indemnity and liability 12. arbitration 13. Communicating Performance Criteria Obligations of both parties should be clearly set out in the Service Level Agreement (SLA); Outcomes (that which must be achieved) must be clearly stated and defined; All supplier performance must be project based, preferably a project plan from the supplier must be demanded; The SLA must make provision for feedback intervals; and Payments to the provider must be subdivided into payments for outcomes achieved. 14. Working with non-performance in the SLA Insert a penalty cost for non-correct delivery. Develop coordination instruments and monitoring processes. Develop and define quantitative analysis instruments.