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  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    Service Encyclopedia Of ICICIPrudential Life Insurance Commerce

    EssayICICI Prudential Life Insurance is one of the largest Insurance networks in the

    country, and 2nd Life Insurance Company in India. The ICICI Group has been

    in eistence since !"## when ICICI Ltd., was created. ICICI Prudential started

    in 2$$2 as subsidiary of ICICI Ltd., Today ICICI Life Insurance has a customer

    base of % million with total assets eceeding &s.!, $$,$$$ Cr. making it the

    2nd largest life insurance company in the country, net only to LIC.

    The Insurance sector, after the opening up, pro'ides greater opportunities.(e'eral global players ha'e emerged and the market has changed

    significantly. In the changed scenario, the epectation is that the low

    Insurance premium as a percentage of G)P pre'ailing in India will impro'e

    and will offer better opportunities to the insurance players.

    Life Insurance sector is one of the key areas where enormous business

    potential eists. In India currently the life insurance premium as a

    percentage of G)P is !.* per cent against #.2 per cent in the +(, but in the

    liberalied scenario, the life insurance

    premiums were pro-ected to grow at around !/ to 2$/ from &s 2!# billion

    in !""0 "" to &s #"2 billion in 2$$%0$# and to &s !%#$ billion by 2$$"0!$.

    Corporate non0life

    premium was pro-ected to grow from &s % billion in !""0"" to &s *1

    billion in 2$$"0!$ and personal line non0life from &s % billion to &s #! billion.

    In the life Insurance segment the Life Insurance Corporation of India LIC3 is

    the ma-or player. The LIC has 2$#$ branches. It is constituted in to se'en

    4ones. Currently there are #, 1$,$$$ LIC agents in India. General Insurance is

    another segment, which has been growing at a faster pace.


  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    This study is 'ery useful as the financial market become more sophisticated

    and comple, in'estor needs a financial intermediary who pro'ides the

    re5uired knowledge and professional epertise on successful in'esting and

    Life insurance is a form of insurance that pays monetary proceeds upon the

    death of the insured co'ered in the policy. 6ssentially, a life insurance policy

    is a contract between the named insured and the insurance company

    wherein the insurance company agrees to pay an agreed upon sum of

    money to the insured7s named beneficiary so long as the insured7s premiums



    Life insurance is a form of insurance that pays monetary proceeds upon the

    death of the insured co'ered in the policy. 6ssentially, a life insurance policy

    is a contract between the named insured and the insurance company

    wherein the insurance company agrees to pay an agreed upon sum of

    money to the insured7s named beneficiary so long as the insured7s premiums

    are current.

    8ith a large population and the untapped market area of this population

    insurance happens to be a 'ery big opportunity in India. Today it stands as a

    business growing at the rate of !#02$/ annually. Together with banking

    ser'ices, it adds about 9 percent to the countries G)P. In spite of all this

    growth statistics of the penetration of the insurance in the country is 'ery

    poor. :early $/ of Indian populations are without life insurance co'er and

    the health insurance. This is an indicator that growth potential for the

    insurance sector is immense in India.

    It was due to this immense growth that the regulations were introduced in

    the insurance sector and in continuation ;

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    (ince then the insurance industry has gone through many changes. The

    liberaliation of the industry the insurance industry has ne'er looked back

    and today stand as one of the most competiti'e and eploring industry in

    India. The entry of the pri'ate players and the increased use of the new

    distribution are in the limelight today. The use of new distribution techni5ues

    and the IT tools has increased the scope of the industry in the longer run.

    Insurance is the business of pro'iding protection against financial aspects of

    risk, such as those to property, life health and legal liability. It is one method

    of a greater concept known as risk management >which is the need to

    mange uncertainty on account of eposure to loss, in-ury, disad'antage or


    Insurance is the method of spreading and transfer of risk. The fortunate

    many who are eposed to some or similar risk shares loss of the unfortunate.

    Insurance does not protect the assets but only compensates the economic or

    financial loss.

    In insurance the insured makes payment called ;premiums= to an insurer,

    and in return is able to claim a payment from the insurer if the insured

    suffers a defined type of loss. This relationship is usually drawn up in a

    formal legal contract.

    P#O!CT$SE#%ICES P#OFILEICICI Prudential?s ultimate promise is financial security. @ strong brand

    certainly boosts sale, but without customer0friendly, inno'ati'e products,

    e'en the best brand would not last long.

