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<ul><li><p>SERIES 7700 Outdoor Lighting Controls</p><p>The Fisher Pierce Series 7700 photocontrol design incorporates an all-new electromagnetic relay (U.S. patent 5,132,596) which offers severalkey advantages over traditional designs. Its unique unitized designallows consistent performance and manufacture, while improving theruggedness and durability of the photocontrol. This self-supporting uni-tized relay configuration effectively eliminates shock damage from ship-ping and handling. Units meet or exceed ANSI 136.10 1988 standards.Series 7700 controls are UL listed and CSA certified.</p><p>(1)Model No.</p><p>7760-SSS</p><p>7760-ESS</p><p>7762-ESS</p><p>7770-SSS</p><p>7790B-SSS</p><p>7790B-ESS</p><p>7793-EPS</p><p>7793-EPS</p><p>ACVoltage</p><p>120</p><p>120</p><p>120</p><p>240</p><p>105to 285</p><p>105to 285</p><p>300</p><p>480</p><p>(2)Load</p><p>Rating</p><p>1000W/1 800VA</p><p>1 0OOW/1800VA</p><p>1000W/1800VA</p><p>1000W/1800VA</p><p>1000W/1800VA</p><p>1000W/1800VA</p><p>1000W/1800VA</p><p>1000W/1800VA</p><p>BaseSize</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>3 1/4"</p><p>Relay</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>N.C.SPST</p><p>LightningArrester</p><p>Expulsion</p><p>DeluxeExpulsion</p><p>DeluxeExpulsion</p><p>Expulsion</p><p>Expulsion</p><p>DeluxeExpulsion</p><p>DeluxeExpulsion</p><p>DeluxeExpulsion</p><p>(3)Turn-onTurn-off</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>On 1 fc. nom.Off 3 fc. av.</p><p>NOTE (1) For additional options refer to Bulletin FP074.NOTE (2) For higher load ratings see multiple relays.NOTE (3) Many non-standard turn-on and turn-off ratios are available for special applications, i.e. tunnels, etc.</p><p>SERIES 281 "Energy Saver"</p><p>The Fisher Pierce Series 281 Outdoor Lighting Timing Adapter will auto-matically turn off photoelectrically controlled outdoor light sources at apreset number of hours after sundown. Specifically designed for highwayand street lighting applications, the Series 281 is also suitable for use incommercial, institutional and industrial areas. Units are also availablewith a morning turn-on feature as described in bulletin OE-115R.</p><p>Model No.</p><p>281 C-1281 M-2281 B-3281Y-4</p><p>Input voltage (VAC)</p><p>120</p><p>240277480</p><p>Burning Time/Night</p><p>3,4, 5, 6, or7 hours</p><p>Receptacle Caps</p><p>Receptacle caps are for use on twist-lock multiple relays and luminarieswhere it is desirable to either maintain or interrupt circuit continuity whenthe photocontrol is not in use. All units are outdoor weatherproof andgasketed to ensure receptacle integrity.</p><p>Model No.</p><p>S1 038-1</p><p>S1 038-2</p><p>S1 038-3</p><p>S1 038-7</p><p>S1 038-8</p><p>Description</p><p>Shorting Cap</p><p>Shorting Cap &amp; Lightning Arrester</p><p>Non-Shorting Cap</p><p>Open Cap with 160J MOV Arrester*</p><p>Shorting Cap with 160J MOV Arrester*</p><p>*Note: Units with MOV arresters must not be applied where voltages can exceed 280 Vrms.</p></li><li><p>Series 7700 Electromagnetic Relay Outdoor Lighting Control</p><p>A Proven Standard of Performance Completely Redesigned</p><p>Electromagnetic Relay Controlfor the 1990's.</p><p> Produced by Automation. Tight Operating Tolerances. Rugged Construction. Increased Contact Life. High Reliability. 7790B Multi-Voltage Control Made in the U.S.A.</p><p>The Fisher Pierce 7700 Series OutdoorLighting Control combines a history ofreliable performance with the designand manufacturing techniques of the1990's. Capitalizing on over 40 yearsof experience in the manufacture ofinstant-response, electromagnetic relayoperated photoelectric controls, FisherPierce has completely re-engineeredthe photocontrol concept, as well asdesigned and installed a state-of-the-artautomation system for manufacturingthese advanced outdoor lightingcontrols. The superior performanceof the Fisher Pierce Series 7700photocontrol places it a step aboveall other controls on the market today.