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<p>MarketingGroup Assignment Number 3Presented By:</p> <p>Ministry of Marketingo Babar Amin (27) Group Leader</p> <p>o o o o o o</p> <p>Mahboob Alam (45) Ayesha Shahid (23) Nawazish Ali (40) Raheel Haider (31) Richard Adnan (18) Mudassar Islam (05)</p> <p>Presented To:</p> <p>Ms. Maimoona RiazDated:</p> <p>September 16th 2005.</p> <p>Contents:1.</p> <p>Chapter Number 1 (The Field of Marketing)1.1. Evolution of the Marketing1.1.1. 1.1.2. 1.1.3. Introduction Different Stages Present Situation</p> <p>1.2. Maslows Hierarchy of the Needs 1.3. Ethics in the Marketing</p> <p>2. Chapter Number 2 (The Dynamic Marketing Environment)2.1. External Macro Environment2.1.1. DemographicsAge Income Education Consumption</p> <p></p> <p>2.1.2. 2.1.3.</p> <p>Economic Conditions Competitions</p> <p></p> <p>Brand Competition Substitute Competition Barriers of the Competition for Hagen-Dazs</p> <p>2.1.4. 2.1.5. 2.1.6. 2.1.7.</p> <p>Political and Legal Forces Technology Social and Cultural Forces Diagram of the External Macro Environment</p> <p>2.2. External Micro Environment2.2.1. 2.2.2. 2.2.3. The Market Suppliers Diagram of the External Micro Environment</p> <p>2.3. Organizational Internal Environment2.3.1. 2.3.2. 2.3.3. 2.3.4. 2.3.5. 2.3.6. 2.3.7. Financial Resources Human Resources Companys Image Research and Development Locations Production Facilities Diagram of the Organizational Internal Environment</p> <p>2.4. Combine Diagram of the Environment</p> <p>3. Chapter Number 4 (Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior)3.1. The Consumer Market and Its Distribution3.1.1. 3.1.2. Geographical Distribution Consumers DemographicsAge Family Life Cycle Education Income</p> <p></p> <p>3.2. The consumer Buying-Decision Process 3.3. Information and Purchase Decisions3.3.1. Social InfluencesCulture Social Class Reference Groups</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Families and Households</p> <p>3.3.2.</p> <p>Psychological InfluencesMotivation Perception Personality</p> <p></p> <p>3.3.3.</p> <p>Situational InfluencesThe Time Dimension The Surroundings Terms of the Purchase Consumers Moods and Motives</p> <p></p> <p>4. Chapter Number 6 (Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)4.1. Hagen-Dazs Segmentation 4.2. Major Segmentation Variables of Hagen-Dazs4.2.1. GeographicRegion Density Climate</p> <p></p> <p>4.2.2.</p> <p>DemographicAge Gender Family Life Cycle Income Occupation Education Religion Behavioral</p> <p></p> <p>4.2.3.</p> <p>PhysiologicalSocial Class Life Cycle Personality Behavioral Purchase Occasions Benefits Sought Usage Rate Loyalty Rate Attitude towards Purchase</p> <p></p> <p>Chapter Number 1</p> <p>The Field of Marketing Evolution of the Marketo Introduction o Different Stages o Today Situation</p> <p> Maslows Hierarchy of the Needs Ethics in the Marketing</p> <p>1.1) Evolution of the Market The idea for Hagen-Dazs dates back to the early 1920s.</p> <p>1.1.1) IntroductionA young entrepreneur named Reuben Mattus started selling ice cream with his mother in early 1920s in New York. Till 1961 he didnt named his product. In 1961 he named the product HagenDazs. Then the business started advertising and by 1973, whole of the states were familiar to Hagen-Dazs. In 1983 Mr. Mattus and his daughter started selling it internationally. Since then new flavors and tastes are being introduced. 1.1.2)</p> <p>Different StagesSales Oriented Stage 1961-to-1973 Market Oriented Stage 1973-to-onwards</p> <p>Product Oriented Stage 1920s-to-1961</p> <p>1.1.3) Present SituationToday Hagen-Dazs is the leading ice cream making company in the whole world. Its head quarter is in New York. They are offering many products like ice cream, frozen yogurt, stick bars etc Hagen-Dazs has also proved that old and patients can consume ice cream, by providing with Hagen-Dazs Light which has 50% less fats. They are promoting the new flavors and investing more capital, to get to know about the market, thats why Hagen-Dazs is Market Oriented.</p> <p>1.2) Maslows Hierarchy of the NeedsSelf-Actualization The people who consume Hagen-Dazs in fact actualize their self and get regard as dominate people in the society, because of the best quality and high price.</p> <p>Self-Esteem Quality is priceless. This is the fact because of it the consumers really feel the Self-Esteem.</p> <p>Self-Affiliation Hagen-Dazs creates sense of affiliation due to its attractive out look and delicious taste.</p> <p>Safety Hagen-Dazs is a pure dairy Ice Cream. The ingredients are pure and not injurious to health. Thats why the consumers feel themselves safe.</p> <p>Basic Need Basic Need is the Temporary Hunger or Change of Taste. As the people here are very keen to consume the sweet products, they love ice creams.</p> <p>1.3) Ethics in MarketingUnlike the local ice cream, Hagen-Dazs not only emphasizes on the best quality but it is promoting the new horizons ethically. Hagen-Dazs consider the following factors.