    ICICI Prudential?s product range has been de'eloped on the understanding

    that different people ha'e their own sets of needs at 'arious stages of their

    li'es. It has thus built a fleible portfolio of products that can be customied

    to cater to 'arying needs of people at each stage, and thus ensure protection

    in e'ery step of life. The company?s philosophy has been to help customers

    understand their financial needs and work closely with them to customie a

    product that would meet. @d'isors can offer a complete range of products >

    (a'ings plans, Child plans, and tailor a fleible solution to meet customers? changing

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    needs at e'ery stage of life. In fact, ICICI Prudential was the first to un0

    bundle product benefits, pioneering the concept of Ariders? and soon after

    introduce comprehensi'e market0linked and retirement plans.

    ICICI Prudential has launched a handful of products that are analyed belowB

    ICICI Prudential7s life insurance products may be loosely categoried under

    three formsB pure life insurance products without an in'estment angle to

    them a product that is a mi of a cumulati'e in'estment scheme and an

    insurance product and, finally, standard products such as money0back and

    endowment policies.

    (ingle Premium DondB The (ingle Premium Dond is the name of a policy that

    combines the features of an in'estment in a cumulati'e deposit scheme with

    that of an insurance product.

    Policy0holders are re5uired to pay a one0time premium based on a target

    sum assured. @t maturity, the policy0holder gets the sum assured and

    guaranteed additions that work out to a compound return of %.# per cent the

    sum assured.

    The insurance part of the package comes in the form of death benefits that

    are paid in the case of the demise of the policy0holder. The sie of the death

    benefit is linked to the number of years left for the policy to epire. En

    maturity date, the maturity 'alue is also paid in addition to the deathbenefits that would ha'e been paid earlier.

    Life Guard policiesB The company offers two pure life insurance products that

    ha'e an umbrella name, Life Guard. Ene of them in'ol'es a one0time

    premium for which there are no maturity benefits. The other re5uires regular

    premium payments that are returned at the end of the policy. Life Guard

    offers absolutely no in'estment0related return and is suitable for indi'iduals

    looking for an unadulterated insurance package.

    Insurance Solutions for Individuals

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance offers a range of inno'ati'e, customer0centric

    products that meet the needs of customers at e'ery life stage. Its products

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    can be enhanced with up to # riders, to create a customied solution for each


    Savin&s Solutions

    (ecure Plus is a transparent and feature0packed sa'ings plan that offers *

    le'els of protection.

    Cash Plus is a transparent, feature0packed sa'ings plan that offers * le'els of

    protection as well as li5uidity options.

    (a'e An? Protect is a traditional endowment sa'ings plan that offers life

    protection along with ade5uate returns

    CashDak is an anticipated endowment policy ideal for meeting milestoneepenses like a child?s marriage, epenses for a child?s higher education or

    purchase of an asset.

    LifeTime and LifeTime II offer customers the fleibility and control to

    customie the policy to meet the changing needs at different life stages.

    6ach offer % fund options >Preser'er, Protector, Dalancer and

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    LifeGuard is a protection plan, which offers life co'er at 'ery low cost. It is

    a'ailable in * options >le'el term assurance with return of premium and

    single premium.

    Fome@ssure is a mortgage reducing term assurance plan designed

    specifically to help customers co'er their home loans in a simple and cost0

    effecti'e manner.

    C'ild Plans

    (martid education plans pro'ide guaranteed educational benefits to a child

    along with life insurance co'er for the parent who purchases the policy. The

    policy is designed to pro'ide money at important milestones in the child?s

    life. (martid plans are also a'ailable in unit0linked form > both singlepremium and regular premium.

    #etirement Solutions

    Hore'erLife is a retirement product targeted at indi'iduals in their thirties.

    (ecurePlus Pension is a fleible pension plan that allows one to select

    between * le'els of co'er.

    (ar)et*lin)ed retirement products

    LifeTime Pension II is a regular premium market0linked pension plan.

    LifeLink Pension II is single premium market linked pension plan.

    In'est(hield Pension is a regular premium pension plan with a capital

    guarantee on the in'estible premium and declared bonuses

    Golden earsB is a limited premium paying retirement solution that offers ta

    benefits up to &s !$$,$$$ uJs $C, with fleibility in both the accumulation

    and payout stages.

