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  • SEO Experts Where?

    With so many options to choose from in the world of internet marketing services, one may find it very difficult when choosing one form of SEO expert over another. However, there are many general rules to use when looking for some sort of internet marketing services or SEO expert. First and fore most, make sure that the company you will potentially choose is using all of the up to date information and practices.

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    The internet is an ever changing aspect and can sometimes be different within minutes of the day. That is why it is important to make sure that the one you choose as your SEO expert is indeed an expert. There are many people out there who pass them selves off as professionals only to find out after you have paid them money and are expecting results that they are using last years methods when optimizing your website.

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    This can happen often and you should also make sure that they are not using methods that are considered to be unethical or bad practices. Some of these bad practices are when one uses the methods of cyclical linking. Cyclical linking is where one links his website to other websites or back to his own website and the links just continually recycle over and over back to the same few pages. This will give the look of a website that experiences high traffic volume, when in fact it is simply just the same traffic volume that is being used over again.

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    The reason people would use these methods is because in the past, many search engine parameters were set up to track the amount of traffic a website was having and from this they would rate it on their relevant results page. This was a method to manipulate the online search engines.

    However, search engines have figured this out a long time ago and are now using their own methods to weed these websites out. Once a website is found that is using this method, the website will be eliminated from the search results all together and hopefully be banned from that search engine. It would even be better if the search engine would have a link for the public to view all of the banned websites that it has come across.