</p> <p> HonestyHagen-Dazs does what so ever it promises to the customers. They have natural flavor and in the half-liter pack (Pint) there is half-liter ice cream excluding the package weight, unlike the other ice-cream making companies that consider the wrapper weight as well.</p> <p> Marketing to ChildrenHagen-Dazs does not advertise on children as it is unethical.</p> <p> SafetyAll the ingredients are natural and 100% safe for health. More over all the ingredients are Hilal.</p> <p> Prices are fixedThe prices are fixed all over the world.</p> <p>Chapter Number 2</p> <p>The Dynamic Marketing Environment External Macro Environmento Demographics Age Income Education Consumption Behavior</p> <p>o Economic Conditions o Competitions Brand Competition Substitute Competition</p> <p>o o o o</p> <p>Political and Legal Forces Technology Social and Cultural Forces Diagram of External Micro Environment</p> <p> External Micro Environment</p> <p>o The Market o Suppliers o Diagram of the External Micro Environment o o o o o o o Financial Resources Human Resources Companys Image Research and Development Location Production Facilities Diagram of the Organizational Internal Environment</p> <p> Organizational Internal Environment</p> <p> Combined Diagram of the Environment</p> <p>2.1) External Macro EnvironmentThese are those forces that effect on all the industry.</p> <p>2.1.1) DemographicsThese are the characteristics of the population. Age The young people are very keen to buy that has the best quality and taste. The age range is 18-to-30. Although ice cream is considered to be consumed by all but not by old fellows and patents, Hagen-Dazs has proved that it can target this market as well by providing HagenDazs Light Ice-Cream (50% less Fats). The people, having age of 30 or above consume it. How can we skip kids and teenagers? Kids and teenagers are the group of those consumers that shows great interest in its consumption. Income Hagen-Dazs is targeting the market that has highest income level. Education The market is well aware of the product. The people, who know Hagen-Dazs, know all the product lines as well. Consumption Behavior The market consumes ice cream in their birthday parties, marriage ceremony and in all the special functions of the life.</p> <p>2.1.2) Economic ConditionsThe economic condition of the market is very healthy due to the fact that their income level is high. The country is progressing day by day and the economy is about to boom. Although the Inflation</p> <p>is high and Interest rate is low even then Hagen-Dazs may find room in the hearts of Market.</p> <p>2.1.3) CompetitionsThere is no direct competition for Hagen-Dazs but indirect competition definitely exists that may be; Brand Competition According to the research made by Sun Foods, the brand competitors are Walls, Yummy, Rocco, Hico and local ice cream.* All the facts and figures are obtained from Sun Foods</p> <p>The market shares are given below.</p> <p>WALLS ICE CREAM YUMMY ICE CREAM ROCCO ICE CREAM HICO ICE CREAM LOCAL ICE CREAMS</p> <p>43% 21% 09% 10% 17%</p> <p>Diagram of the market shares of the competitors50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% WALLS YUMMY ROCCO HIC0 LOCAL Series1</p> <p>WALLS YUMMY ROCCO HIC0 LOCAL</p> <p>STRENGTHS &amp; WEAKNESSES OF THE COMPETITORS STRENGTHS Locally Manufactured Big Name Behind Them Heavy Advertisement Professionals Management Strong Distribution Network Low Priced Products WEAKNESS Not Good Standard in terms of Quality Not Good Packaging Not very Flexible Heavy Over Head Cost</p> <p> Substitute Competition In the substitute competition the competitors may be the producer of chocolates, snacks, Custards and the like.</p> <p> Strength and weakness of Hagen-Dazs in the competition STRENGTHS Premium Quality 100% Dairy Fresh &amp; Pure Ingredients No artificial flavor &amp; preservatives Experienced Marketing Team International Standard Cold Storage Facility Strong Distribution Network No Any Direct Competition</p> <p>WEAKNESS High Cost Late Entry in market</p> <p>Barriers for Hagen-Dazs Price Factor Extensive Marketing Budget</p> <p>2.1.4) Political and Legal ForcesNow in Pakistan the political condition is going to be stable and thats why the foreign investments are also increasing rapidly. In the legal frame work Hagen-Dazs has got at least two titles 1. National Tax Registration /Sales Tax Registration 2. Membership of Chamber of Commerce. The ice cream is shipped in cold reefer containers. After certifying the documents and paying the duties and taxes levied upon the Company the goods are released from the port for further transportation through in land transporting Companies. Before inland transportation the custom authorities inspect the packaging, the delivery method, and the expiry dates. It is verified by the concerned authorities that every product must have got a 60% remaining life on it.