    Healt' Solutions

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    Fealth @ssure and Fealth @ssure PlusB Fealth @ssure is a regular premium

    plan which pro'ides long term co'er against 1 critical illnesses by pro'iding

    policy holder with financial assistance, irrespecti'e of the actual medical

    epenses. Fealth @ssure Plus offers the added ad'antage of an e5ui'alent

    life insurance co'er

    Cancer CareB is a regular premium plan that pays cash benefit on the

    diagnosis as well as at different stages in the treatment of 'arious cancer


    Group Insurance Solutions

    ICICI Prudential also offers Group Insurance (olutions for companies seeking

    to enhance benefits to their employees.

    ICICI Pru Group Gratuity PlanB ICICI Pru?s group gratuity plan helps employers

    fund their statutory gratuity obligation in a scientific manner. The plan can

    also be customied to structure schemes that can pro'ide benefits beyond

    the statutory obligations.

    ICICI Pru Group Term PlanB ICICI Pru?s fleible group term solution helps

    pro'ide affordable co'er to members of a group. The co'er could be uniform

    or based on designationJrank or a multiple of salary. The benefit under the

    policy is paid to the beneficiary nominated by the member on hisJher death.

    Fle+i,le #ider Options

    ICICI Pru Life offers fleible riders, which can be added to the basic policy at

    a marginal cost, depending on the specific needs of the customer.

    @ccident and disability benefitB If death occurs as the result of an accident

    during the term of the policy, the beneficiary recei'es an additional amount

    e5ual to the rider sum assured under the policy. If the death occurs while

    tra'eling in an authoried mass transport 'ehicle, the beneficiary will be

    entitled to twice the sum assured as additional benefit.

    @ccident DenefitB This rider option pays the sum assured under the rider on

    death due to accident.

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    Critical Illness DenefitB Protects the insured against financial loss in the e'ent

    of " specified critical illnesses. Denefits are payable to the insured for

    medical epenses prior to death

    Income DenefitB This rider pays the !$/ of the sum assured to the nominee

    e'ery year, till maturity, in the e'ent of the death of the life assured. It is

    a'ailable in (martid, (ecurePlus, and CashPlus.

    8ai'er of PremiumB In case of total and permanent disability due to an

    accident, the premiums are wai'ed till maturity. This rider is a'ailable with

    (ecure Plus and Cash Plus.

    PL@::I:G TEEL(

    ICICI P&+)6:TI@L offers a range of tools to help you chalk out your financial

    plans properly.

    Child CalculatorB It helps you calculate and plan the future of your child.

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    Fealth Insurance 0 Insurance against epenses incurred through illness of the


    Liability Insurance 0 This insures property such as automobiles, property and

    professionalJbusiness mishaps.

    Porter - Force.s model of Insurance Industry

    Threat of :ew 6ntrantsB The insurance industry has been budding with new

    entrants e'ery other day. Therefore the companies should car'e out niche

    areas such that the threat of new entrants might not be a hindrance. There is

    also a chance that the big players might s5ueee the small new entrants.

    Power of (uppliersB Those who are supplying the capital are not that big a

    threat. Hor instance, if someone as a 'ery talented insurance underwriter is

    presently working for a small insurance company, there eists a chance that

    any big player willing to enter the insurance industry might entice that

    person off.

    Power of DuyersB :o indi'idual is a big threat to the insurance industry and

    big corporate houses ha'e a lot more negotiating capability with the

    insurance companies. Dig corporate clients like airlines and pharmaceutical

    companies pay millions of dollars e'ery year in premiums.

    @'ailability of (ubstitutesB There eist a lot of substitutes in the insurance

    industry. be it auto, home, commercial, health or life insurance.

    SE#%ICES (A#/ETING (I0




    ICICI aims to deli'er its financial products and ser'ices in the way its

    customers want them deli'eredB with eemplary ser'ice, con'enience and at

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    competiti'e prices. This is reflected in its mission statementB to set the

    standard in helping their customers manage their financial future.

    ICICI is a global financial institution of )utch origin, currently offering

    banking, in'estments, life insurance and retirement ser'ices to meet the

    needs of a broad customer base. Going forward, it concentrate on its position

    as an international retail, direct and commercial bank, while creating an

    optimal base for an independent future for insurance operations including

    in'estment management3.