</p><p>To fully evaluate the 7700 photo-control, a thorough test program wassuccessfully completed. This programencompassed design and life tests wellabove current ANSI C136.10 1988standards. Individual components andassemblies were carefully analyzedfor manufacturability and repeatability.</p><p>In addition, pilot production units weretested and evaluated by selected utilitycustomers. Over 6,000 controls werefield tested at the most severe appli-cation sites by 40 utilities. Utilizing thefeedback from these 40 utilities, thisconcurrent engineering project, whichcommenced in April 1990, confirmedthat the Fisher Pierce Series 7700 photo-control mean time to failure is improvedby a factor of approximately 5 times thatof competitive photocontrols. As of thedate of publication of this brochure,10.5 million Series 7700 controls arein service.</p><p>The Series 7790B multivoltage photo-control circuit design has been modified,resulting in a 50% reduction in controlpower and improved operation perform-ance over its entire voltage range(U.S. patent pending).</p><p>Series 7760 control with standard surtace-passivatedphotocell and standard open-type expulsion arrester.</p><p>Series 7760-EPS control with hermetically sealedphotocell and deluxe expulsion arrester.</p><p>Series 7790B multi-voltage (WO-300V) control.</p><p>Electromagnetic Relay DesignThe Series 7700 photocontrol designincorporates an electromagnetic relay(U.S. patent 5,132,596) which offersseveral key advantages over traditionaldesigns. Its unique unitized designassures consistent performance andmanufacture, while improving theruggedness and durability of the photo-control. This self-supporting unitizedrelay configuration effectively eliminatesshock damage from shipping andhandling.</p><p>The relay design also assures veryprecise adjustment of the relay contactgap and armature gap, significantlyreducing relay contact bounce, chatteror hum. Relay operating characteristicsare determined through adjustment ofthe relay yoke and magnetic coreassembly by a computerized visioncontrol system. Contact adjustment isprecise and does not require manualbending and deformation of contactbrackets a common practice in otherphotocontrol designs. A single precisecoil spring is used in place of the paral-lel flat springs common on most photo-control relays to improve ruggedness,and provide consistent contact force.</p><p>Cadmium Sulfide PhotocellSeries 7700 outdoor lighting controlsutilize specially processed cadmiumsulfide photocells developed exclusivelyfor photocontrol applications. All FisherPierce photocells are produced utilizingour own highly automated cell manufac-turing facility. Gold/platinum electrodesand high temperature firing in a nitrogenatmosphere assure a long stable cell life.</p><p>The Series 7700 standard, surfacepassivated photocell has proven to bemore than adequate for the vast majorityof installation.</p><p>An optional, polycarbonate, hermeticallysealed photocell (MIL-STD-202D,Method 112A, Test Condition B) is avail-able for use in adverse environmentswhere high concentration of airbornecontaminants are present.</p><p>Fisher Pierce 7700 Series patented unitized electro-magnetic relay.</p></li><li><p>ConstructionEach Series 7700 photoelectric controlis constructed on a 3" wide heat-resis-tant thermoplastic base. This advancedUL-recognized material is highly stable,rugged, and durable. The wide cross-linked polyethylene gasket assuresmoisture-proof sealing with the recep-tacle. All Fisher Pierce photocontrolsare equipped with solid brass contactlegs for positive socket mounting andcool, trouble free operation.</p><p>Load current transfer between thephotocontrol terminals and the internaloperating components is made directly.Most low current internal connectionsare made through the use of special,snap fit connectors to improve dura-bility, consistency and quality. Manualsoldering and riveting operations areminimized.