</p> <p>2.1.5) TechnologyCold storage containers The importation of ice cream requires the use of cold storage Reefer containers, which are available in each and every shop that contain Hagen-Dazs. The cold storage warehouse The Cold Storage Warehouse are Equipped with state of the art equipment and every storage area is provided with a back up unit along with back up Generator. Upright &amp; Chest freezers, both, are being used at the supermarkets to store and retail Hagen-Dazs ice cream products. The Storage areas are being set-up at the following locations: Karachi Islamabad Lahore</p> <p>Marketing Information System Most of the multinational distributors use a computerized system to record the sales, however they do not have any system, which record customer data, customer liking, and their addresses. In Pakistan the marketers are using such a system that enables them to provide the home delivery without the hassle of asking the addresses again and again. This provides customers satisfaction and their reactions enable the marketers to respond to the market needs</p> <p>2.1.6) Social and Cultural ForcesThe eating pattern and habits of the Pakistani Nation is greatly influenced by sweet, Such as Lassie, Hallwa, etc. (Traditional Foods), which are proteins &amp; calories enriched. Pakistan is a culturally rich country and hospitality is the core of the culture, which in turn plays an integral part in increasing the sweet consumption in this part of the world so Ice cream has got a great respect here.</p> <p>2.1.7) Diagram of the External Macro Environmental</p> <p>2.2) External Micro EnvironmentThese are those forces that are only affecting Hagen-Dazs.</p> <p>2.2.1) The MarketThe people that have the highest level of Income are the market of Hagen-Dazs.</p> <p>2.2.3) SuppliersSun Foods by itself import and supply the products.</p> <p>2.2.4) Diagram of the External Micro Environmental</p> <p>2.3) Organizational Internal EnvironmentThis is the inside business environment and the factors are</p> <p>2.3.1) Financial ResourcesThe Company is self-sufficient in the financial resources and hence allocates the maximum on marketing in foreign.</p> <p>2.3.2) Human ResourcesThe company has hired the highly educated personals and using their human resources in the best and effective way, by giving them facilities and promotions.</p> <p>2.3.3) Companys ImageThe company has very good image in the world.</p> <p>2.3.4) Research and DevelopmentHagen-Dazs is working on the research and development programs to introduce the new product lines that meet the requirements of the market.</p> <p>2.3.5) LocationIts headquarter is in New York. The company has a great set of dealers and importers including franchises. In Pakistan the single importer is Sun Foods.</p> <p>2.3.6) Production FacilitiesHagen-Dazs has got the best ice cream making plant and machinery as they are very conscious about their product.</p> <p>2.3.7) Diagram of the Organizational Internal Environment</p> <p>2.4) Combined Diagram of the Environments</p> <p>Chapter Number 4 Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior The consumer market and its distributiono Geographic Distribution o Consumer Demographics Age Family Life Cycle Education Income</p> <p> The consumer Buying-Decision Process Information and Purchase Decisiono Social Influences Cultural Sub cultural Social Class Reference Groups Families and Household</p> <p>o Psychological Influences Motivation Perception Personality Attitudes</p> <p>o Situational Influences The Time Dimension</p> <p>The Surroundings Terms of the Purchase Consumers Mood and Motives</p> <p>3.1) The consumer Market and its DistributionThe consumer market is distributed in the following categories.</p> <p>3.1.1) Geographical DistributionAs the market is consisting of the people that have maximum income level and definitely they are living in the highly moderated urban areas of the country. Consumers Demographics These are the characteristics of the Consumers Age Hagen-Dazs has potential to target the all age groups. Family Life Cycle Although Hagen-Dazs is covering all the age groups, it is also covering maximum family life cycle, but specially targeting Bachelor stage and Young married. Education and income As the people have high income they are of course highly educated.</p> <p>3.2) The Consumer Buying-Decision ProcessCONSUMER BUYING DECISION PROCESS</p> <p>To deal with the marketing environment and make purchases, consumers engage in a decision process. In order to purchase Hagen-Dazs ice cream the consumers also go through this process. The stages of the consumer buying decision process are:NEED RECOGNITION</p> <p>First of all the need should be recognized. In case of Hagen-Dazs ice cream need is temporary hunger.IDENTIFICATION OF ALTERNATIVES</p> <p>Once the need is recognized, the consumer must next identify the alternatives. Alternatives are Chocolates, custards, and local ice creams</p> <p>EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES</p> <p>When alternatives have been identified, the consumer must evaluate them before making a decision. He/she may check the brands of the chocolates, the quality and prices.DE...</p>