    To ser'e the interests of stakeholders, increase management focus and

    create 'alue for shareholders, ICICI is mo'ing towards separation of itsbanking and insurance operations. They belie'e the widespread demand for

    greater simplicity, reliability and transparency makes this the best course of

    action. In the future, ICICI Dank will build on its global presence and

    international network and capitalise on its leadership position in gathering

    sa'ings, multi0channel distribution, simple propositions and marketing..


    ICICI conducts business on the basis of clearly defined business principles. In

    all our acti'ities, we carefully weigh the interests of our 'arious stakeholdersB

    customers, employees, business relations and suppliers, society at large and

    shareholders. ICICI stri'es to be a good corporate citien.

    Corporate responsi,ility

    ICICI wants to build its future on sustainable profit based on sound business

    ethics and respect for its stakeholders and be a good corporate citien. Horonly by acting with professionalism and integrity, will they be able to

    maintain our stakeholders? trust and preser'e our reputation. Their Dusiness

    Principles prescribe the corporate 'alues they pursue and the responsibilities

    they ha'e towards society and the en'ironmentB they act with integrity, they

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    are open and clear, they respect each other and they are socially and

    en'ironmentally responsible.


    The ICICI in the +.(. take your pri'acy 'ery seriously. They share a

    commitment to protect your pri'acy and the confidentiality of your personal

    and financial information.

    @s pro'iders of products and ser'ices that in'ol'e compiling personalKand

    sometimes, sensiti'eKinformation, protecting the confidentiality of that

    information has been, and will continue to be, a top priority throughout icici.

    8hether you are a current customer, former customer, or potential

    customer, we belie'e that you should know about the information we collect,the measures we take to safeguard it, and the situations in which we might

    share information with select business partners. This notice eplains how the

    icici handleKand protectKthe personal information we collect.

    The information we collect and the etent to which we use it will 'ary

    depending on the product or ser'ice in'ol'ed. In fact, in certain cases, we

    may not collect or share some of the types of information noted below. Hor

    eample, in a number of cases an ICICI has an agreement with distributors or

    plan sponsors that limits the sharing of information about its customers withany other company, e'en if that company is an ICICI affiliate. These

    agreements continue to be honored.

    163 Promotion

    @d'ertisingB Tele'ision, radio, mo'ies, theatres

    Print mediaB hoardings, newspaper, magaines

    PublicityB road shows, campus 'isits, sandwich man, (ponsorship

    (ales promotionB gifts, discount and commission, incenti'es,etc.

    Personal sellingB Cross0sale selling at competitors place3,personalied

    ser'ice .

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    1-3 Process

    Customer enters branch

    (ecurity check

    In5uiry by customer

    Interaction with banker

    Hills form

    Told will recei'e welcome kit

    Customer lea'es

    173 PeopleIn a company or organiation, employees are essentially the contact

    personnel with customer. Therefore, an employee plays an important role in

    the marketing operations of a ser'ice organisation. To realie its potential in

    bank marketing, +CE become conscious in its potential in internal marketing

    > the attraction, de'elopment, moti'ation and retention of 5ualified

    employee0customers through need meeting -ob0products. Internal marketing

    pa'es way for eternal marketing of ser'ices. In internal marketing a 'ariety

    of acti'ities are used internally in an acti'e, marketing like manner and in a

    coordinated way. The starting point in internal marketing is that the

    employees are the first internal market for the organiation. The basic

    ob-ecti'e of internal marketing is to de'elop moti'ated and customer

    conscious employees. @ ser'ice company can be only as good as its people.

    @ ser'ice is a performance and it is usually difficult to separate the

    performance from the people.

    93 Physical e'idence0physical e'idence is the material part of the

    ser'ice.their are many eamples of physical e'idence


    Paper work


  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    Dusiness cards

    Duilding itselfsuch as prestigious offices, scenic head5uarters3

    The physical e'idence also include signage ,reports,punch lines,other

    tangibles ,employee?s dress code etc.

    (ignageBeach and e'ery bank has its logo by which a person can identify the

    company. Thus such signage is significant for creating 'isualiation and

    corporate identity.

    Hinancial reportsBthe company?s financial reports are issued to the customers

    to emphasis or credibility.

    Tangibles Bbank gi'es pens ,writing pads to the internal customers. 6'en the

    passbook ,che5ue book.