</p><p>HousingStandard Series 7700 controls utilizedurable, easy to handle ANSI color-coded polypropylene housings, whichoffer high impact strength and excel-lent ultraviolet resistance. A clear,UV-stabilized window allows directional(north oriented) viewing. These hous-ings provide flame retardance andimpact resistance in full compliancewith UL and CSA requirements. Anintegral barrier for the standard open-type arrester prevents damage to therelay and photocell from flashoveroutgassing or debris resulting fromlightning arrester/surge suppressoroperations.</p><p>Surge ArrestersLuminaire and photocontrol life isgreatly extended through protectionprovided by surge arresters. FisherPierce offers several types of surgearresters, which can be specifieddependent on the protection require-ments of the application.</p><p>a) Standard Arrester An open typeexpulsion arrester design whichmeets all ANSI requirements,for use in light to medium dutyrequirements. Specify arresteroption "S".</p><p>b) Deluxe Arrester The industrystandard in photocontrol surgeprotection, this expulsion designexceeds all ANSI requirements.The enclosed arrester designprovides tightly controlled voltagespark-over, power follow currentlimiting, and arc quenching fromDelrin insulator outgassing/vented blow-out. Specify arresteroption "E".</p><p>c) Deluxe Arrester (Special WiringConfiguration) For applicationswhere very high isokeuronic levelsexist, the special wiring configura-tion limits the maximum voltageacross the coil and photocell. Thisoption is available only with thedeluxe arrester.</p><p>d) MOV Surge Suppressors - 160 joulemetal oxide varistor (MOV) surgesuppressors are also available whenspecified. Please consult factory forfurther information.</p><p>Time Delay OptionA time delay option is available forthe basic 120V and 240V Series 7700designs. This special feature preventsfalse lamp turn off from transient light;yet allows the control to be "glovetested" instantaneously during daylighthours (unlike thermal photocontrols). Tospecify the time delay option on Series7760 and Series 7770 controls, add thesuffix "TD" to the catalog number. Con-sult factory for time delay test method.</p><p>Quality ControlEvery aspect of the Series 7700photocontrol manufacturing process isperformed under the strict supervisionof the Fisher Pierce Quality AssuranceDepartment. Inspection and test proce-dures include: Incoming inspection of all raw</p><p>materials and components. Statistical Process Control (SPC) of</p><p>all key product or process character-istics ensures "parts per million"quality levels.</p><p> Automatic testing and computer-aided grading of each photocellwhich ensures accurate, stableoperation.</p><p> Final electrical testing and visualinspection prior to packaging, includ-ing automated calibration and testingfor turn-on, turn-off, and differential.Computer printout of productioncalibration and test results providescomprehensive documentation ofconformance to your requirements.</p><p>Also available is the Fisher Pierce SkyScanner omnidirectional, translucenthousing, with zenith sensing, which maybe desirable in applications where highambient light levels or unusual lightpatterns adversely affect conventionalnorth-oriented controls.</p></li><li><p>SpecificationsRATED VOLTAGE</p><p>7760 Series 105-130V, 50/60Hz AC (120V Nominal)7762 Series 105-130V, 50/GOHz AC (120V Nominal)*7770 Series 200-300V, 50/60Hz AC (240V Nominal)7772 Series 200-300V, 50/60Hz AC (240V Nominal)7790B Series 105-285V, 50/60Hz AC (multivoltage)7792B Series 105-285V, 50/60Hz AC (multivoltage)*7793 Series 250-400V, 50/60Hz AC (340V Nominal)7794 Series 400-550V, 50/60HZ AC (480V Nominal)'unit includes deluxe arrester with special wiring contiguration</p><p>RATED LOAD 1000W/1800VA max., SPST, N.C. 1000W Incandescent Load 1800VA Mercury Vapor, High Pressure</p><p>Sodium or Other H.I.D. Load</p><p>RATED LIFE 5000 ON/OFF operations minimumat rated load</p><p>SURGE ARRESTER CHARACTERISTICS</p><p>POWER CONSUMPTION7760 or 7762 Series7770 or 7772 Series7790B or 7792B Series</p><p>(multivolt)7793 Series7794 Series</p><p> 1,6W max./O.SW avg. at 120V AC 1.2W max./0.6W avg. at 240V AC 0.65 max./0.32W avg. at 120V AC</p><p>4.0W max./2.0W avg. at 240V AC 3.0W max./1,5W avg. at 350V AC 3.2W max./1,6W avg. at 480V AC</p><p>STANDARD OPERATING LEVELSTurn-On 1 fc nominal</p><p>Turn-Off</p><p>DIELECTRIC STRENGTH</p><p>3X Turn-On (Avg.)