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SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION PRACTICE LEVEL B Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed above it : 1. Tom is sorry that he didnt watch the football match last night. - Tom wishes __________________________________________________________________________ 2. The test we did yesterday was so difficult that we couldnt finish it in two hours. - Yesterday we did ______________________________________________________________________ 3. How many students are there in your class ? - The man asked me ____________________________________________________________________ 4. You should go to the lecture - The teacher advised us _________________________________________________________________ 5. You must hurry or well miss the train. - Unless we ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. Its not difficult to make bread. - Bread is _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. Jack said, I have studied English for five years, Mary. - Jack told_____________________________________________________________________________ 8. Unless they leave a lamp beside that hole, somebody will fall into it. - If___________________________________________________________________________________ 9. The workers repaired the bridge last week. - If___________________________________________________________________________________ 10. No one could open the door of the house. - The door _____________________________________________________________________________ 11. The city where we were born is very small. - The city in ____________________________________________________________________________ 12. She has studied French for five years. - She began____________________________________________________________________________ 13. They left very early in the morning. They didnt want anybody to see them.(so that) -_____________________________________________________________________________________ 14. He collects old coins. He is likes it. - He is fond____________________________________________________________________________ 15. She said, Have you got a new car, Jack ? - She asked____________________________________________________________________________ 16. He said to her, Give my regards to your parents. - He told_______________________________________________________________________________ 17. Dont talk to that man, she said. - She told _____________________________________________________________________________ 18. I didnt understand the lesson because I didnt go to school yesterday. - If___________________________________________________________________________________ 19. Jane cant go to your party because you dont invite her. - If___________________________________________________________________________________ 20. They havent finished their homework yet. - Their homework _______________________________________________________________________ 21. Jim was absent because he was ill. - Because of___________________________________________________________________________ 22. We were late for the play because of the long line at the ticket-window. - Because there ________________________________________________________________________ 23. I couldnt see anything because it was so dark. - Because of___________________________________________________________________________ 24. Because the weather is warm and damp, rice grows very well here. - Because of___________________________________________________________________________ 25. Jane never says a hard word to Tom because of her love for him. - Because Jane________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 26. Nobody could solve this mathematical problem. This ________________________________________________________________________________


They believe that he will pass the final exam. He _________________________________________________________________________________ 28. She was too old to carry that heavy case. She was so __________________________________________________________________________ 29. He seldom keeps his promise. Seldom_____________________________________________________________________________ 30. I have never travelled by plane in my life. Never ______________________________________________________________________________ 31. Jack is not old enough to see horror films. Jack is too __________________________________________________________________________27.

You will catch cold if you dont keep your feet dry. Unless _____________________________________________________________________________ 33. People saw him leave the office yesterday. He _________________________________________________________________________________ 34. She came late because of the rain. Because it __________________________________________________________________________ 35. Youd better not lend them any more money. said Alice. Alice advised ________________________________________________________________________ 36. She decided to help him with some money. She made ___________________________________________________________________________ 37. We have to notice the teachers explanation. We have to pay ______________________________________________________________________ 38. This flower is very beautiful. What_______________________________________________________________________________ 39. He spent 2 hours doing the mathematical exercises. It took ______________________________________________________________________________ 40. They have to change the date of the meeting again. The date ____________________________________________________________________________ 41. It was so late that nothing could be done. It was too ___________________________________________________________________________ 42. I didnt go out because it rained. If __________________________________________________________________________________ 43. I have fewer books than she has. She has ____________________________________________________________________________ 44. Mary visited us three days ago. Mary paid ___________________________________________________________________________ 45. The plumber repaired the leak this morning. They had ___________________________________________________________________________ 46. Although hes got an English name, he is in fact German. Despite_____________________________________________________________________________ 47. I found a place to live but it was difficult. I had difficulty________________________________________________________________________ 48. The book was so good that I couldnt put it down. They had ___________________________________________________________________________ 49. Hes fat because he doesnt take any exercises. But if _______________________________________________________________________________ 50. Turn off all the switches before leaving the workshop. All the switches ______________________________________________________________________ 51. Youd better not go out without a raincoat.He said. He advised__________________________________________________________________________ 52. You will miss the train if you dont hurry. Unless you__________________________________________________________________________ 53. That factory is producing more and more pollution. More and more pollution _______________________________________________________________ 54. My brother is not tall.I am not tall.32.


Neither _____________________________________________________________________________ 55. Although his leg was broken,he managed to get out of the car. In spite _____________________________________________________________________________ 56. The driver said, Dont get off the bus while its moving! The driver asked the passengers ________________________________________________________ 57. He repaired the bicycle in two hours. It took ______________________________________________________________________________ 58. I have never heard him shout at his children. He _________________________________________________________________________________ 59. The enemy used to attack this place. This place ___________________________________________________________________________ 60. Doing exercises before going to school is important. It is ________________________________________________________________________________ 61. Rice wont grow if there isnt enough rain. Unless _____________________________________________________________________________ 62. Why dont you close the door, John ?, Nam asked. Nam asked __________________________________________________________________________ 63. We have been doing our work since 8 oclock. Our work ____________________________________________________________________________ 64. They didnt leave the house early. They were so late for the play. If __________________________________________________________________________________ 65. She wont stay with us. I wish ______________________________________________________________________________ 66. Keep quiet or Ill scream. - Unless ______________________________________________________________________________ 67. I regret speaking to him so severely yesterday. - I wish _______________________________________________________________________________ 68. Unless he phones immediately, he wont get any information. - If ___________________________________________________________________________________ 69. We got lost because we didnt have a map. - If ___________________________________________________________________________________ 70. We didnt have enough rain, so we could not grow rice. - If ________________________________________________________________________________


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