    Punch linesB punch lines or the corporate statement depict the philosophy

    and attitude of the bank. Danks ha'e influential punch lines to attract the


    6mployee dress codeB ICICI follows a dress code for their internal customers.

    This helps the customers to feel the ease M comfort.

    (6&NIC6 (6G

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    will deli'er, how big the segment is and how the segment fits with the

    current direction of the company and its 'ision.

    @t the heart of any customer relationship management C&

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    and preferences at a more fundamental le'el3. Customer data is the financial

    ser'ices industry?s greatest asset in achie'ing this. The goal is to mine the

    samples in order to find underlying patterns and trends, as a result of this,

    success measures are no longer connected to basic short term indicators

    such asB

    0 (hifting products to customers.

    0 &esponse rates of specific marketing campaigns. @nd ha'e focused onB

    0 The growth of niche subgroups.

    0 The life style and Ali5uidity? e'ent customer.

    0 The increased categoriation by preferred channel usage


    0 @lignment of micro targets with corporate goals

    0 Customer retention and lifetime 'alue

    In spite of this seemingly increased le'el of sophistication, results within the

    financial ser'ices ha'e fallen far short of epectations and of what has been

    achie'ed in the H

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    ICICI Life is rated @O (uperior3 by the @.

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    co'erage3 as well as 'oluntary insurance products, such as uni'ersal life,

    whole life, accident, critical illness and disability income3 and retirement

    programs, all con'eniently deli'ered at the worksite. @nd we enhance our

    ser'ices, technologies and educational tools to ensure ease in deli'ery. It7s

    more of what your clients want.

    @t ICICI 6mployee Denefits, we ha'e a national network of employee benefits

    professionals who operate from offices across the country. Eur sales and

    ser'ice representati'es take a consultati'e approach with you and your

    customers. Put simply, we seek to design and implement customied benefit

    plans that meet employer goals and employee0specific financial needs. Eur

    sales and ser'ice team are backed by home office eperts in underwriting,

    claims and customer ser'ice.

    Today7s employers find many challenges in their benefits programs. En one

    hand, you want to attract and retain employees by offering a full range of

    benefits. En the other hand, you need to control costs and keep

    administration easy.

    ICICI 6mployee Denefits can help. 8e are proud to work with today7s

    employers to offer 'aluable insurance products.

    Hor more than $ years, we ha'e offered traditional group insurance benefits

    as well as 'oluntary insurance products and retirement programs, allcon'eniently deli'ered at the worksite.

    Inte&rated Service (ar)etin&Communication Of ICICI P#!ENTIAL

    (tage !B Tactical Coordination of

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    (tage 2B &edefining theB (cope of

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    ;This past year was highlighted by strong client retention and a continued

    leadership position in sales 00 a clear demonstration that customers ha'e

    confidence in our 'alue proposition,= said Catherine (mith, C6E of ICICI +.(.

    &etirement (er'ices. ;I?m proud of the outstanding work we accomplished to

    le'erage our industry leadership, grow distribution relationships and eecute

    important strategies. )espite the etraordinary market conditions this year,

    we?'e been focused more than e'er on our business and continue to lead the

    way in helping @merican workers plan for their retirement.=

    6ecuting the Citi(treet Integration

    Ene of ICICI?s primary initiati'es in 2$$" in'ol'ed the integration of the

    former Citi(treet LLC business, which ICICI purchased in uly 2$$. This

    successful effort brought the two companies together in 2$$" as one

    cohesi'e retirement ser'ices firm.

    @nother measure of success was ICICI?s epanded footprint in the defined

    contribution industry. 8ith its combined businesses, ICICI?s +.(. &etirement

    (er'ices ranked among the top three plan pro'iders and record keepers in

    the country, with more than #2,$$$ plan sponsors, approimately 9 million

    plan participants, and o'er Q2*# billion in combined assets under

    management and administration.! The business is now uni5uely positioned

    to ser'e all sies and segments of the market > corporate, education,

    go'ernment, healthcare and not0for0profit.

    ;Hrom pure record0keeping ser'ices to a full ser'ice in'estment pro'ider,

    ICICI is one of the few companies with a scaled leadership presence across

    the entire spectrum and the ability to offer retirement solutions for any sie

    or type of employer,= noted (mith.