</p><p>5KV minimum betwen any currentcarrying part and grounded metalmounting surface</p><p>Standard (open type) Design</p><p>Deluxe (enclosed type) Design</p><p>Deluxe (enclosed type) DesignSpecial Wiring Config.</p><p>Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)</p><p>- 2.5KV5000A Follow-through capability</p><p> 2.0KV10000A Follow-through capability</p><p>- 2.0KV10000A Follow-through capability</p><p> 160 Joule: 320V</p><p>ENVIRONMENTAL WITHSTAND CAPABILITYAmbient Temperature -40C to +70C</p><p>(-40Fto+158F)Humidity 98% relative humidity for</p><p>168 hours at 50C</p><p>HOUSING COLOR CODING (per ANSI C136,10-1988)7760 and 7762 (120V Nominal) Gray7770 and 7772 (240V Nominal) Maroon7790B and 7792B (multivoltage) - Dark Blue7793 (3SOV Nominal) Green7794 (480V Nominal) Yellow</p><p>HOUSINGNorth-oriented: UV stabilized polypropylene.Zenith facing, pointed top: UV stabilized polymer.</p><p>BASEHeat resistant thermoplastic (3" dia.)</p><p>WEIGHTNet each Approx. 7 oz. grossShipped each Approx. 11 oz. gross</p><p>Light Units and ConversionsLuminance</p><p>Brightness of a light source or reflecting surface.</p><p> Concentrated source: A 1 candela (cd) sourceproduces 1 footcandle (fc) at a distance of 1 foot.</p><p> Extended source: The luminous intensity isexpressed as candela per unit surface area.</p><p>Illuminance</p><p>Intensity of light falling on a surface.</p><p>1 footcandle (fc) = 1 lumen (lm)/square foot (ft2)</p><p>1 Im/square meter (m2) = 1.0 lux (Ix)</p><p>1 fc = 10.76 Ix</p><p>Examples of Illuminance</p><p>Direct sunlight</p><p>Facing away from sun</p><p>Overcast day</p><p>Average desktop</p><p>Ability to read newspaper</p><p>Twilight</p><p>Full moon</p><p>Starlight</p><p>10,000 fc</p><p>1,000 fc</p><p>100 fc</p><p>50 fc</p><p>5 fc</p><p>1.0 fc</p><p>0.01 fc</p><p>0.0001 fc</p></li><li><p>Mechanical Data</p><p>All dimensions in inches with metric equivalents in parentheses</p><p>2.219 Max. \( j) 1 -^ Max.(56.4) </p></li><li><p>Ordering Information</p><p>To order a Series 7700 Control, specify a code number for each of the following:</p><p> Basic Unit Globe Option (D Lightning Arrester Options Photocell Turn On (foot candles) Time Delay Option (if required)</p><p>An example of a correctly specified unit is shown below.</p><p>' The 7762, 7772 and 7792B aremanufactured with deluxe type expulsionarrester only, and are wired for additionalcontrol protection.</p><p>7760 H - E S S - TD</p><p>(2) (3) (4)(5) (6)</p><p>Code</p><p>77607762777077727790B7792B77937794</p><p>Basic Option</p><p>Basic 120V ControlDeluxe 120V ControlBasic 240V ControlDeluxe 240V Control1</p><p>Basic Dual Volt ControlDeluxe Dual Volt Control'Basic 350V ControlBasic 480 Volt Control</p><p>Code</p><p>NE</p><p>S</p><p>M</p><p>Code Lightning Arrester Options</p><p>NoneDeluxe - ControlledType ExpulsionStandard - Open Type*Modified ExpulsionMOV-Contact Factory*</p><p>* Not available on 350V and 480V controls.</p><p>Code</p><p>No Letter</p><p>H</p><p>Globe Option</p><p>Polypropylene, North Orientation</p><p>Upward Sensing, OmniDirectionalPolycarbonate (Sky Scanner'")</p><p>Code</p><p>Code</p><p>TD</p><p>Option</p><p>Standard ModelTime Delay on Turn Off*</p><p>"Available on 120Vand240Vcontrols only.</p><p>Code</p><p>S*579</p><p>10</p><p>Turn on(Foot candles)</p><p>1 nominal2 nominal3 nominal4 nominal6 nominal</p><p>* TD and dual volt controls availablewith "S" adjustment only.</p><p>Photocell</p><p>Standard Cds SurfacePassivated</p><p>Hermetically SealedCds Cell</p><p>Specifications subject to change without notice</p><p>R'paciFicSCIERTIFIC Fisher Pierce, 1996FP074-896-T-OCPrinted in U.S.A.</p><p>FISHER PIERCE DIVISION90 Libbey Parkway, Weymouth, MA 02189 U.S.A.</p><p>Tel: (781) 340-0700 Fax: (781) 340-0728</p></li></ul>