    Growth and Hocus in the Corporate

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    ICICI also ele'ated its long0standing commitment to the higher education and

    healthcare markets with the introduction of a new business de'elopment

    team focused on strengthening relationships with eisting customers and

    proacti'ely forging new partnerships.

    Duilding on its education leadership, ICICI remained at the forefront of

    helping school officials na'igate the new I&( %$*b3 regulations with

    supporti'e tools and inno'ati'e resources. @t the end of the third 5uarter,

    !$/ of all 0!2 public school districts across the country had signed up for

    ICICI7s pioneering administration and compliance platform.

    In addition, the online ICICI 6ducator7s )irect %$* Program gained traction in

    the state of )elaware, where it launched to employees at *" institutions. To

    date, market share has grown significantly for new enrollments, and ICICI is

    planning to epand access to other states.

    In the go'ernment market, small and mid0sied plan sales were strong, and

    se'eral new large plans representing Q%.# billion in assets under

    administration were successfully transitioned o'er to ICICI.

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    %. 6mployee beha'iour absenteeism and turno'er task and contetual

    performance errors and near misses3

    #. Erganiational performance.

    This re'iew contributes to an e'idence base for policies and practices ofpeople management and performance management. Its usefulness will

    depend on future empirical research, using appropriate research designs,

    sufficient study power and measures that are reliable and 'alid

    (tages in policy insurance

    23 Proposal

    @ Proposal (tage is the Hirst stage before the policy is issued at CEP(. @t thisstage, the application form is recei'ed by CEP(, but it is pending for

    issuance due to further clarifications re5uired from the customer.

    43 Lo&in

    @ proposal which is complete i.e., duly filled with all necessary documents

    attached to it M accepted by the Dranch ops, is called a Login

    53 #e:ect@n @pplication gets re-ected at the Dranch Eps le'el due to necessary details

    not filled in the form or necessary documents not submitted is a &e-ect. It is

    then sent back to the @d'isor for completion.

    63 Issuance

    Issuance means a policy that is issued to the Customer by Central Eps.

    -3 !ecline Status

    8hen a customer refuses to take a policy post login but before Issuance is

    called a )ecline

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    73 Cancellation

    8hen the che5ue gi'en by the customer bounces, it amounts to cancellation

    of the policy.

    ;3 Lapse

    @ policy for which the Customer fails to pay subse5uent premiums is a

    Lapsed Policy.

    ICICI Prudential has almost its branches in urban area or metros. (o in order

    to increase the no. of customer, ICICI Prudential should increase the

    approach towards potential customers. Hor that it has to increase the

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    branches in the semi urban cities like C, ) grade cities. @nd the rural

    marketing is the best option for ICICI Prudential to increase its base in the


    Improve customer services>In order to take the ad'antage of being industry leader in pri'ate sector,

    ICICI Prudential has to impro'e its customer ser'ices. @ccording to my

    eperience in the company, a good number of customers forget to pay their

    premium at time so it causes a big loss to the company. ICICI Prudential has

    already collaborated with the ICICI bank for its Dancassurance facility and

    then can include another feature in it. ICICI bank can offer a bank account

    with the life insurance policy in which an @T< card will be pro'ided. This card

    will ha'e all the information regarding the policy as like future premium

    payment dates, payment made, money 'alue of the policy at that date,

    'alue of the unit linked plan and all other information what the customer

    want. This will help the customer to pay premium on time and sa'e their

    losses. This will be mutually helpful for both sister companies, ICICI bank will

    get new account and ICICI prudential will be able to more efficient ser'ices to

    their customers.

    ?rin& some unit lin)ed life insurance plans int'e mar)et>

    Deing a market leader doesn?t ensure the leadership in the future. (ince

    after increment in H)I from 21/ to %"/ all player will ha'e the opportunity

    to capture the market share. (o in order to maintain its position ICICI

    Prudential should

    0Introduce some new market linked insurance plan, which will gi'e a

    competiti'e ad'antage to the ICICI Prudential against its competitors.

    Trained t'e financial advisors moreefficiently>

  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


    In the changed scenario, more efficient training will be needed, so ICICI

    Prudential should pro'ide good and efficient training to their financial

    ad'isors. Decause they are the one who interact directly with the customers.

    (o good training will gi'e them the right way to deal with the potential


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  • 8/13/2019 Service Encyclopedia of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Commerce Essay


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